Authored by Rowland Chukwueke (Randy)

Her glamorous fantasy evaporated immediately the handsome face came into view with its vicious aura. Her heart sank and her hands began to tremble.

‘Be calm, Leona, he’s your husband, not a demon ‘, her heart faltered as she made an effort to calm herself with such false words. He was indeed a dmon that she loathed but feared. He was more hazardous and brvtal than a m®nster.

HIS WEAK SURROGATE : CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

He leaned closer and her breath hitched.

“Why, dear wife, do you flinch? I don’t bite, do I ?”, his hot breath hit her neck as it enclosed her whole entity. She bit her lips as she wished to scream in his ears that he was nothing but a m©nster who held her captive.

Ha… Such courage will come from her second life.

“Nothing. Just weak”, she responded certainly but nervously.

His brows furrowed as his ocean gloomy eyes rested on her small lips. His finger trailed her lips with unmistakable desire in his eyes.

She felt disgusted but was powerless. She turned away from him as a tear trailed down her white face. Her veins popped up and her chest felt like it was going to burst any time soon.

She chocked a sob as his cozy pair of hands cupped her face.

“Mine!!, these lips are meant to moan not cry”.



She was an innocent girl whose tremendous life was turned upside down when she mistakenly appeared on an uninvited wedding in the hotel.

She arrived with a purpose, however, she lost her way.

Her charm made her an accidental surrogate but a weak one as she got to know that her unexpected husband was the ugly and brutal heir to the throne
Though sad at her sudden predicament, enemies rose against her, as they tried to get rid of her.

Time went by,
Circumstances lead to circumstances, affection set in. When this Emperor and his Empress was willing to work out a relationship, something startling happened.

What could it be?

Reinforced by Love and fuelled by revenge, this weak Surrogate takes the throne and brought affliction to those seeking her life and crown.



Authored by Randy


“SIvt!!! “, he yelled pushing me to the floor.

A painful sob escaped my mouth as my nvde body met the hard cold floor. It felt like I was being $tabbed by a thousand knlves, which went dip into my heart.

I tasted my salty tear as it trailed into my lips. My lips trembled in pain as my body felt so weak like I was h it by a speeding lorry.

I was dragged up by him. He h it my back on the wall with powerful palm on my neck, tight.

“Tell me who it was? “, his cold voice made me tremble with fear as my remaining courage sank to my stomach.

“Y. Yo. You “, I shuttered with my head down.

My eyes became dark, my cheeks hot and my ears seemed to have thousands of bees buzzing near it. He sIapped me.

My body met the floor once again as he threw me to the floor roughly. With p ain, I raised myself from the ground and faced him.

Face red as hot coal, eyes squinting meanly like it was going to pop out, with his fists clenched, he stared at me with anger.

‘BANG!!!!!!’, he sIammed his fists down unto the glass table as it shattered on the floor. Today would be my end for certain.

“I will kll you today, cheap wh©re”, he spat calmly with a hard edge before he came on me again.

Though scared to the bones I felt a gleam of joy in my heart as I saw de.ath as the only escape from this d’mon.

My lips stretched into a painful smile as I recalled how my used to be peaceful life melted into this life of torment.


?” Where are you? The interview is about to commence “, Rita my best friend breathed immediately I picked the call.

?” Almost there ” I sighed taking my flies before alighting from the cab. “Thank you, sir”, I said to the drivers after taking my balance.

?” Better run. The interview is taking place on the right side of the second floor. Hurry! “,

With that she ended the call as I walked into the five star hotel.

I am Leona Rowland, the only daughter of a single mother, who’s father denied of being responsible. I graduated last three months but was jobless.

Rita got information that this hotel would be recruiting new employees, so here I am for my interview as well as Rita.

I greeted the guard outside and ran to the elevator. Gosh, I need this job. Geting off the elevator, I went towards the right part as Rita said.

I ran and saw a decorated door. I breathed in and out before pushing the door open. Lo and behold, there were a group of people there, but they didn’t look they were here for an interview.

They all turned to me. The starring was much that I began to sweat internally.

The were all dressed elegantly, and there was a priest. A wedding? God, it was truly a wedding. I need to get out of here.

“Sorry “, I said and made to leave.

“Stop her!!!! “,

I froze on the spot as guards surrounded me. I was burning up already . I felt my hot sweat trailing down to my stomach.

A man in white suit walked to me with smiling.

“I’m very sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to. I lost my way “, I spoke nervously. Though he was smiling, there was also a chilling attitude behind that smile.

“Lost? Ohhh. You didn’t, dear, you just saved all of us trouble “, he smiled the more.

His smile seems to make me feel uneasy, and time was also running out.

“What do you mean, sir. Please I came for an interview here but lost my way”, I pleaded the more.

I don’t know why I feel so uncomfortable here. Was it because the people here seems to be noble? Yes, that must be the reason.

“Who see, this is a wedding. The bride didn’t show up and my master will kll me if I go home without a bride. So he called to ask for a beautiful substitute.. “,

” I can’t. I will take my leave right now, please “, I spat sharply when I knew where he was going to.

His hand held my wrist as I was about to run out of the hall.

“Not so fast. I’m not begging you, miss. This is an order. You either do it or you would be sued for appearing here. Think about it “, he’s smiling face was replaced with a angry one before he left my wrist.

He can’t sue me right? I never heard of where one was sued for mistakenly appearing on a wedding. He must be joking.

No, I don’t think he was joking. All the people here are wealthy, that means they can easily sue me for any suspected crime just because I appeared here mistakenly. How will my mom cope if this ever happens?

“Wait. I will do it!! “, I screamed to the man who was already waking away.

Gosh, what did I get myself into. He faced me with his smile again.

“You made the right decision “.

That was how I ended up getting married to a man who even didn’t appear on his own wedding. Such a man, no wonder his bride ran away.

After the wedding, I made to leave but the man refused to let me go. He said his master wanted to thank for doing him such a favor.

‘A favor indeed ‘, I said to myself recalling how I was threatened.

All this whole time I kept thinking of my failed interview. I needed that job so much, how I wish this substitute husband of mine would reward me with a huge amount of money.

I can’t wait to give it to my super mom.

I was lead to a red Lamborghini. Wow this man must really be wealthy, I thought.

Only if I knew who he was before hand, I would have fled.

“Its this not the way to the royal palace? “, I asked the man on white suit who was sitting beside me.

I have been to the palace twice, I’m sure this is the way to it.

“It is. That’s where your husband lives. The prince”, he blurted smiling.

We already arrived at the huge gate as my brain began to function again.

“Please let me down. I don’t want the reward again!!! “, I screamed but it was to late. We were already inside the palace.

How could I not have known. This can’t be happening. The brutal and ugly prince, who was impotent? Would he ever let me go.

I was lead to a room in a mansion beside the palace itself. The room was dark and had only a lantern which was dim.

I made my way to the cushion and sat, thinking about the den I crept into. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t hear the door being unlocked.

“Well well well. Who do we have here? “, A manly but cold voice startled me as I sprang up from the cushion.

” Who’s there?”, I queried nervously as the light was so dim that the room still occurred to be dark, making it hard to see a thing.

Before I could say ‘jack’, I was pushed hard to the cushion, as a robust and huge body covered me. My breathe hitched as a strong male deodorant went into my lungs.

It was a man!!!!!!

“Get off me!!”, I yelled in disgust as I struggled to get out of such an awful position but he was way to strong that my struggle was a failure, as I lost strength.

“I would go gently “, he whispered as he patted ksses on my neck.

His hand went down to my $kirt, then I knew what he was up to. I struggled, ki¢ked, pun¢hed but it was like I was trying to catch the air.

He t©re of my $kirt and bIouse as hot tears trailed down my face.

Right there he took my innocence without pity. It was so painful that I cried and yelled but the m©nster of a man didn’t stop.

After about an hour, he got off and ran out of the room. I felt so sore down there that I couldn’t take the risk of standing talk more of walking.

I cried and cried till I fell asleep with the determination I would leave there the next morning.


I woke up in the morning to see the cushion was stained with my bIood. I check my environment and saw it was a beautiful bedroom with a small living room, a balcony, and the bathroom.

I hurried to the bathroom and cleaned the cushion with water and soap I found there. I took my bath and wore my already ruined clothes back.

While just I was admiring the room, the living room was opened as a set of servants served my food. It was a delicious and rich breakfast.

I slept off and woke up when I felt a hand on my thigh. Starring right into my eyes was one of the most handsome faces one could ever see on earth.

He smiled out dimples as I withdrawal my legs sharply.

“Why do you do that, wife? “, he asked a bit angry.

I was stunned. Wife?

“Are you the prince? “, I asked surprised for I heard the prince was so ugly that he refuses to appear before the public. How could this man be the prince?

It can’t be him.

“Yes. Now take off your cIothes “, he ordered with such an authority that I came to believe he was the prince. But how come did he become so handsome.

‘He must have undergone a surgery ‘,

“Surgery “, he said with fire in his eyes.

I never knew I was audible.

Just as I wanted to reply his huge palms held my legs as he drew me forward.

“Substitute wife, serve me”, he spoke with desire in his eyes.

The events of last night immediately flashed before me as I trembled. Not this time almighty, I prayed but seems my prayers didn’t get to God.

He dragged me to the glass dinning table and held me down right on top of it.

“Please don’t “, I pleaded but he held my hands to me back and tore off my $kirt.

He went into me with force then he pulled off and threw me to the floor.



He walked to me and held my throat.

“Tell me who you had your first time with or I swear, I will kll you right here”, he spat with seriousness.

Then did my brain light up.

This means it wasn’t him last night. Who could it have been then?


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