LIFE, ABOVE ALL : Episode 11 – 20


Episode 11

“Never underestimate the influence of the people you have allowed in your life.”


Ken held Tiya’s hand and they walked back inside the house. In the living room, Ivy and Harry were making out on the couch.
‘Get a room.’ Ken yelled and they immediately detached from each other.
Ivy felt a blush burst on her cheeks, ‘Sorry we got carried away.’
Tiya rolled her eyes.
‘You are still upset?’ Harry asked
I shook my head.
He stood up and pulled Ivy to him, ‘Can we be excused?’ he asked
‘You guys have fun,’ Ken said
Ivy turned to Ken, ‘Take care of my baby, she said then she looked at Tiya and winked.
With that, they turned around and walked out of the living room.
Tiya sat on one of the chairs she didn’t know what was required of her. She poured herself a glass of wine and hoped it would help calm her nerves.
She took a large sip, the wine went down smoothly now. She loved the flavor of this one it was different from the one she had began with. There was an awkward silence between them and then Ken spoke.
‘What would you like us to do?’ he asked
She cleared her throat, ‘I don’t know,’ she said biting her finger nails.
‘Can we go to my room?’ he asked
Her heart slammed hard against her chest, ’To your room?’ she asked not sure she had heard correctly.
‘Yes, we are just gonna lay down and talk, I won’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with.’
He stood up and reached for her hand, ‘Come.’
She stood up and he led her to his room. His bedroom was neat except for the bed itself. He quickly spread the bed and asked her to sit. Then he kicked of his shoes and crawled into bed with her, he lay on his back.
‘Movie?’ he asked
Ken grabbed a remote and turned on the television then he flipped though the channels until he found a movie.
‘How about this one?’ he asked
He put down the remote and focused his eyes on the television. Not long into the movie, she felt his hand running over her back, Tiya flinched.
‘You need to relax,’ he said
She smiled wryly, ‘I am trying too.’
‘You know what I like about you?’ he asked
She shook her head, ‘You are so innocent and pure.’
‘Has anyone told you how beautiful you are doll?’
‘You are my doll.’
He moved closer to her and intently stared at her, ‘I like you a lot Tiya.’
Her heart slammed hard against her chest.
He leaned forward and his lips gently pressed to hers.
Tiya turned her head away, ‘What are you doing?’ she asked looking into his eyes.
‘I want to kiss you.’
‘I have never done this before,’ she said
He smiled, ‘I will teach you.’
He moved closer again.
‘Can i?’
Their faces were just inches apart.
She bite her lips in contemplation, she wasn’t sure how she felt about all this. Sure she loved that he treated her like an adult but was she ready to go down this road.
‘Ken is a nice guy, grab this opportunity with both hands,’ Ivy’s words echoed in her mind.
‘Let me teach you,’ he whispered
She was about to say something when he pressed his lips on hers asking for entrance. She was hesitant at first but she eventually opened her mouth.
He k!ssed her tenderly as one hand caressed her back while the other slid into her hair. She felt butterflies in her stomach.
As he continued to k!ss her, she felt warmth, fear and confusion jumbled in one package.
His hands roamed her body- finally he let them rest at the center of her stomach, Tiya felt her stomach tighten. Her heart raced as he slid his hand beneath her dress, his hand caressed her slowly. When she felt his hand moving upwards, she held his hand and pulled back. She was barely breathing.
‘That wasn’t so bad’ he whispered before pressing his lips against her forehead.
She lay back on his bed and faced the other way, her thoughts were running rampant. She had just had her first k!ss and it was with an older guy, her father would kill her if he found out.
A knock at the door startled her and pulled her out of her reverie.
‘Come in,’ Ken said
Harry and Ivy walked in, they were both smiling.
‘Are you okay?’ Ivy asked
‘We have to go now,’ she said
‘Cool,’ she stood up.
‘Bae is gonna drive us.’
She slide her feet into a pair of pumps and they all walked out.
They arrived home an hour later, Harry k!ssed Harry good bye and Ken did the same with Tiya before they finally left.
They walked into the house and headed straight for Ivy’s room.
‘So how was it?’ Ivy asked
‘How was what?’
‘Your first k!ss.’
‘Not bad.’
‘So you finally had your first k!ss.’
‘Congratulations Babe.’
‘I don’t know how I feel about all this, I am only 13.’
‘You will be 14 soon, you are a big girl.’
‘I am serious, don’t worry about anything, Ken likes you, just let things flow. He will make you really happy.’
‘My father will kill me if he finds out I have a boyfriend.’
‘He doesn’t have to know, everyone your age is doing this.’
She smiled, ‘If you say so.’


“Thoko!’ Stella screamed from the top of her lungs.
It was a Saturday afternoon and the girl was taking her afternoon nap.
She snapped her eyes open and sat upright, she was rubbing the sleep off her eyes when the bedroom door burst open and Stella walked in.
‘Didn’t you hear when I called you?’ Stella hollered
‘I was sleeping,’ she responded
‘I was sleeping,’ Stella imitated, pinching her cheeks.
‘Who do you think is going to clean the plates you ate from?’ she shouted, ‘I give you food and you expect me to clean after you? Am I your mummy?’
Thoko felt tears flood her eyes but she blinked them away.
‘You are such a stupid child,’ she grabbed her hair and pulled her down the passage to the kitchen.
‘Clean those plates,’ she hissed
Thoko stood still.
‘Didn’t you hear me? Are you deaf?’ Her voice got louder.
Tears began to stream down Thoko’s eyes.
‘You are such a stupid girl, if you can’t clean these plates I will have to punish you.’
She pulled the girl into the living room and asked her to get down on her knees.
‘Put your hands up straight you bastard, don’t move or I will kill you,’ she yelled
Stella then sat on the couch and turned the television on.
She hated her husband’s children she couldn’t wait for them to move out of the house so she could enjoy his money without the little intruders.
Thoko’s back ached and her limbs hurt, she kept blinking back her tears, Stella had told her not to cry or she would beat her up.
Thirty minutes later, Ganizani walked into the house. His temper flared when he saw his sister kneeling on the floor.
‘What is going on here?’ he yelled, startling both Thoko and his step mother.


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