By Authoress Rhema

Tags/ genres: billionaire’s love romance, family, babysitting, love and comedy


She’s a spoit child

She’s annoying

She’s a pain in the neck

She’s a drama queen

And she’s just 7 of age.

Her father is well known as the famous billionaire Jake Martinez, runs and owns different company in different countries

He’s known for his icy and cold behavior, if not for his daughter, people would have mistook him for a ga.y cause he’s never spotted with women.


As for his daughter’s mother, something happened that made him develop this hate for women, he’s just 27.. pretty young and so handsome, his handsomeness is off limits, it’s like he’s a fallen angel from heaven cause any girl that set eyes on him, their heart will never remain the same.

Let’s not even talk about his body and height,. Maybe that explains were Jenna got her cuteness from, she’s super cute too, she’s like an angel but if you live with her for just a day then you’ll know she’s a d’vil in disguise.

This girl has made her dad fired all sorts of nannies cause of small mistakes they made, she’s a very tough little girl nothing can make her cry expect her mom.

She wants a mom so bad, everyday she’s wishing for her mom to come back, she feels bad when she sees her classmates talk about their mom while she has none.
The only person she cares about is her father, and the only person Jake cares about is his daughter, his daughter is his light, if you mess with his daughter, you mess with him. Trust me.

This family has been so uptight until she came in

Who’s that she??

What did she do??

Who can put Jenna in her place?

Who can melt Mr Jake Martinez heart?


What happened to Jenna’s mom that made Jake hate women?

This is a very heartwarming and interesting story, you don’t wanna miss for anything at all so…

Grab your popcorn and put on your glasses, settle down on your sofa, hug your pillow tight and let’s go.




By Authoress Rhema


The dark clouds could be seen, the full moon could be seen, the cool wind is blowing and at the middle of two houses, an average house of not too big not to small could be seen

Inside, it shows a girl in her early 20’s with curly long black hair and glasses, sitting on the yellow single couch with folded legs and handling a huge cup of popcorn

From the look of things she is watching a h©rror movie, the whole lights were turned off so everywhere is dark the only light shinning on her face is from the TV

A scene popped where a dragon is coming to eat up a boy from behind, her eyes widened, she seemed so eager to see what was gonna happen but the lights suddenly turned on and everywhere shinned bright yellow

“Hi Irish, just got back from work” Della said, entering with her bag and a smile on her face


you distracted me, you could have just go to the room quietly, now I’ve lost interest in my movie” Irish frowned and stood up, she’s not too tall or short unlike Della
Della is a bit short and bursty, she has short hair stopping at her cheeks plus she’s cute

“I’m sorry I’m sorry, I won’t make noise next time, what about Kaylee is she home yet?” Della asked, taking off get shoes

“Nope, she’s not back from work, I’ve been here by myself since morning no work no nothing at all, Just me, eating, sleeping, playing games as usual” Irish rolled her eyes and went to the kitchen

“Don’t feel bad, the last company you signed up for didn’t accept you, I’m sure this one would” Della said, going to meet her in the kitchen

“Yeah, hope so but if they don’t I won’t even care, I’m destined not to work in this world” Irish shurgged and put some strawberries in the blender

“Are you making a strawberry smoothie, can you make one for me too?” Della asked, licking her l!ps

“Yes yes I’ve heard you” Irish rolled her eyes and turn on the blender so Della would stop talking

“I’ll be in the room” Della shouted and climbed the stairs that lead to the room

While Irish is still blending some stuffs the door opened revealing the most sxiest girl anyone has ever set their eyes on

“Baby!” Irish screamed and turned off the blender then rushed to hug Kaylee

Kaylee is pretty tall, bursty, she’s got a$s, curves and pretty face

“I know you miss me” Kaylee chuckled and hugged her back

“Kaylee” Della who have changed to her blue pjyamas already, shouted as she climbed down the stairs

“My second baby” Kaylee hugged her tight, Della chuckled and buried her face on Kaylee’s bbs

“Dmn Delly, don’t be a perv” Kaylee chuckled and pushed her head off

“Why did you come home so late, don’t tell me you were looking at your boss again” Irish pouted while Della entered the kitchen to serve herself a smoothie

“Sorry baby, I couldn’t help myself” Kaylee pouted

“Whatever, guess what” Irish asked


“I just applied in your boss company as an intern, don’t know if he would accept me” Irish pouted

“Seeing the kind of girl you are, ion think so especially with your condition but you should sleep early, he hates lateness” Kaylee said, removing her suit jacket and climbed the stairs

“You know my condition right?” Irish asked

“Oh right, sorry” Kaylee chuckled and went to her, Irish turned back to the kitchen with widened eyes. Della had just drank all the smoothie she made

“Oops sorry” Della flashed a pleading smile

Irish tapped her forehead and went to sit at the red couch, in the living room there are three single coucgh which are red, yellow and green, their house is just like a rainbow washing machine, too colorful

Irish smiled and took her popcorn then turn on the TV to start watching another movie

“Hi, I’m Irish… I don’t have a last name because I don’t really know who I am, my parents abandoned me in a broken car when I was just 7 and I don’t even know how I got to know this crazy roomies of mine what I know is that we’ve been friends since highschool, we went to a bff collage and graduated together.

Della is cutest among all of us and she’s a crazy foodie but she’s not fat, she’s just short and bursty. Kaylee is the S-xiest among all of us, even in highschool she has always stolen the guys heart, she’s a play girl she has changed boyfriend like shoes but she’s madly in love with her boss.

Why me I’m the craziest and also cute, I’m suffering from a very weird condition, which is I can’t sleep at night yeah, when everyone are sleeping in the night I’m always wide awake like a bat, no matter the amount of pills I take I can’t sleep, if I try to, some weird noise would wake me up oh and I hate childrens, I just hate them for no reason, I guess that makes me freak.

Tommorow I’ll be applying as an intern in JM entertainment, I’m always this girl that bad luck follows around, I graduated from college yet I don’t have a stable job, it’s either I mess up or come late or fall asleep cause I only know how to sleep in the day time, I just hope I don’t b!0w this up today”

Irish smiled and relax on the couch, she took a handful of popcorn and shoved it in her mouth, munching it roughly and concentrating on her movie.



“Argggggghhhh” that scream was heard from Jenna

All the maids could be seen running helter skelter looking for what went wrong

“Miss Sharpen!!!” She yelled climbing down the stairs

the maids turned their heads to the direction of Jenna’s new nanny
“I’m done for” Sharpen muttered

Finally Jenna came down dressed in a mini pink robe and is holding an orange doll size pjyamas in her hands

“Miss Sharpen!!” She yelled and stopped at the lady’s front

“What’s wrong young miss?” Sharpen stuttered and gulped, even though she already has an idea of what went wrong

“What’s wrong with my pyjama??, Why is it like this!!” Jenna yelled, showing Sharpen the pyjama that looks short like the size of a baby doll

“I…I.. I-

“You what!?, What did you do to my pyjama!!” Jenna yelled again

Just then Jake stepped in with his personal bodyguard, Peter who’s looking the same age with him

“Young miss calm down I..

“Did you just tell me to calm down?” Jenna cut Sharpen off

Sharpen is about to reply but Jake beats her to it

“What’s happening here?” He asked

“Dad” Jenna rushed to her dad

“Look what miss Sharpen did to my pyjama and she still has the guts to tell me to calm down!” Jenna reported, showing Jake the pyjama

Jake collected it and looked at it, then looked at Sharpen

“You did this?” He asked

Sharpen bowed her head in embarr@ssment

“That was my favorite pyjama dad” Jenna pouted sadly and Jake looked at Sharpen again

“I’m sorry sir” Sharpen bowed her head even more

“Sorry is an understatement Sharpen, does this mean a 24 years old woman can’t wash clothes, you just came Friday and if you can do this to my daughter’s pyjama then what will you do to her school uniform?” He asked sternly

“I’m so sorry” Sharpen muttered in tears

“No Sharpen, sorry can’t work this out go and pack your things, leave my house and learn how to do domestic work, then maybe someone else can manage you” he said

“Sir” Sharpen fell on her knees

“Do you want my father to repeat himself?” Jenna crossed her arms

Sharpen immediately rose up and rushed to her room to pack her things, without waisting time she left

“You!” Jenna pointed at a maid and she came forward

“Go to the house boutique and get me another pyjama that looks exactly like this” she ordered

“Yes ma’am” the maid bowed and rushed out

“And madam Brook what is delaying the dinner I’m hungry” she shouted

“I’m sorry ma’am” madam broke bowed and rushed to the kitchen

Jake went upstairs to change and shower then came down to join Jenna at the dinning, the both of them began eating in silence before Jake started

“Jenna after dinner submit your tablet to me okay” he said, using his cutleries to cut some piece of meat

“But why” Jenna dropped her spoon and pouted

“What do you mean why?, You have school to go tommorow and you need to be up early, if I leave you with your tab you’ll press it till the next morning” Jake replied

“No dad I promise I won’t” Jenna pouted

“I won’t take any risk, eat your food go to your room and hand over your tablet to me don’t make me come take it myself young lady cause if I do then I’ll seize it for a whole week” he said


need dad I’ll submit it to you once I’m done with dinner” Jenna smiled
Jake looked at her face and smiled then patted her head.


Next Morning**

Irish is sleeping on the couch with her cup of popcorn on her hands, that’s the major most annoying problem she has, she can’t sleep at night but once it’s day time she starts sleeping like a cat and she’s a crazy sleeper

Della just climbed down from the stairs, dressed in a blue flare skirt and white t-shirt, she looked at Irish and shook her head, she went to the kitchen and fetched a bowl of water then poured a pack of iceblock inside

She tiptoed to Irish and poured the water on her body, Irish spranged up immediately

“Della!!” Irish cried

“You should thank me, you have 40 minutes left for your interview” Della said

Irish eyes widened, she immediately stood up and held Della’s shoulder

“What did you say?” She asked

“You have 40 mins left for your interview” Della repeated

“Where’s Kaylee, why didn’t she wake me!” Irish asked

“She tried to but you didn’t answer her so she had to leave, you don’t want her to get fired right?” Della scoffed

“Oh no I’m so toast” Irish ruffled her hair and began walking up and down

“Girl you… The time you’re using to panic use it to dress!” Della yelled

“Right, Kaylee you’re a d’vil” Irish shouted and began undressing and running at the same time, before she reached the stairs she’s already in her b.ra and pan.ties

Della laughed so hard and held her knees to support herself so she won’t fall

“You’re a bch Della” Irish yelled and rushed to her room, she didn’t bother showering, she just changed and brushed her hair anyhow, she didn’t even use make up or brushed her teeth because of the time

She rushed back down and met Della still laughing

“Fk you” she yelled and rushed out, she climbed her yellow bicycle and began riding with full speed.


Irish didn’t look back as she’s riding, she saw a small boy playing a ballon, she smirked and rode to him then took his balloon

“Hey give it back!” He yelled

“Hey give it back” she mimicked and burst it

The boy began crying while she laughed loudly till she got to the company, she stepped down from her bicycle and rushed in

“Miss miss miss” the reception pulled her back

“Why are you pulling me back can’t you see I’m here for the interview!!” Irish yelled

“You’re late” she said

“It’s just 10:32, I’m just 2 mins late” Irish replied with an eye roll

“The boss don’t like that” the reception said

“I’ll try my luck” Irish smiled and rushed in, she bumped into Kaylee who’s coming out from her office

“Babe you’re late” Kaylee said

“Don’t talk to me, d’vil” Irish huffed and knocked the door to the boss office

Eric opened the door and looked at her with a ‘who are you and what do you want’ look

“For the interview” she smiled

“Come in” Eric chuckled and make space for her to enter, she stared at him confusedly and entered

Eric is Jake’s PA

“Sir, good morning sir” Irish smiled

Jake raised his head up and looked at her boringly while Irish eyes widened a bit at his handsomeness

“What are you here for?” He asked

“The interview” she replied

“You’re fired”.


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