In Love With Deaf And Dumb : Episodes 11-The End

In Love With Deaf And Dumb : Episodes 11-The End

Author J Divine

Episode 11


My going home was a happy one, I never dreamt that but it happened.

I later went back to my working place, Sommy never knew that Julius have came to ask for my hands in marriage.

I kept it as a secret because I don’t need anything that can lead to my love’s change of mind.

In Love With Deaf And Dumb : Episodes 11-The End

“How was your journey?” She asked as I came back that very day with full of excitement.

“God is able dear, hope you are doing well too?” I asked trying to be nice to her.

“Yes just lonely dear. So, why did your parents ask you to come home?” She asked.

“Just to discuss some family issues dear but thank God we have resolved everything” I answered and I noticed some unbelievable look on her face but that wasn’t my concern.

“If you say so but congrats dear” she said and left with fake smile.

Wait; why is she congratulating me? Did she know about it?
How did she know? Maybe she was just trying to force it from my mouth but she won’t succeed.

In Love With Deaf And Dumb : Episodes 11-The End


How could Julius do such to me and how could James allow him to proceed with such plan when he knew what we have in the cupboard.

I was in my room that very day enjoying my music when my phone rang and it was James.

“This is James” he said at the other end of the phone.

“I know that, have you come up with a good plan?” I asked him.

“Am not in for that now, my boss want to give you some contracts ahead of his upcoming wedding” he said and it sounded like a later bomb in my hear.

“Which of your bosses?” I asked confusingly.

“I have only one boss which is Julius, he want you to prepare his wedding cake for him but you must send the picture (cake) before the wedding day” he said and hung up the call without telling me when the wedding will take place.

Gosh!! I couldn’t believe my ear but I kept so calm just hear from Jane.

I was hoping to hear the full gist from her when she returns but unfortunately reverse was the case. She wasn’t even ready to tell me why she went home.

I kept my pace because I have where I will get them, is either she die before the wedding or she will die with that her so called husband to be.

In Love With Deaf And Dumb : Episodes 11-The End

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