LIFE, ABOVE ALL : Episode 21 – 30


Episode 21

My father and I instantly stood up surprised by their rude entrance.
‘And you must be?’ He asked Tiya’s father
‘I am Mr. Phiri, the father to this girl that your daughter has been exploiting.’
My eyes widened in shock, ‘What do you mean exploiting?’ I asked
‘This girl is only thirteen I don’t appreciate you giving her a phone or spending time with her after school till it’s late.’
I laughed, ‘Did she tell you I force her to spend time with me?’
He shook his head, ‘You look older than her, I don’t even know what you are doing in a grade seven class,’ he said
‘Hold it right there,’ dad interrupted ‘You don’t walk into the house and start insulting my daughter.’
‘I seriously don’t have time to waste here warn your daughter to stay away from my child or else…,’
‘Or else what?’ dad asked with a serious tone.
‘I won’t be responsible for my actions.’
He grabbed the phone from Tiya’s hand and put it on the table, ‘you have your phone so back off,’ he said
I rolled my eyes, ‘Fine.’
He grabbed Tiya’s arm, ‘Let’s go.’
We watched as they marched out of the house slamming the door behind their backs.
After they left, we stood in silence for nearly five minutes, each with his own thoughts.
I looked up at dad, ‘Is it possible to assign me to someone else?’ I asked
‘No!’ he shook his head, ‘She is the chosen one hence you must do everything in your power to have her on your side.’
‘Challenge accepted.’
‘Now that’s my girl,’ he said
I giggled
‘Who’s daddy’s number one girl?’ he asked
‘Me, me and me,’ I giggled
He opened his arms wide open pulling me into a tight hug.
‘I love you,’ he said
‘I love you too daddy.’



We arrived home an hour later, I stepped out of the house as soon as he stepped out of the drive way. I quickly walked into the house and went straight to my bedroom. Shortly after the room burst open and Ganizani walked in.
‘What do you want?’ I asked
‘See what I told you?’ he said
‘You win,’ I clapped my hands together,’ this is what you wanted right? It’s done so fuckoff.’
I saw his eyes blaze with rage before he raised his hand and whipped it hard across my face.
I held the side of my face tightly trying to reduce the stinging pain with my mouth gaped.
‘You slapped me?’ I asked after recovering from the shock.
‘Yes and I will slap you again if you dare talk to me like that.’
‘Ganizani I am not your child,’ I said seriously pointing a finger in his face.
‘You are my sister and it is my duty to make sure you behave accordingly,’ he said
‘Just fuck off,’ I yelled
My father walked into the room at that instant,’ what is going on here?’ he asked
‘Nothing,’ we said in unison
He glared at me then at Ganizani, ‘You should warn your sister not to provoke me,’ he said
‘Okay,’ he responded
‘I am coming to your school tomorrow, I want to see your teachers, I want to be sure you have been going to school,’ he said
‘Shit,’ I nearly cursed, I didn’t want him to come to school and ask about my conduct because I knew I had not been at my best behavior the past month.
‘What was that?’ he asked
‘I don’t want you anywhere near that girl,’ he said
He walked out of the room.
‘Leave too,’ I told Ganizani
He walked out of the room without saying anything to me. I sat on the edge of the bed and thought about what I was going to do about this whole situation.



I walked out of my sister’s room and slammed the door behind my back. My little sister was turning into something I couldn’t recognize anymore, I had promised mum that I would take care of them and now I felt like I was falling at that, mum must be turning in her grave at this point.

I entered my room and found Celine sitting on my bed, her legs spread wide open. What sort of temptation was this? Why was she so bent on destroying my peace?
‘Hey darling?’ she said smilingly
I frowned, ‘I am not your darling, now leave.’
She stood up, ‘why have you refused to listen to my pleas? I like you.’
‘And why haven’t you listened to mine? I hate you,’ I said
‘You don’t mean it.’
‘I mean it now leave you daughter of Jezebel.’
‘And if I say no?’
‘I will have no option but to call your mother or report you to dad.’
She laughed, ‘And you think they will believe you?’
‘Your word against my word, wait till I tell them you tried to rape me.’
‘Just leave in the name of God please.’
‘Tell me the truth, is there another girl you like or I am nit s*xy enough?’ she asked
I looked at her intently, ‘I have a girlfriend and I wouldn’t want to disappoint her. I love her a lot,’ I lied
The colour from her face instantly drained, ‘You have a girlfriend?’ she whispered
‘Yes. Her name is Valarie.’
Valarie was actually the name of my female best friend from school.
‘Fine, I get it. I won’t pursue you anymore,’ she said before she turned and walked out.
I sighed in relief, If I knew this would make her back off, I would have told her the minute she started following me around.
I locked my door and changed into my pajamas before I sat on the table, said a short prayer and started studying.



I woke up the next day and prepared Thoko and I for school.
‘Go and have your breakfast,’ I told Thoko when I was done combing her hair
‘And you?’
‘Not hungry.’
She grabbed her bag and walked out. I waited in my room for a few minutes before I walked out too.
‘Morning,’ Ganizani greeted when he saw me.
I didn’t respond did he think he could slap me and then come around and act like we were all cool.

We walked to the bus station quietly we got on a bus and eventually dropped off in front of our school gate. When I walked into the classroom, Ivy was already in her seat. I looked at her and quickly looked away.
The teacher walked in after thirty minutes and we began our lessons though I wasn’t concentrating. My mind was elsewhere, I didn’t even realise I had zoned out till I felt someone shaking me. It was the teacher actually I looked up at her startled.
‘What?’I asked
‘Where is your mind?’ she asked
‘Get out of my class and come back when you feel like concentrating,’ she said
I looked at her,’ what?’
‘Whatever!’ I clicked my tongue and walked out of the classroom.
I sat at the ground till break time I just wanted to go home I didn’t feel like going back to class.
‘Are you okay?’Ivy asked
I hadn’t even seen her coming towards me.
‘Here is your phone,’ she said
‘No,’ I shook my head.
‘I got it for you, I can’t have it back my father will kill me.’
‘You shouldn’t allow your father to treat you like a slave, he has no right to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do.’
‘Well someone of us don’t sleep with our fathers,’ I said before I could stop the words.
She looked at me I could see she was hurt.
‘I am sorry,’ I said
‘Tiya!’ I heard someone call my name from afar.
‘You are wanted by the headmaster,’ she said
‘Okay,’ I stood up. ‘I will see you later,’ I told Ivy and walked out before she could respond.


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