Written By Rowland Chukwueke (Randy)



My lips covered into a smile as I saw the cloud cross the Queen’s face. She looked more like a ghost as she began pale.

“Let her loose, now!”, She ordered as the servants untied me quickly.

I stood up and drew myself to my full size. Vera was staring fire but I didn’t give notice to her as I faced the Queen.

HIS WEAK SURROGATE : CHAPTER 21 – 30. Thingscouplesdo

“You made the right decision, mother”, I breathed trying to provoke her and it did.

Her hands were raised up as she made to sIap me but I held it right before it touched my cheeks.

Her teeth gnashed together as she stared at me.

“Have you reconsider so quickly, mother? The press you be happy to write a catching headline about you. Like Her grace the Queen, violent as ever? “,

“You! “, she exclaimed as I let go of her hands.

She was fuming in anger but who cares. Its time for them to have a cup of their own medicine!!

“I won’t be considerate to stop you next time. The news would “, I stated as the servants’ mouths dropped.

With my haughty head held high, I walked out of them in shock.

Vivian rushed to me at the instant and stopped on seeing I had no mark on me. I had never gone into the Queen’s chamber and came out without whip marks on me.

This was just like a miracle, and I knew I performed the miracle.

While going back to my quarters I felt someone staring at me, right in front of Prince Rowlands quarters.

I stopped on my track and threw my head backward, there staring down at me, with desire was my treacherous brother-in-law.

I smirked and continued on my track until I got to my quarters.

“How’s this possible, my lady? “, Vivian asked curiously barely we got in my chambers.

I smiled as I remembered the shocked look on the Queen’s face.

“Nothing special. Just a sentence did”, I replied absentmindedly as I needed a bath to ease my nerves.

“Prepare a milk bath”, I ordered seeing she was about to say a word.

In no time the milk bath was prepared as I went into it feeling refreshed. I ordered a glass of wine as Vivian looked at me strangely before getting it for me.

“Anything else, my lady? “, she asked as I dropped the glass beside the tub.

“Nothing more but I want to assure you that I don’t even know what is happening to me”, I breathed staring at her.

She gave a calm faint smile though her eyes held nervousness before I asked her to go to bed with other maids.

I just don’t know but I feel I’m going to have a visitor tonight!!!



Settled on my comfortable cushion, my fertile mind was active, puzzling over Leona’s deeds, lately.

She exposed that Romeo wasn’t the father of her son and couldn’t father a child. Now she b it off his finger?

She has really changed.

I can still clearly see her in that fire red see-through lace, bold and courageous, speaking to the Courtiers in a very arrogant manner.

She smirked at me before letting herself dragged away by that vain brother of mine.

Oh, that naughty smirk and her body.

“She has been released, your highness “, My most trusted guard, Hillary, breathed bowing.

Oh, my love. I know mother would beat her mercilessly.

“Get her lady in waiting to take her to the clinic. I would be there soon “, I ordered getting up to change my clothing.

“My prince, She wasn’t beaten nor has any mark on her. She’s well”,

I stopped on my track in shock. That’s impossible. I know my mother to well to let her go Scot free after speaking so arrogantly before the elites of the country and b itten of her son’s finger.

Something isn’t just right.

“I will have your head for lying! “, I fired angrily at Hillary.

Why should he lie to me?

“Have it, my lord, after confirmation “, he replied boldly.

I immediately ran to my balcony in apprehension.

Starring down, there she was majestically unharmed, with her maids behind. My eyes rested on her swaying h ips as she stopped on her track like she knew I was watching.

She turned as her dreamy blue eyes rose my cells at the very moment. The wind scattered her hair all over her face.

She tucked it behind her ear and came me that naughty smirk again before continuing on her track, swaying her h ips harder this time.

I watched her till disappeared into her quarters with my heart beating randomly. She always left me flustered.

Thoughts of her devious smirk haunted me as I went into my chambers.

I slumped on my used to be a comfortable wide bed which no seems to be comfortable as Leona’s smooth and milk-like body kept popping up in my brain.

I can’t take this anymore, I have to see her!

It was night already, as I sneaked out from one of my secret passage, that went right into her chambers, which hasn’t been used for a while.

Every quarter has a secret passage that leads to every other chamber.

I closed the door behind me to see the room empty. Her womanly musk filled my nostrils at the instant.

I heard a noise come from the bathroom as I tiptoed to see her in a milk bath. A few red rose petals floated in the bath.

Her. skin more white and allure than the milk, glowing with the milk bath. She held a glass of red wine which she dropped and grabbed a petal, and watched the milk flow s little from her fingertips, delicately.

The scene made my blood run insanely in my veins and the thing down there just became hard and hot.

“Are you gonna step in or just stay there? “, her voice jolted me out of my thoughts.

I looked up to see her blue eyes piercing with mine as she smiled out dimples.

“No, I will wait in the room for you “, I replied walking to the bed.

In a few seconds, she was out wearing a red robe. She walked towards her dressing mirror swaying her h ips.

My eyes rested on her not wanting to miss a step on hers, as my life depended on her.

“You will surely make a hole with your stare, my lord”, her voice came out se..ductively.

I walked over. Laying my hand on her smooth white shoulder, that feeling of having her body on me, screaming out my name in a mo..an, came back.

“You don’t know the spell you have on me, has sunk so deep, moistening my core with the thought of your skin on mine. I dream of the day, my lady”, I breathed staring at her through the mirror.

She chuckled beautifully, pushing back her long locks of hair.

“Then let me set you free of that spell, my lord”, she stated standing up.

Her hands hocked as the red robe went off her body to the floor, with a se..ductive smirk plastered on his lips.

She pressed herself to my body as my hands barricaded her two sides. Her warm breath hit my neck, sending a shudder down my body, our eyes gazing into another.

She took my hand and lay it on her round delicate bbs.

“You like the feeling, my lord”, she asked as my lips stretched into a smile while my hand fumbled her bbs.

“Nothing can be compared, my lady”, I breathed as she stood on her toes and kssed me on the lips.

She drew back and wore her robe back with her back facing me.

“Then be my aid and fight for me and I promise to let your dreams come through “,

“I will but from who? “, I asked staring at her butts with craving.

She faced me with her eyes spitting fire.

“From your brother “.


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