I hurried out of my car immediately i got to the hospital. I went to the reception and asked for the ward an accident victim was brought into. The nurse on duty helped me in getting to Jordan’s ward. I met Jordan’s mom sitting in a chair beside him, immediately I greeted her, she raised her head from the bed and responded. “How is he?” i asked as i moved toward the bed. “He is fine, he only obtained a slight injury on his leg” she replied. I breathe a sigh of relief and touched Jordan on the forehead to feel his temperature. I thought of how bad i would feel if anything serious had happened to him and i could not help but shake my head. “Sorry for alarming you my dear, i was also informed this morning, and thinking that it was serious, i called you while rushing here. As if his father knew that it was nothing serious, he felt relaxed even after telling him. I wonder why men have the heart of stone” Jordan’s mom said and we both laughed. I told her it was no problem and she seek to be excused, claiming there were other things she would love to request from the doctor. I agreed to stay with Jordan and she left. I replaced Jordan’s mom on the chair and stared at Jordan. He was sleeping peacefully in bed. I saw the part he obtained the injury and i lightly touched it. “Ouch! That hurts” Jordan said and i was startled. “were you even sleeping at all?” I said composing myself. “of course but i can’t just resist that angelic touch” i hit Jordan playfully and he shouted, pretending it hurts. “you should’nt be hitting a sick man, you know?” Jordan said. “Oh yea?” i replied as i continue to hit him. This went on for a while.
“Oh so you have been pretending to be asleep” Jordan’s mom interupted us from the door. Myself and Jordan laughed and welcomed her. I stood up from the chair for her and she sat down beaming with smile. “Am happy to see you two together happily” She said and we all laughed. Jordan’s mom did not say much before leaving me to take care of Jordan. I also called Mr.larry to inform him i would not be present at work.
I called my foster parent to inform them that i would be staying with Jordan as well. Mi mom spoke with Jordan on the phone as well, to confirm he was better before i ended the call.
After the phone call, i decided to make use of the bathroom to clean up, since i was yet to take my bath, when i was done i went to get food for myself and Jordan.
I met the doctor in the ward with Jordan when i returned, i greeted the doctor and asked about Jordan’s health. “He is getting better, thanks to God he did not sustain any serious injury. He should be discharged latest by tomorrow morning”the doctor said. I breathe a sign of relief and thanked the doctor before he left. I sat beside Jordan and told him have gotten him breakfast, He hissed. He looked at me and said “I do not want food, am not hungry for food”. I held his hand and asked him what he was hungry for. He smiled and said “You, am hungry for you” I hitted Jordan playfully and released my hand . I unwrapped the take away pack i got and placed it on the bed before handing a spoon over to Jordan. “Lets eat Mister” I said. Jordan frowned abit and said “The accident took my hand. I need someone to feed me”
I smiled and said “Thats okay let me call your mom” as i made to get my phone. Jordan held my hand and said “No, i want you”. I just smiled and agreed to feed him. I would sometimes dance and play with the food before finally feeding Jordan with it while he would frown and beg for me to feed him. He was not able to finish the meal, but he ate a better part of it. After eating, i disposed the food pack before giving Jordan his drugs.
We talked about alot of things with me intensionally skipping the one question i wanted to ask him. “Lets take a selfie” Jordan said. I frowned at first and ask how we could take a selfie with him on the hospital bed. He insisted and i agreed to it.
I got my phone and i took pictures of us. Jordan requested to see the picture and i bent over to him to show the picture to him. I noticed Jordan was bussy staring at my boobs instead of the picture, i raised my head up and asked Jordan if he wanted to see my boobs or he picture. He winked and said “I prefer the first option” I smiled and made to leave but Jordan pulled me to himself and i fell on his chest. I could feel his heart beat has he looked into my eyes. He held my face and said “I love you Nancy”. I smiled and told him i love him too. Jordan ran his hand across my hair and said “promise me you won’t leave me bby, if you leave i will die. Hun? Promise me.” I told Jordan i would never leave him and before i could say JERK my lips was on his. The kiss felt beautiful and real, it was as if we were renewing our love with the kiss. I felt every part of his mouth.
Lips in lips, tongue in tongue, mouth in mouth as we continued to kiss. We were interupted with the ringing of my phone. Not until my phone started to ring did i realise, we were in the hospital, we were so lost in our world. I ended the kiss and got my phone from my pocket. The caller I.D was kelvin’s. I contemplated on what to do for awhile before i mute my phone and dropped it in my pocket. “Your mom?” Jordan asked and i replied no. “from work?” Jordan asked again and i replied no. “Then who is it?” Jordan asked and i told him it was a friend. “A friend i do not know?” Jordan asked again and i noded. I sat close to Jordan in bed and kissed him lightly before i asked him what happened to him the day before. “Hmmm nothing really” Jordan said. I rested my head on his shoulder and said “baby, i just need to know. What happened to you yesterday? You need to tell me”. I slowly massaged Jordan’s chest as i asked. Jordan cleared his throat and said “ehm i was just depressed. I planned something big for yesterday but all my effort went to waste. I was worried, i even went to your house and your working place but you were not there. I thought maybe you are chilling with another nigga” i smiled and told Jordan to shut up and he asked for my where about, the day before. I told him i was with a friend. “who is this your new friend miss? I should know all your friends you know?” Jordan said forming angry. I raised my head from his shoulder and held his face. I kissed Jordan on his nose and said “Where i was yesterday is in the past. What matter now is that we are together here bby. I just wanna let you know that i love you so very much and i will never leave. Heart that honey”
Jordan smiled and buried his face in my chest.

To be continued