A great story, written by a great writer; Amah’s Heart.

Part 1

I was born into a family of six.
I happen to be the fifth born, with four older brothers and a younger sister.
My mum was not so educated, while my Dad is a standard school certificate holder.
My Parents separated way too early while we were still young and my mum became the family breadwinner.
All my brothers left secondary school before I even entered secondary school myself, leaving myself and my younger sister at home after they have gone to their different schools…

My mum was very hard-working, she was a caterer in a federal government school and that makes her very busy and she goes for shifts so many times leaving I and my sister at home alone….

We were doing fine and I was a church girl too.
We don’t leave the house except for church or school and of course maybe my mum sent me on an errand.

But my story changed when on a particular Sunday I met a new couple in church through my sister because she was a very bright girl.
This new couple asked about our family and we told them everything they needed to know and they asked if they can meet our mother…
We arranged the meeting and it was later concluded that I should start staying with them since they are newly married and besides, the wife being a teacher and I’m preparing for my senior WAEC then she will couch me through.
This couple appear to be out going, very jovial and Christian like.
so I started staying with them and they were nice to me.

This is where my story took a different route.

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