By Damilola Omo Adeoti Aluyotunmise

Episode 1

Will you marry me? David asked Esther on his kneels, Esther was so surprise and happy, she wasn’t expecting it, tears of joy runs down from her eyes,
Yes, I will! She said while crying..
David inserted the ring into her hand, they were both happy, as they locked hands together and went to their home happily.
David and Esther have known each other from their undergraduate days, during their registration as newly admitted students in the famous university of Ibadan. David needed someone to give him cash to pay some bills as ATM was not allowed, Esther helped him, and the money was later transferred to her, this small episode has made them an inseparable friends..
Lectures noticed them, student called them husband and wife, their families were aware of their friendship.. Wherever you see Esther, David must be around.. They helped each other with their assignment, read together, and do a lot of things together.
Esther was always happy whenever any one called her David’s wife, she smiled at it without rejecting or saying anything, while David on the other hand will always caution them, “Esther is my good friend , nothing else is between us” he would always say with a serious look.. This always hurt Esther as she believed David also love her the same way she loves him, but she was never discourage to stopped loving him. she tried to hide the fact that she loves David, but she couldn’t, it was so obvious she is in love with him
After their graduation, Esther was expecting him to ask her out or propose to her before going for their mandatory one year service, but she was disappointed as David only wish her the same way he did with his friends, ” take care of yourself friend”, he said to her. she wasn’t expecting him to say that to her, at least am his best friend, she thought within herself, they bid themselves goodbye after their graduation
The distance still didn’t affect their friendship as they continued where they stopped in school, they call each other everyday, chat on phone, visit one another.

After few month, their posting letters were out, Esther was posted to Ogun state, while David were posted to kadunna.. David visited her to break the news to her
She was happy they were in the same batch but the distances baffles her,
Kaduna is far from Ogun state, the chance of seeing each other is very slim, she told David
That true, but it just a year and.,………
It not just? 12 months is different from 1 month, she cut in
I understand, we will always talk on phone, David assured her
They talked about the preparation, before David departed to his house

The day before their departure, they both went out to Esther place of choice, eat together, play, gist and had a lot of fun before going to their various houses

The next day, they both depart to their various camp, from camp to their place of primary assignment.
Their friendship continues as they always call each other day and night..
Days rolled into months, and into year, they came back home from their various state of deployment..
Esther rushed to David house to see him and greet him.. They were both happy to see each other, they gist and talked about there experience.
Few month later, David secure a job in a big private firm in their state through his father’s connection, he was giving an official car and house.. Esther was able to get a job as a teacher in a private secondary school.. They were both happy for each other as they start another phase of life

We are done with school, nysc, got a good job, what will happen between us now? She asked herself one day after receiving a call from David. That month, the next month, nothing happened, David didn’t call her for anything called dating or marriage..

Esther’s parent were disturbing her to bring a man to them.
Esther, you are no more a kid, a graduate without a fiancé, it not a good thing, her mother would say to her
Mum, don’t worry, very soon, I will bring him home
What about David? Esther, I know you love him, it all written all over you, does he feel the same way for you? Her mother asked
Mum, am not sure, he always says am his good friend, and nothing else is between us, she said sadly

Then open your heart to someone else, you can’t wait for him forever

Mum, I really love him, I know he never asked me out or promise me anything about marriage, but I love him, have tried several times to love someone else, but I failed.. I really love David, she said crying

It okay my baby, her mother hugged her, but Esther have you prayed about it?

Mum, I started loving David when God revealed to me that he is my husband, I find it difficult to believed, I told our fellowship pastor back in school then, and our pastor at home, they confirmed it, but as a lady I don’t know how to confront him and tell him what I see, so I kept it to myself, hoping God will reveal something to him one day..

Hummm, her mother signed, it is well my daughter, if God is in it, then he will makes things fall in places at the right time, just be patience with God, I know what will be, will surely be, let wait on God..
Thank you mum, she hugged her mother..

David’s parent on the other hands were disturbing David too
When are you bringing Esther home? His father asked with a commanding voice
For what? David asked looking at his father
As a wife?
David laughed, Dad, Esther is my friend, nothing else
And who told you friends don’t marry each other?
Dad, I will get married, don’t worry..
David would always tell his father

One day, David called Esther to meet him in a garden. Esther got there and was surprise with what she saw, the garden was beautifully decorated with flowers, beautiful light, nice scent, she saw David with a nice suit, smiling to her,
David what going on here?
David went on his kneels, Esther, will you be my queen? Will you marry me pls?

Back to present
On getting home, Esther told her parent what happened and they were happy for her
Their wedding day was fixed and they prepare towards the day..
It was a period of unending joy for Esther as her long time dream were fulfilled.. There classmate during there school days congratulate her.
There wedding day was a great day, friends, family, great people were there.. It begins well and ended well
The couples retired to David’s house, as Esther insist on having her first night with David in her husband house not in a hotel..

Three month after there wedding, Esther got pregnant, David was so happy, he stopped his wife from cooking, cleaning the house or doing any chores as he does them by himself..
He will woke up early, clean the house, make breakfast for his wife, before going to work.. When coming back home, he would buy some fruits and things his wife love to eat, they never stopped loving each other

One day, they were both playing in the living room, Esther place her head on her husband lap, while her husband carress her stomach
My king, I want to asked you something? Esther said
Okay dear.
Why did it took you so long before you asked me out? Is it that you don’t know I love you or you don’t love me back then in school?
David smiled, Darling, I started loving you the first day we met, I don’t want to lose you back then that was why I didn’t made my intention known to you, that was why i keep you as a friend, and again I don’t want to marry out of God’s will.. I started praying about it, God gave me answer when we were in 200l, I know you love me too, because I could see it, but I don’t want to tell you because we were young Christian who could easily fall into sin, committing fornication, I told God to keep you for me if truly you are my wife until we are both mature spiritually, so as to avoid destroying the plans of God for our life’s through sin.. Esther, I have seen many Christian in courtship, who innocently fall into the sin of fornication, they end up not marrying each other, some marry each other but their marriage carries a big scars of their sin which cannot be removed.. Some backslide because of it, some even end up becoming a murderer by aborting the product of their sin, the baby, some loses God’s plan for their life, some fall into the trap of mismarriage, only few could make it right..
I was scared this might happened to us if I tell you back then in 200l, we might fall into fornication and then use one sin to cover the other.. If you could remember, we are always together, either in your room or mine room, anything could have happened if we were in courtship then, the Bible says “he that thinketh he stand should take heed, less he falls” I don’t want us to fall, that was why I hid it from you until our service year
Humm.. Esther signed, you are right dear, but what if I went for another guy then
I know you can’t, firstly because I know you love me, secondly I told God to keep you for me..
When am not a money, Esther said laughing
Am sorry for hurting you dear, David told her
I thought you were hurting me, but you weren’t, you were only protecting us, and our future, if you don’t truly love me, you might have had sex with me back then and possible not being together again today. Thank dear
David kissed his wife, who was so happy after knowing the reason why David delayed her

David and Esther love become the talked of the town, David colleagues were envious of his marriage.. Esther friends are using her marriage as a reference in their home.. People talked about them, they are love bird” they are made for each other”

Some even tried to separate them by telling David fake news about Esther and telling Esther fake news about David, but the trust they have for each other made them stronger and inseparable..
My queen, nothing will make me to stop loving you, because you love me even when I don’t deserve it.. David would always tell his wife.

After nine month, Esther was in labour, her husband rushed her to the hospital, it was Saturday afternoon, the doctor rushed her to the delivery room and attended to her.
David called his parent and his wife parent about it, he was restless, pacing up and down, he couldn’t sit down, but silent praying to God..
Two hours pass, four hours, still no news, David was more worried, he wanted to go into the delivery room but was caution by the nurse.. He couldn’t bear it anymore,
Saturday night came, Sunday morning, afternoon, night, still no news from the doctor
He couldn’t go home to eat or bath, his parent and mother in law, told him to go home, but he refused..
How can I eat when my queen is in pains? I made her like that, I can’t leave her, she is suffering, he cries
Monday morning, the doctor finally came to see David
Good afternoon sir
Are you Mrs Esther’s husband?
Yes, I am..
Can I see you in my office sir?
What is the problem? Where is my wife and my child? Talk to me doctor! He screamed at the doctor
Calm down sir!
How do you expect me to calm down when my wife is in there for the past two days?
Calm down my son, his mother said to him
What is the problem?
Okay, if you want me to address you here, no problem sir, the doctor said adjusting his glass, sir as you all knows that we doctors only cares, but Gos heals..
Meaning? David said as he move closer to the doctor
We tried our best on your wife, but am sorry to tell you we lost her.
I don’t get you doctor?
Your wife and the baby is dead, the doctor said sadly
Noooooooooo! David screamed.

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