How to Deal With Nosy Neighbours

How to Deal With Nosy Neighbours

Well, most of us have had one annoying experience with a nosy neighbour or the other.

Living close to someone who just won’t mind his or her business and asking inappropriate questions or peeking at you can be difficult to handle. Why? Well, whatever action you take may come back to haunt you because you see them every day.

Having neighbours that are friendly and available is a sign of a great local community. But there’s a line between friendly and nosy. Sometimes, neighbours can cross that line.

How to Deal with Nosy Neighbours. Thingscouplesdo

If your neighbours are nosier than you’d like them to be, it’s best to shut it down as quickly and politely as you can.

In this article, we’ll provide our tips on how to deal with nosy neighbours and regain your privacy.

Thus, here arw ways to deal with nosy neighbours

1. Keep to yourself

Usually, no neighbour will have the guts to walk up to you and ask ‘aproko’ questions unless you engage the person. Therefore, make your business solely your business. Involve yourself with them only regarding matters about the community and give dismissive answers when asked questions.

2. Avoid giving them topics of discussion

Try to keep everything within the four walls of your home. When something good or bad (unfortunately) happens, don’t take to the streets.

3. Assess why they are being nosy

Some people don’t ask intrusive questions because they are trying to spite you. They are merely being friendly while some are just lonely. In such cases, being mean is not the way to go. Answer questions that don’t reveal too much about you; politely decline questions that overstep.

4. Confront them

If you keep noticing that your neighbour is intruding, call the person out on it. Don’t leave it for later. Address it there and then and emphasize that you love your privacy.

5. Let them know you know they are being nosy

When someone is eavesdropping, walk up sweetly to the person and ask for something. When you do that it lets the person know you know what they are up to and embarrasses them.

6. Ignore them

People will always talk and they may call you aloof but sometimes it is best to just to turn a deaf ear as long as their behaviour does not hurt you in any way.

7. Talk it Out

It’s good to have a chat with your neighbours about how their behaviour is impacting you and your family.

A nosy neighbour can easily make you angry. But before you explode, consider that they may not realise how their behaviour is affecting you and your family.

Maintaining positive relationships with your neighbours is important (especially when it comes to selling your home), so try politely speaking to your neighbours in the first instance.

8. Invest in Higher Fences

In new-builds and modern homes, high fences are the norm to allow homeowners more privacy in the back garden. However, many older properties still have low fences that were designed to be sociable.

If you don’t like this aspect of your property, consider investing in higher fences (around 5-6ft) that your neighbours can’t peer over anymore.

9. Plant Privacy Hedges

If your nosy neighbour owns the fence and doesn’t want you to change it, a great solution can be to plant privacy hedges.

Shrubbery like conifers or laurels often grow quickly and are reasonably priced. Plus, since they intertwine over time, they can sometimes provide even more privacy than a fence can!

10. Fit Privacy Blinds

If the issue isn’t garden-related and instead involves your neighbours peering into your home, privacy blinds or curtains could be the solution.

To keep a good amount of natural light entering your home, consider opting for day and night blinds, magic screens or white, linen curtains.

11. Install a Security System

Depending on how severe the issues are with your nosy neighbours, installing a high-quality security system can help deter nosiness – and provide you with more security overall.

This is particularly helpful if your neighbours continuously enter the boundaries of your property to look inside your home or garden.

12. Report It

If you have severe concerns about your nosy neighbours or if they continue to be a nuisance even after taking steps to prevent it, consider reporting your neighbours and speaking to your local Citizen’s Advice.

While it’s usually best to see if you can manage the situation yourself, your safety is important, so seek professional help if you need it.

13. Move House

This is quite a drastic solution, but if you’re really unhappy with the community you live in, moving house could be the best thing for you.

Just remember that if there have been severe issues between you and your neighbours in the past, you’ll need to declare this to your estate agent.

Even though it may seem troubling to share this information, there’s a buyer for everything and the right agent can sell your home no matter the circumstance.


Most people do not like “nosy” neighbors, referring to people who live around you and tend to ask to many questions. An internet search on the subject will bring up numerous articles on how to deal with these types of neighbors.

However, while most of us treasure our privacy and want neighbors to mind their own business, sometimes you want neighbors to be alert to what’s going on with you and your property. This is especially true of elderly persons who live alone. Has one of them failed to retrieve a newspaper that’s been delivered? Has the person not been seen doing his or her daily routine? It could be a sign that the neighbor is incapacitated by illness or injury, and worth checking up on.

Is there a stranger looking around a neighbor’s property? Most people think that burglars operate at night. Law enforcement professionals know that most of them operate in daylight, when residents are at work and homes are vacant.

Nobody likes people who pry into their personal lives. Most people understand that and avoid getting too nosy.


Sometimes though, we tend to go overboard not paying attention to what is going on around us. Whether you are close friends with your neighbors or not, it makes for a better neighborhood when people watch out for one another in ways that count.

Am so sure,you have learnt how to deal with nosy neighbours by reading through this article.