Essential Digital Marketing Skills That Can Bring About Growth In Your Business

Essential Digital Marketing Skills That Can Bring About Growth In Your Business

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that uses the Internet and Online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

These essential digital marketing skills that can bring about growth in your business have served as sources of a big win for big organisations in their Digital Business

Essential Digital Marketing Skills That Can Bring About Growth In Your Business. Thingscouplesdo

There are two forms of skills you should master to become a high sort after digital business person, most of which you can outsource.

1. Hard skill
2. Soft skill

I am pretty sure you weren’t expecting that. But both skills are very vital.

Every other skill falls under both.

Hard skills are learned and sharpened through education and Experience While soft skills are more about character traits and interpersonal skills.

Hard skills show how good you are in your job while soft skill shows if you’ll be a good employee, teammate or Digital Marketing Manager.

Many people I’ve seen, are focused on improving hard skills such as SEO, Digital Advertising, Copywriting, Content Marketing and Email Marketing. But, 57% job you’ll be doing as a digital marketer demands such soft skills like…

Teamwork or Collaboration

Your soft skills account for 2/3 of all jobs.

I might not be able to cover all the skills you need, but I’ll cover the essential ones.


1. COPYWRITING: Copywriting is the ability to sell in print (written words).

It often reduces the cost of hiring sales personnel and it is the bridge between a company/business and customers.

Copywriting applies to SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Digital Advertising, Email Marketing and the list goes on.

Here is why copywriting is necessary:

Because the large part of your job as a digital marketer will be to educate and persuade your audience. So, you need to master this skill

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): it is the process involved in optimizing web pages to rank higher in search engines. It is important because you can use this to generate free traffic for your business. It could be technical though and you can always outsource the service of an SEO expert

3. DATA ANALYSIS: Your data is the information about your target audience. Their age range, location, interest and the likes… give you something to analyze and your analysis helps you draw useful insights, the insights help you create a successful marketing campaign. Your data needs to be correct. Because, if it’s wrong, then you might be leading your campaign in the wrong direction.

4. UX (User Experience): As a digital business person, you want to create interactions with customers and prospects so they have a more meaningful experience with your business.
All social media algorithms and even google are driven by user experience. That’s why end up spending hours watching reels on Instagram and Facebook.

The better experience you create for people the better your business growth.


1. COMMUNICATION: Marketing is essentially a Brand’s way to communicate with customers and prospects so you can drive interest and desire for your business.

Ineffective communication affects the brand’s reputation, waste time and give a bad first impression

2. Problem-Solving: You will often time run into unexpected problems. Your ability to handle this is what makes the difference.

Because a big part of your job will be to solve- problems with creative solutions.

For instance, if a company is scaling on a slim budget and do not have money for digital advertising, as a digital marketer, you must devise a creative solution to drive traffic that will generate sales.

3. Creativity: This is very difficult to teach because it cannot be learned. Some people are naturally born with this ability. If you have it, it will be a very useful asset and if combined with Data Analysis, it will always play in your favour as a digital marketer.

4. Teachability: it shows how humble and adaptable you are. It shows your ability to learn from others and it’s about being open to growth.

5. Self-Motivation: The vibe of not getting your work properly done will often sweep in.
Your ability to overcome this and put in the extra work is what makes the difference. Because self-motivated people tend to get paid more and grow faster than others

These are a few but essential skills you need to master as a digital marketer for more success.


It is essential to locate the ideal digital marketing agency.

Utilizing a digital marketing agency can mean the difference between remaining competitive and falling behind the competition. Digital marketers are aware of industry trends, comprehend how people engage with technology, and are current on all pertinent industry information. This assures that you will not overlook any possibilities or trends if you receive professional assistance.

We strongly believe that outsourcing your digital marketing creates an abundance of growth chances for your company. Experts in the field can give you the skills, knowledge, and resources you need to expand your brand, reach new areas, and establish significant customer relationships via a creative and effective digital campaign.


In addition, you must design your business concept and marketing strategy in order to attract potential customers and turn them into paying customers. Your business’s core beliefs, value proposition, and key demographics will be reflected in the digital marketing agency you select.

With this article, you should have gained a lot on essential digital marketing skills that can bring about growth in your business.