By Authoress Rhema

“I’ll be waiting in the living room” Jake blinked repeatedly and hurriedly left

“Dad” Jenna ran after him while Irish hurriedly looked for her to.wel, she took it and wrapped her body with it

Right now, she couldn’t believe that Jake had just seen her body, no guy has ever since her like this, even if she has a brother, she definitely won’t allow him to see this side of her

Irish tapped her blotted cheeks and rushed inside the mansion


“Nanny, you’re back, the cookies are done but I don’t know how it taste” Jenna called out

“Okay, you taste it with your father I’ll go change okay” Irish smiled and ran to the room where her cloth is being kept

“Here, I dry cleaned it for you” Suzy handed it to her

“Thanks, I’ll be going home now, I have a concert to catch up with” Irish replied and began changing

“Does this means I’ll be lonely again, I’ll miss you” Suzy pouted

“You better” Irish smiled and went back to the living room

“Nanny” Jenna came to her with a plate of cookies, Jake had gone to shower and change already

“Here try it, they are surprisingly delicious” Jenna smiled

Irish took one and took a bite

“Hmm, yummy” she smiled and dropped the half piece back on the plate

“You can have it all to yourself, I’ll get going now” Irish added

“You’re leaving already, I thought we’ll still go back to swim” Jenna pouted

“We can always swim next time, my friends needs me now, bye baby” Irish pecked her cheeks

“Okay” Jenna bit her lips sadly

Just then Jake came out dressed in his pyjamas

“You’re leaving, I’ll tell Peter to escort you” he said

“Hmm, okay bye Jenna” Irish waved and left

Jake called for a maid and Suzy came

“Tell Peter to accompany Irish home” he said and Suzy bowed and left

“Daddy, do you want some cookies, nanny baked them” Jenna said, going to meet Jake who’s going to sit on the couch

“Huh?” He asked

“Nanny and I baked cookies together, Nanny will be hanging out with her friends so she won’t eat this with me” Jenna replied and came to sit on Jake’s laps

“It’s really good” she added, putting a piece in his lips

Jake sighed and took a bite, he chewed on it and smiled

“Delicious right, Nanny is the best” Jenna smiled and rested her head on Jake’s chest

“Daddy” she called and he looked at her

“I wish Nanny is my mom” she muttered lowly only to her hearing but it was loud enough for Jake to hear

“What did you say?” He asked and she shook her head

Jake sighed and faced the TV.

Suzy sighed and breathed before knocking on Peter’s door, it opened and he came out half nked

“Um, Mr Jake said I should tell you to accompany Irish home, she’s waiting outside” she said trying not to look at his body

“Okay, one second then” he made to close the door but she held it back

“What?” He asked

“Nothing, Irish is waiting for you downstairs” she sighed and left

Peter sighed and went to take his shirt to wear before going downstairs, he met Irish hugged herself and walking around

“Irish” he smiled

“Peter, there you are I’ve waited for like 3 hours thank goodness you didn’t forget me here to die of cold” she whined

“I’m sorry okay, must you always nag” he chuckled and wrapped his arms around her shoulders

“How about now feeling warm?” He asked

“Yes but not enough” she smiled

“Oh then” he chuckled and scooped her in his arms with an unexpected move

“How about now?” He asked and she giggled out loudly as he took her to the car

Suzy who’s watching from the window closed it and turned back, a tear drop fell from her eyes and she wiped it off instantly

“I’ve promised myself not to cry anymore” she muttered and went back to her room

The same way he’s playing with Irish was how he do play with her before, at that time they were the closet in the mansion, they were both good friends even though Peter use to flirt with her those times, then as time goes on she couldn’t help but fall in love with him, she still remembered when he first took her virginity, at first they decided to take it as no strings attached, he asked her countless of times if she’s sure and she said yes. Finally they did it, she told him how she felt about two weeks later and he turned her down

Suzy sighed and lay on the bed, she faced another side and tried sleeping.


Rainbow Apartment**

Peter stopped the car right at the front of Irish gate and looked at her

“So we are here now” he said

“Hmm, thank you” Irish took her bag with a smile on her face

“So where are you planning to go to with your friends?” He asked

“We were actually planning to go to BBS live concert” she replied and he nodded

“Have fun and be careful they are a lot of bad people outside” he said

“I will” Irish smiled and brought her hands to open the door while Peter looked elsewhere and an idea suddenly popped into Irish’s mind

She turned to him and made to peck his cheeks as in a good night peck but he suddenly turned to face her and their lips met

Irish eyes widened and she immediately pulled away

“I’m sorry, I swear it was an accident I’ll leave now” she said in a haste and left hurriedly

Peter watched her ran inside her house and he smiled then shook his head before driving off.

“Irish finally, we were about to leave without you” Della said, facing the mirror as she’s putting on her huge earrings

Kaylee is sitting at the dinning and fixing her wakeup while Crystal is dressed in her baggy as usual, she just came out of the kitchen with a glass of water in her hands

“What happened to your face, did you get slapped by a blush powder cause it’s super red?” Crystal chuckled

Irish eyed her and began climbing the stairs to her room

“Seriously her face is so red it’s as if she had already done make up, if she adds blusher on top of that red face then she’ll look like some lady that got jambed with a make up chalk truck” Crystal laughed and shook her head

Della glared at her from the mirror before turning to face her

“You’re talking about someone else have you changed?” She asked

Crystal looked at herself head to toe and nodded

“You’re wearing that to the concert?” Kaylee turned to face her

“Ofcourse, I’m comfortable in this bad boy” Crystal smiled

“You think that’s bad boy, my outfit should be called bad boy” Della flickered her hair

“Nah nah, I think your outfit should be called the helpless kitten cause I don’t know the meaning of what you’re putting on” Crystal replied

Della wanted to reply but Kaylee stood up and came to their middle

“The real bad boy should be me cause I’m hotter than everyone, now can we move on” she eyed them both

Just then Irish climbed down the stairs dressed in a cute outfit, she didn’t even put much makeup on and she looked so cute

“It looks like the real bad boy is here, how can someone look so perfect with just a little make up” Crystal said and Della nodded

Kaylee secretly rolled her eyes and scoffed

“What bad boy are you guys talking about, let’s go before everywhere gets to crowded,I will not sit at the back let’s go come on!!” Irish clapped and all of them began rushing out

They found a cab and stopped it

“We are going to the BBS concert show, how much is the ride?” Della asked

“For all of you are $500” he replied

“500, how about 250, the place isn’t that far” Irish pouted

“500” the man repeated

“$250 or I’ll send your car to heaven” Crystal said in a dead pan tone

The man got scared and immediately allowed them to enter, theylooked at themselves and smiled widely.


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