JUST FOR LOVE : Chapter 91 – 100

(Love, why?)?

?Season 2?
Chapter 91?

Zeemah writes?

Tucker’s POV.

I waited for Sam all night and when it was around 4 AM in the morning , I knew something must have definitely gone wrong with him.

I suddenly became restless , I didn’t bother to call Camilla cause I know she will start getting disturbed.

What can I do now? I had tried his digit many times and it isn’t just going through. I pray Sam doesn’t get hurt.

I went out of the hospital and drove back home. On getting home,I went straight to Grace’s child room just to see if she has being kidnapped or not.

I realized that the girl wasn’t in the room which implies he kidnapped the girl.

Then ,where in the world could she be?

Don’s POV.

“Isn’t that amazing?” Grace said and smirked as she came to sit by a desk beside me.

I scoff and felt so helpless. It’s my first time being helpless before a lady. I should have being smarter than this.

Grace licked the knives in her hand.

“You tried to kidnap my daughter. ” She said and grinned.

“I…I was only trying to help Tucker. ”

She chuckled and placed the gun right by my neck.

“Are you joking? You are trying to help Tucker by betraying me. By kidnapping my only daughter ,right?”

I was stuck on what to say. I swallowed and hoped she doesn’t do something crazy to me.

“You know what? I’m actually thinking of killing you or killing some parts of your body ”

I breathed out. “Just let me be ,please. I won’t come to your side again.”

She grinned at my words again.

“Where were you taking my child too?” She asked.

“Just want to kidnap her.” I said.

“Why would you want to kidnap her?”

“Erm…actually ….I need to do something that will devastate you ” I lied and she smirked.

“You just said you are not planning to hurt me. Well ,devastating me is hurting me. ” She said and stood.

She went to my fingers and placed the knife on one of my fingers.

“For intruding into my house.” She said and cut off one of my fingers.

I screamed out loud on seeing my cut fingers in her hand.

She smiled and took the next finger. “For barging into my daughter’s room.” She cut another finger and this time ,I felt like death is better.

I was feeling so horrible.

“Please ,pardon me. ” I pleaded in serious pain.

She grinned and walked to my head.

“For trying to kidnap my daughter.” She screamed and stabbed me by my stomach.

I cried out painfully and began to bleed.

“You! Tried to kidnap my daughter. My only daughter. ” She screamed like a mad woman turning mad and pierced the knife into my two eyes.

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