If you’re going to build a business then don’t take shortcuts…

People message me all the time asking “how my journey is going” because they think they can tell me about their “shiny object” and how it will solve my problems.

Think again!

If you want to be successful then put in the work, build long-term assets, and be consistent.


Every time you start over or head down a new path you lose all momentum you built up.

Trust me, I can speak from experience there and I’m sure you have been there too.

Someone who is successful already can walk into anything new and make it work, but someone who is still trying to gain traction is going to have a hard time doing the same.

Major difference.

Those that are successful stick with what they are doing and a lot of us in the space that are getting results had a rough go for the first 6-12 months to really have crazy huge amounts of success.

I remember how my 2021 went. I struggled so much but it was more me than anything else.

Granted I still learned a few things and made my first money ever online last year, there was a change I needed to make.

I was focused on the wrong things even still.

Now that I have my focus on point, here is what I believe you need to focus on too.


Start focusing on:

1?? Mastering a traffic source- You may not know it, but you’re in the lead generation business.

The better you get at generating leads the more money you will make.

Just pick ONE platform and go all-in on mastering the platform inside and out.

Once you know how to get qualified leads you can make any business successful.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “omnipresence” is bullsh*t.

2?? Building relationships-

One of the IMPORTANT THINGS TO FOCUS ON TO BUILD A BUSINESS is building relationships.

Once you generate leads focus on strengthening those relationships so they know, like, relate to, and trust you.

I remember doing this even before getting into the marketing space. As an IT consultant in the mid 2000’s, this is literally what I did.

Built some amazing relationships over time with local small businesses, and then something amazing happened, they only wanted to work with me.

The trust was solid.

They knew their business and computer systems were in good hands with me and could count on me to solve their problems.

When people are on your list, and follow you on social media, and they decide to make a decision by purchasing something from you it’s usually because they like and trust you.

AND they feel relatable to you.

I know for me I can relate to being a divorced parent, a golfer, parent to a pre-teen/teenager, working a strenuous 9-5 job, struggling, doubting, questioning things early on.

I’ve been there.

Just like there are some people that relate to others over me and that’s ok.

That’s how it’s supposed to be.

So spend more time building relationships, helping them solve their problems, and focusing more on them and less on yourself.

This is what I spend most of my time on because 95% of people do not buy right away.

Many people will take months of following you before they will buy anything from you.

So with knowing that you shouldn’t just treat people as a number.

Figure out what people need help with and then do everything you can to help them.

Treat others exactly how you would like to be treated.


3?? Stop looking for the next easy way to make money and start focusing on one business model.

I talk to people every single day in this business and 99% of the time people who haven’t got results never stuck with anything even 90 days.

I literally talked to someone the other day who was debating everything after only a month and a half…….only 45 days!?

If they tell me they have, I dig a little deeper and then later they will admit that they did get sidetracked somewhere.

I advised the person if you truly want this then you will give it you all for at least 6-12 months, more like 12 months honestly.

The other excuse….

They didn’t give it their all, or had unrealistic expectations.

I see it all the time.

I’ve seen and heard every excuse there is to be told.

Consistency is the secret to reaching your goals.

Flip-flopping is not!!!!!!!!

“Multiple streams of income” also NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Consistency and focus go hand in hand working on ONE business model.

It’s my belief that all businesses work… people don’t.

It’s not the systems, or the trainings, or the coaching (which yes a lot of junk is out there).

You have to remain consistent long enough and work through the challenges to get results.

This is why so many people never make it online.

Once you draw your line in the sand and go “All In” on what you’re doing then things start to happen for you real fast.

With just 6-12 months worth of the right work you can build a high six-figure a year business.

The magic word here is WORK.

Passive income doesn’t happen without the active work up front to make it happen.

I’m not sorry to say that if you have that mindset of just pushing a button, leaving it alone, and the cash will just flow to you, then just unfollow, unsubscribe and walk away because I don’t have that for you.

And guess what…..nobody else does either.

Even those that can make “passive income” still work on their business every day.

They just go about it differently.

Stop thinking like an employee and think like an entrepreneur/business owner.

Doctors go to school for 8 years and don’t make that (6 and 7 figures) out of college and they acquired an insane amount of debt.

4?? Your self-belief system is #1- If you don’t believe you can do this then do yourself a favor and stop right now.

Spend the next 30 days building your mind up and developing that muscle.

I defeated myself for several years at various times in my life (especially recently) because I didn’t think I would ever be successful.

The people who come into this industry and think it’s possible for them get success much faster.

So if you’re self-defeating yourself like this you have to put a stop to it ASAP.

When you find yourself saying “I can’t, I hope, I will try, I’m going to try that” then STOP yourself right there and correct what you just said.

You may not think this matters, but really you’re self-defeating yourself.

Self sabotage is a real thing, unfortunately so is denial.

I remember making that decision to finally get counseling in 2019.

It was the best move I could have made.

For years I thought “I don’t need counseling, I’m totally fine….”

Truth be told I was more messed up than I let on.

Famous last words.

That was then though. This is now.

I still spend my time keeping my mind sharp and fresh and laser focused.

That never stops for me.

I spent a lot of time learning how to fix my own belief systems from my mentor and coach, and the way I used to think over anything else.

Remember. 90% mental, 10% tactical

Once you believe in yourself then no obstacle, no person, or any setback can stop you.

If you don’t get your mind wired right none of the tactics will be of any use to you.

I also find once your self-belief system is in place you won’t be jumping around, you won’t have a problem being consistent and you won’t be looking for the next opportunity to help you get rich quick with no effort.

Focus is everything.

Rich is a mindset.

Once you believe it then you can do it.


Hope you have known and understood those IMPORTANT THINGS TO FOCUS ON TO BUILD A BUSINESS