I discovered that one of the challenges online entrepreneurs face in their business or niche is the problem of a saturated market, especially those that are just starting. The reality of this fact alone tends to discourage a lot of people in their pursuit of expertise in that field they’ve decided to pitch their tent.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to come up with 3 tips on how to be unique in your niche and stand out doing what you love and making good money from it. They include:



Being authentic simply means being your true self. It means not copying or mimicking others because you feel the way they run their personal brand is the best way to attract clients to yourself.

We are all unique!

The principle of individuality applies to every man on earth including twins. No two persons are the same and at that, NOBODY on earth is like YOU. This your uniqueness is an unfair advantage to you because it tends to attract the audience you were called to serve. We all were created in a way to meet a demand somewhere, there are people you were called to serve in your own way. Your uniqueness serves the purpose of attracting those individuals to YOU.


We live in a world where there is constant development of innovations to meet up with the demand of the insatiable needs and wants of man. As a business owner, there is a need to constantly look for ways to better serve your customers/clients.

Be so flexible to learn those things you are yet to know, unlearn those thought patterns and knowledge that are now inferior and relearn that knowledge that is relevant to gain mastery because the knowledge that took you to the top is different from the knowledge that will sustain you at that top. Your business has to evolve daily. That’s a sign of growth!

If your business provides needs, why don’t you try to add want to that need that is being provided, in case you don’t know, WANTS pay more that NEEDS

Nobody is ready to pay ?20,000 for a custard bucket of Garri even if that garri is said to cure HIV/AIDS, I trust the ladies never to do that.

But I know that most ladies are ready to spend at least ?20,000 on human hair as long as they want the hair and have the ?20,000 at hand.

Also, why is it that when you go to the market to get a phone whose primary purpose is communication, you look for a phone with a good camera, large memory space, and many apps even when you know you hardly take pictures, you don’t have many files to store and you use the maximum of 5 apps but the thought alone that you have all these benefits attached to your phone gives you a sense of satisfaction.

On this note, I am bold to say that as a business owner, the more WANT you attach to that NEED you provide, the more wanted you become.


Communication is key to everything in life. Humans are social beings and there is a need for your business to constantly interact with its clients/ customers

Always ask your customers to give you feedback on your business on how to serve them better, this alone gives your customers a sense of belonging and acceptance that their feedback is relevant to your business, and at that, they tend to bask in that attention making them not see the business as your business but as OUR business

Once you do this you’ll notice that even when you don’t ask for feedback they tend to call your attention to anything that can jeopardize your business.

To understand more how to be unque in your niche, let’s look at the below topic.


It requires effort to establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche, but you may succeed if you give your prospects what they want and need and demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about all the best goods and services on the market, not just your own.

How can you get customers to pay more for your services? Through establishing your brand and standing as a thought leader in your particular industry, there are several efficient ways to establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche.

1. Understand your niche.

The first step is to thoroughly understand your niche. What are the top needs and wants of your customers? What are their biggest difficulties, or their pain areas, that need to be resolved?

2. Explain the “what’s in it for me?” factor.

Customers are seeking products and services that are both effective and economical. What’s in it for me? Is a question they ask all the time. Given the number of websites and businesses operating online, you must provide an answer to that query as soon as a visitor lands on your page or comes across one of your products there.

3. Produce enticing niche content.

After you identify the needs of your niche, fill them. Ensure that every product and service you provide is described on your website. It shouldn’t be rubbish just because it’s free, though. A fantastic way to establish yourself as a thought leader is to frequently publish outstanding specialty content.

4. Be consistent and dependable.

Being dependable and consistent will help you build a reputation as an authority. Keeping your brand and voice consistent across all of your platforms is vital, as are channels.

Make sure your community understands it can depend on you in a timely manner when it comes to dependability. This shows you’re not just looking to make quick cash.

5. Upload Content Online regularly

You need to be active online if you want to be recognized as a leading authority in your niche.

Simply put, producing only one piece of content on one platform once a week is not sufficient. Instead, you want to strive to provide online material consistently on your channels.

6. Make contacts with other professionals in your niche

It’s crucial to connect with other experts in your field and relevant fields. Then, you may add more value to your community by connecting your followers with other professionals.

Additionally, you can work together and increase your credibility as well as your audience.

7. Create a book.

Typically, books featuring “How To” in the title are among the most popular. Writing a book is one of the best ways to give yourself immediate knowledge.

I hope these tips I’ve given will help you stand out in whatsoever area you decide to engage for business.

People will say “Knowledge is power” but I beg to differ that “knowledge is potential power, true power comes in the doing”. My heart’s desire for you is to serve your customers/clients better while making good money from it.

If you know how to be unique in your niche, you should also be able to be the leader in it.

Remember… The world is your stage and YOU AS A BRAND IS MY PRIORITY.

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With this article, am sure you have come to understand how to be unique in your niche.