LIFE, ABOVE ALL : Episode 21 – 30

Episode 25


“I will give you part of the money now and then I will give you the rest once the job is done,’ he said
‘Great,’ I responded before I took a swig of my drink.
He opened his brief case and pulled out a check book in one hand and a pen in another. Within a few minutes he filled out a check, removed it and handed it to me.
The number 30000 caught me off guard I hadn’t held that much money before.
I picked my glass and took another swig, ‘Wow!’ I exclaimed
‘As long as you comply, more money will come along. Who knows, you and I can even become business partners.’
Raising her eyebrows at that, I asked, ‘What exactly do you do?’
He kept quiet for a minute obviously trying to choose his words wisely, ‘I am a business man,’ he said
‘And what does she have to do with this?’
‘She will be good for my business,’ he grinned sheepishly.

The next thirty minutes was spent with us hammering out details of the set up. At the end, he seemed satisfied with the details.

I placed the check in my bag and stood up, ‘Thank you very much I will take my leave now.’
He stood up too, ‘I look forward to seeing you again.’
‘I am sure next time I would have successfully done my part.’
With that, I left the restaurant. The first thing I wanted to do was deposit the check, i didn’t want her husband finding out about this. I got into her car and drove straight to the bank,
Within an hour I had deposited the check and was driving back home.
When I finally arrived home, I shouldered my bag and stepped out of my car.
Entering the house, I quietly walked into my room, I kicked off my shoes and placed my bag on the table then I got into my bed and laid back. My mind instantly began to wander, I began to think about the meeting I just had with that man- he had given me a huge sum of money for the task at hand.

Why is he willing to pay a huge sum of money for this girl? What does she have? What did he mean when he said she would be good for business? What kind of business is he involved in? Should I ask him?
A knock on the door prevented me from getting to deep in thought I hastily stood up and went to open the door. Standing before me was my daughter. She was dressed up and was carrying a bag in her hands.
‘Come in,’ I stepped aside and allowed her to walk in. Celine walked past me and perched herself on the bed. I closed the door and took a seat on my bed.
‘Where have you been?’ Celine asked
‘I went out for lunch with a friend.’
‘Male or female.’
She hesitated, ‘Male.’
‘I see.’
‘I am heading over to dad’s house I will be spending a few days with him and his girlfriend.’
Stella shot her daughter a quizzical look, ‘And why are you going to your father’s house?’ she asked
She shrugged, ‘He is my father remember.’
‘I know but why are you suddenly going over to his house without asking if I am okay with that?’
She rolled her eyes, ‘I didn’t know I needed permission before going over to my father’s house.’
‘You know how I feel about your father and his new girlfriend. I don’t want you spending time with them,’ I said.
‘Dad’s new girlfriend is nice,’ she replied
I clicked my tongue, ’That’s bullshit.’
‘I don’t know what issues you have with dad, don’t get me involved. That man is my father and I want to spend time with him, is it a crime?’
‘We should have talked about this first.’
‘And then?’
‘I would have given you reasons why you shouldn’t go over there.’
‘I don’t know why you have an issue with dad having a girlfriend when you are the one who left him and you are the one who remarried first.’
‘Are you always gonna bring this up?’
‘You messed up our family mum, if you didn’t leave dad we would all be together.’
‘You wouldn’t understand.’
‘I understand perfectly, dad has been struggling financially for a couple of years now, you should have held down a little longer.’
I took a deep breath, ‘I loved your father, I just couldn’t continue being the one providing for the family.’
‘Things are looking up for dad, he has a new job,’ she said
‘I think you were hindering his blessings, now that he has someone who genially loves and support him, everything is moving fine with him.’
I opened my eyes wide in shock, unable to believe she had just told me that.
I opened my mouth to respond to her but quickly shut it, what could I possibly tell her? She loved her father more than she loved me and she still blamed me for walking out on him.
She stood up, ‘Can I get some money?’
‘A cab anD I also need money to get myself new clothes. My friends and I are going out this weekend.’
‘Ask your father for money.’
She shook her head, ‘I don’t want to bother him you have the money give it to me.
‘What happens to your classes? I called someone and he is supposed to start coaching you on Monday.’
‘That tutor can wait.’
‘Are you gonna give me the money or not?’ she asked cutting my sentence short.
I grabbed my bag and removed some money then I handed it to her.
‘Thank you mummy,’ she smiled.
I bet the only reason my daughter likes me is because of the money I give her.
‘You are welcome.’
‘I will see you in a few days time.’
Celine walked out and closed the door behind her back.
As soon as Celine walked out, Stella allowed herself to put her head back down comfortably on the pillow and closed her eyes.
“She will be good for mu business,’ the words kept ringing in my mind. I had to find out the type of business he did, who knows maybe I could become his business partner and he would make me rich.
I grabbed my phone and texted, ‘I am really curious about what you do.’
‘Curiosity killed the cat,’ he replied.
‘But satisfaction brought it back.’
‘Don’t go ahead of yourself, one step at a time.’



The dismissal bell rang and I stood up walk out of class.
‘I didn’t dismiss you. The bell doesn’t tell you when to go, I do,’ Mrs. Kandeya said angrily
The few of us that stood up sat back down. I hate this woman a lot she loves to order and bossy us around.
‘The exam is around the corner, I hope we are all studying hard, I expect everyone to pass with flying colours because I don’t produce failures,’ she said.
Ivy cleared her throat.
‘You have anything to say?’ Mrs. Kandeya asked
‘No,’ she responded
‘Good, you are now dismissed.’
Everyone stood up and we walked towards the door.
‘Tiyamike, can I see you for a minute,’ she said before I walked out of the classroom. What could she possibly want now? Didn’t she do enough damage in front of my father?
I walked over to her desk, ’How are you?’ she asked
‘Ms. Zulu tells me you have been missing your counseling sessions with her. Is that true?’ she asked
I kept quiet.
‘Tiyamike, I am talking to you.’
‘I don’t think the counseling sessions are any of your business, you did your part, leave me alone.’
‘I am just trying to help you.’
‘I seriously don’t need your help you are not my mother your job is to teach and not to order me around.’
Her mouth slightly opened in shock.
‘If that’s all, I will take my leave now.’
I walked towards the door and opened it then walked out. When I got out, Ken was waiting outside for me.
‘Hey,’ he hugged and k!ssed my forehead.
He opened the door for me and i got into the car, he went round to the other side and got into the driver seat. My father had stopped giving me transport money just as he had promised and now Ken picked me up from school every day and most times he gave me money for my upkeep.
Ken and I have become very close he even got me a new phone. But Ivy and I haven’t been in good terms ever since dad embarrassed me at her house and at school.
A few minutes later, he pulled up a few houses away from mine.
‘Thank you,’ I said
‘I would do anything for you and you know that,’ he said
‘Thank you.’
‘You are welcome.’
He got some money from his wallet and handed it to me, ‘Use this for your transport tomorrow.’
‘Thank you.’
He leaned in and lightly k!ssed my lips, ‘I will call you later.’
I stepped out and walked home.


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