Written By Oluwatosin Ayomi Abolarin

Chapter 31

Unknown pov ????

The shock impression written on Dean’s face couldn’t be measured. He wasn’t upset because of what she did to him. Infact he loved it when he saw Tiana Angrily walking out of the classroom.

It’s obvious that she was boiling it anger. That was such a rare sight. But Why did Amelia do that?? He thought uncontrollably while he stared nervously at her, hoping for to at least say something.

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She kept on smiling like she did the right thing. He was just looking suspiciously at her. Well his curiosity increased when she came closer to him once again, before stopping at his earlobe.

He thought that she would give him another peck, but rather she whispered.

I hope you enjoyed the look on Tiana’s face? That’s my little way of helping you to get rid of her… She whispered lowly to him.

Dean lost himself into thought instantly. He couldn’t believe she did all that just to save him from Tiana. That was so huge!!

Thank you… He managed to say. That was the only word he could think of at the moment. Everything happening is just too much for him to actually understand.

Acting as if nothing happened. Amelia just smiled sheepishly at him before returning her eyes back to continue reading. She wasn’t concentrating anyways.

Few minutes has passed by, while some of the students has started minding their business.

Only few still took their time to spare Amelia and Dean a glance.

He watched her keenly and decided to leave to his sit from there.

He was surprised when Amelia suddenly held his wrist.

Firstly shaking her head and then signalling her head towards the door, the back at the sit.

He confusingly followed her gaze; just there he saw Tiana grumbling entering the class. Her eyes held so much anger.

All her concentration was on Amelia, she wasn’t even looking towards Dean. She would eat Amelia together with life in her if she gets the chance to.

Seeing this Dean understood what Amelia was trying to tell him. He returned back to his seat beside her, then shifted little bit closer to her.

You shouldn’t bother leaving now. I don’t think Carol will come today.. actually you can share the sit here with me. Amelia assured with a smile.

Understanding what her plan was perfectly. Dean nodded his head in agreement. Everything she’s doing was just to help him. He would happily adhere.

Seeing Tiana apart from him is one of his present goal. Making her get rid of the thought of love in her head, would be his actual goal. If not for this, she would have been tormenting him with talks from all sides.

Tiana who walked out earlier in anger was not able to contain her temper, when she saw them both still sitting down beside one another.

She had thought Dean would have leave before returning back to the classroom. Why is he still with her??

That stupid Amelia!! Why did she stop Dean from leaving? He was about to leave that wtch’s Cage.

All she wanted to do now was running over to where she was and sIap her pretty hard. She just hates Her so much.

Battling with the sight she was looking at and grumbling walking over to her sit. She didn’t spare them glance. She would have to teach Amelia a lesson.

And as for Dean? He should better prepare himself to explain the reason behind everything he was doing with Amelia when they get home.. How did they become so close??



Wow Amelia! Just Wow!!! Mina screamed as she jumped on Amelia immediately all the students went out of the class.

It’s break Time period, everyone has gone to get themselves something to eat.

Only Amelia and Mina stayed behind to have a nice discussion as usual.

Tell me why you are acting this way now? The happiness on your face seems brighter than the one I saw on Dean’s face… Amelia asked playfully

Obviously it will. Dean is still shocked you know? He didn’t expect it. No one expected that… Mina coed

Did you see how Tiana angrily left? Oh my!! I won’t mind paying just to watch that scene once again… She ranted

I never knew I could do something of sort… What actually pushed me into doing that? Amelia thought after saying it

I think it’s revenge. Tiana offended you. Now it’s time to pay her back.. Mina replied

That was Among… I just want to save Dean from her. I know he was shocked with what I did. But he understood perfectly…. She assured

The shy guy went Out of the class… Mina teased. They both shared laughter together afterwards.

Hold on Amelia! How did you come up with such a mind blowing Idea? That was tough you know? She curiously asked

Come sit here then I will tell you everything…. Amelia told while waiting for her to sit on the chair beside her.

I don’t really know what came over me. I was actually about to yell at the person who snatched my novel away from me. Then I realized it was Dean… She started explaining

Lessening my anger. Just then my eyes ran into Tiana boiling in her own anger. I took advantage of her state and decided to do something different…

Adding flame to her anger won’t someone you know… She smirked

I agree with that… Especially when the person has started boiling themselves with fire already. Mina added

Such a bad girl!! Let me round up everything by saying this. So after thinking about it all through. I decided to make her feel jealous… She pointed out

That was the reason why I pecked Dean… She finished explaining

That was so hot!!! The performance was lit. That isn’t the end of everything. Why did you stop Dean from leaving? You’ve achieved your Aim then I think. Why telling him to stay? She asked

That was because I saw Tiana entering the class. She must have gone to somewhere in order to take in her anger… So I bvrnt her or.gans once more… Amelia stated sharply

Go$h!!! Amelia . You are too good in this… Dean would forever be grateful for what you did today… Tiana praised

I also will forever be grateful to him. At least his presence helped me to seek my revenge.. Amelia shrugged

Exactly… Now she will realize where she belong. I couldn’t hold my laughter when I saw her eyes. She could have klled you if she had the chance. Tiana mentioned

I would have skinned her alive…. . Amelia Bragged. She someone feels bored and brave enough to do anything she wants.

Don’t brag much because you’ve done something now. Tiana could break your head with her phone once again.. Mina teased but it didn’t h it Amelia at the right spot.

She fumed angrily, before throwing her a hard stare.

Take it easy. That stare is meaningless to me….. Tiana shrugged. Before throwing a wink at her.

Do you know where Dean is? Let’s go in search of him..



He sat down alone lost in thought. With the incident that took place in the classroom displaying on his head. He kept the food aside then wished Damon was here. He has so many things to say to him.

He tried getting rid of the thought, just to be able to think about something else. Seems his trial was not enough.

While battling with that, he saw a lady approaching me. It was obvious because of how she her gaze on him.

Something that looks like her counting the steps she was taken. Is she coming to sit beside him now.? Could it be that she wanted to take a image with him too?

If so then why was her look so pale….. He imagined. Just like he thought, she came closer to him with a brief smile

Please can I sit here? I will like to discuss something important with you…. She asked. Her voice seems quiet upset.

No.. problem. Dean muttered. Whatever happens to her voice shouldn’t be his concern.

I’m Cinderella, I’m in the same level of studying with you. Have you seen me around recently? She asked

No I couldn’t remember…. What should I do for you? He asked somehow feeling uncomfortable with her presence. What’s the need for all those talks

I have seen you around many times and knew you before you got admission into this school… She started talking

I’m not supposed to say this out to you. It’s too early but I would have to tell you….. She stated while she watched him listen to her.

I was the girl who dropped Package at your desk the other day, the one you saw during your second day in school…

Can you remember that? I’m the secret Admirer who couldn’t taken her eyes off you because I love you very much… She said. Getting him surprised

I wouldn’t have come to tell you all this now. But I was curious when I saw Amelia with you earlier… She’s not the best girl for you. She said sternly

I am the best girl for you… I feel keeping myself in darkness won’t help me anymore. I sobbed silently when I saw you together with her. The pain I felt couldn’t be measured..

At first I was jealous of your sister. She kept on staying too close to you every time . I feel suffocated whenever she’s around you.

I was able tolerate her since she’s actually your Sister. I can’t watch Amelia snatch you away from me. I hope you understand how I feel? She Ranted like a nuisance

Dean looked Awkwardly at her. What was she trying to say? Is she in her senses? Everything is not properly clear to him.

I am to take your silence for better understanding? She asked.

Did she even think before saying anything? Dean thought

More like a roar from a wide animal. Just that it obviously came a human. An angry filled reply came from behind her.

Get out of that seat you slvt; That was the voice that startled everyone in the Cafeteria.


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