Episode 41

By Faith Lucky.

Jocelyn’s Pov:

I woke up the next morning with Rodney still lying on the bed beside me.

I yawned and itched my eyes and immediately, the door opened and mum came in. “Whaat?” She shrieked at the sight of Rodney on the bed with me and Rodney was forced to wake up.


“What are doing here?” She asked as Rodney and I sat up, dumbfounded. “Nothing mum…”

“I’m sorry Mrs James; but she asked me to keep her company through the night. She said she was having nightmares.” Rodney chipped in “Yes”.

She stared at us with her mouth agape.

Well, since we had clothes on, it was possible she’d be sure we didn’t do anything together.

“Why didn’t you ask me to keep you company instead, Jocelyn?” She asked and I folded my lips.

“Anyway, come out for breakfast” she added and left the room.

I heaved a huge sigh of relief immediately she left and hit Rodney’s chest. “Why didn’t you leaveleave sooner? Do you want to get me into trouble? It’s a good thing it was my mum and not my dad” I said and folder my hands and he chuckled.

“Sorry love” he replied and pecked me on the cheek.

We left the room together and got to the dining where breakfast had already been served.

“Good morning dad” I greeted dad who was busy with his laptop.

“Oh, dearie; how was your night?” He asked and paused to look at me.

“I’m fine dad” I replied and he took his attention back to the laptop.

I was about taking a seat when the door opened and surprisingly, Megan came in. Huh?

Even dad closed his laptop immediately he noticed her in the room. All attention diverted to her.

She sauntered in and stopped halfway to the dining. She looked chastened. “Megan, what are you doing here?” Mum asked angrily and she quickly went on her knees, weeping.

“I’m sorry mun” she said with a wavering voice.

‘Please believe me; I’m sorry for what I did. I was just under a lot of pressure and didn’t know the right step to take. But I’ve realised my mistake now and I’m asking for forgiveness. Please forgive me” she placed her hands together and wept.

“But how could you be so childish Megan?” Dad asked in his deep masculine voice.

“She’s your sister for God’s sake. How could you think twice about letting us know her identity?”

“I’m sorry dad. Please forgive me” she whimpered.

Immediately, I went to her and lifted her from the floor.

“Mum, dad, Rodney” I called calmly, still holding her hand.

“She’s sorry for what she did. I think we should forgive her”.

I drew her closer to where they were and joined her hand with mum’s.

Mum tried to ignore but couldn’t and slowly, she embraced her.

Megan’s tears increased as she held her tight.

“Thank you mum” she said in a weeping tone and mum rubbed her back.

“It’s okay. Sssh. It’s okay” mum consoled her and dad also joined in the hug.

Then, I hugged her afterwards.

“Thank you Jocelyn” she whimpered, still holding me and I smiled.

“You’re welcome Megan. I’m glad you’re back” I replied and tried taking her to Rodney, but she withdrew her hand.

It seemed she was scared of facing Rodney.

I took hold of her hand again and took her to where Rodney was. She wept and stared at the floor as she stood in front of him. He didn’t say a word. “Rodney” I whispered and he looked at me.

“I thought we were having breakfast? I’m starving” he replied and took a seat, not
paying a single attention to Megan.



Rodney, why don’t you try being a little easy on Megan?” I asked as I sat next to him in the car while he was driving.

Immediately, he turned on the FM and a song started playing.

“Have you listened to words by Skylar Grey?” He asked and I sighed “Hm?” He asked again.

“No” I replied and rolled my eyes. He was just trying to avoid any conversation involving Megan.

“By the way, what song will you be singing in tonight’s contest?” He asked and decreased the volume of the FM.

“Why are you asking? Do you go around asking all the contestants the same question? Huh, Rodney?” I asked and he chuckled. “Hm. What happened to Mr Rodney?” He asked.

“Mr my foot” I replied and pulled his nose and he laughed.

That was the Jocelyn he missed.


Soon, we got to our destination and Rodney parked in front of the exquisite two storey building. I stared at it in amusement and was bedazzled at the beauty of the house.

It was painted in white and flecked with a little purple. It was so pretty.

Rodney held my hand and took me into the house. The inside was so enchanting.

“You mean this is yours?” I asked as we climbed the stairs.

“Yes. I built it six years ago and I plan on making it my matrimonial home” he replied and I glanced at him.

“Matrimonial home?” I asked.

“With whom?”

“Well, with a very lucky lady. Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to her one of these days.” He replied and I rolled my eyes.

He showed me round the house and I couldn’t imagine living in It. It was so beautiful.

“It’s beautiful, Rodney” I told him as I stood, facing him at the balcony.

“is it?” He asked and wrapped his hand around my waist and I nodded.

I thought of bringing up Megan’s issue again, but felt scared.

“Um…Rodney” I finally summoned up to talk.

“We were um…talking about Megan…”

“Well, I don’t want to talk about her!” He half-yelled and let go of my waist.

That was just what I was afraid of. He hasn’t let gone of this grumpy attitude of his.

I bent my head sadly and he sighed and took my hands.

“Look, Jocelyn, I’m…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you. It’s just that what Megan did is unforgivable. She tried to keep you away from me, Jocelyn, and It’s something I can never forget. So, stop mentioning her name cause it’s driving me crazy” he said.

I kept staring at the floor and he held my cheeks.

“Okay? I’m sorry, please” he said in an appealing tone and I nodded and rested my head on his chest.

“Just give a thought to it” I said calmly, but he didn’t reply.


We spent the whole time together and when it was evening, we headed for the contest.

All eyes were on me as I arrived with Rodney and the gossips were all sounding clear to me.

Rodney wrapped his hand around my waist as we walked in and he had almost taken me to the judges table, forgetting I was also a contestant.

“Rodney, I can’t go in with you. I’ll wait here” I told him as we stopped walking. “it’s…its not necessary, Jocelyn. You can still come in with me and when it’s your time to sing…”

“Rodney” I interrupted him and smiled.

“Go on; I’m not running away” .

“Fine” he replied and pecked my lips before leaving.

I took a seat next to the other contestants and they just kept throwing glances at me. Even Edith was gawping at me.

“Hi Jocelyn” someone walked up to me and said genially.

“Hi” I replied after a little reluctance.

She was beautiful and had a smiling face.

“Um…I’m Hannah” she said and sat next to me.

“Okay. Nice meeting you, Hannah” I replied and she smiled.

“So, you’re Mr Rodney’s Jocelyn? Who would’ve thought? You’re so lucky. It’s already confirmed that…you’re going to be winner of the contest”. I rose my brows.

“Really?” I asked, sounding a bit surprised.

“Well, of course. I mean, who do you think Mr Rodney’s going to chose over you? He’s holding the contest in your name, Jocelyn. Who’s going to be a better winner for him?

“I’m happy for you; don’t think I’m not. It’s just that, I had so many dreams. But now, even if I had no idea whom the winner was going to be, I’m already certain I’m not the one.” I stared at her as she spoke and couldn’t even find the right words to say to her.

“Contestant no 10” the mic announced and I stood up.

“Good luck” she told me with a warm smile.

“Thanks” I replied and went into the stage.

I took the mic and stood in front of the judges. Rodney was smiling and staring at me.

That was the contestant he’s been waiting for.

I did a causal greeting and cleared my throat to begin singing.

“Sorry, miss. What’s your name?” Rodney interrupted me and I smiled.

“Jocelyn James” I replied.

“Oh! Jocelyn. So you’re the Jocelyn I’ve been hearing about? What’s the title of your song?”

“I mentioned it before Rodney…”

“Sorry, what did you just call me?”

I fisted my hand and grinned.

“Mr Rodney” I replied and he laughed and fell back on his chair.

“Okay; okay. Go straight to your song. Don’t waste our time” he said and I rolled my eyes and began singing.

It’s hard to believe

That I couldn’t see

You were always there beside me.

I sang the first stanza of the song and rounded it up with the chorus.

“Wait; I thought the song had two parts? Why didn’t you sing the second part?” He asked and I scoffed.

“Well, I didn’t want to waste your time, MR RODNEY” I replied huskily and walked away. *

“Come on, Jocelyn. I said I’m sorry” Rodney said pleasingly as he stood in front of me in the pool.

I was sitting on the edge while he stood facing me, still in the water.

“What exactly are you sorry for, Mr Rodney? Go away” I said churlishly and pushed him.

“Seriously?” He asked and scoffed.

“Fine! I promise not to do it again. Just give me one more chance”.

“There are no more chances, Mr Rodney. Go and work on that rude attitude of yours. How could you speak to me in that manner in front of those ugly judges?”

He smiled and touched my legs.

“Come on, Jocelyn…”

“Don’t let me punch you, Mr Rodney. Let me be!” I rasp and pushed him again and

this time around, he fell into the water.

He started struggling and gasping.

“Help…Help me,,Jocelyn. I’m drowning. Help me!” He struggled to say and I gasped and jumped into the water.

“Rodney!” I called in fright and held him and he started laughing.

“Did you just call me Rodney? What about the Mr?” He asked and I gasped. “You lied to me! How dare you?” I said rather smiling and hit him on the chest. “Just admit it, Jocelyn. You can’t stay mad at me” he said as we both remained standing In the water.

He held me by the waist and I wrapped my two hands around his shoulders.

We kssed for a short time.

“Tell me what you want me to do for you, Jocelyn, and I’ll do it” he said and I smiled.

“Well, mummy told me not to accept things from boys. She told me she’ll always be there for me and will provide anything I need” I replied and he laughed. “Silly girl” he whispered.

He kssed me again and slowly lifted his hands to my bbs and pressed them lightly.

“Rodney!” I shrieked and pushed him away and he chuckled.

“Look who’s becoming shy” he told me and held me again, making our foreheads touch each other’s.

“So, when will it be?” He asked in alow tune and I pulled a muddle face.

“What?” I asked.

“Do you really want me to spell it out?”

‘Please don’t. You’re such a spoilt brat.

Anyway, that’d be when I get married”

“Hm. Story for the gods”.

“You think so?”

I laughed and kssed him.

“By the way, Rodney” I said.

“Will you accompany me to see my mum tomorrow please?”

“Your mum?”:he asked.

“Uhm…I mean, Mrs Salome. I really want to see her. Mum is already talking about getting her locked up. But I don’t want that to happen, Rodney. I don’t want her arrested. That’s why I really want to speak to her. So will you accompany me there?”

Rodney remained silent.

“Rodney?” I called calmly, hoping he doesn’t shout on me.

“Anything for you, my lady” he replied and kssed me.



Megan stood behind, watching from a corner. It was dark, but the pool lights made it clear for her to see everything going on.

She watched tearfully and suddenly became so bittered


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