LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 31 to 40

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 37

By : Kebby NG

We both sat in the cinema house watching the film

It was quite interesting though but my mind was some where else entirely

What had Brian been talking about with Alicia

He had looked so angry and at the same time he had looked anxious but the last expression which made me suspect him more was when he starred at me and gave me a false smile

Some thing was bothering him and I know that it’s what William and he was talking about the other day

I starred at him and saw him watching the film but he didn’t look interested because I was sure that he was miles away

Gently I took his hand and he starred at me

“Will you tell me what’s going on with you now?”He asked


“I know you Brian and I know when some thing is bothering you,Just tell me about it?”I said

“Nothing is bothering me,Where did you get that thought from?”He asked

“It’s not a thought Brian,I know that some thing is bothering you but you just won’t tell me what it is!”I said again

He stood up quickly and stared down at me,Luckily we were the only ones in the cinema room.

“Nothing is bothering me Emma!!!”He said almost yelling

I sat still watching him,This was the first since a long time that he yelled at me

“Am sorry,I shouldn’t have lost my temper”He said as he crouched in front of me taking my hand in his

“You acting this way only make me believe that you are hiding some thing from me “I said and pulled off my hand away

I stood up,Not because I wanted him to apologise or any stuff but because I am very angry at him

The ride home was in silence,The perfect day I had in mind was just a total waste

While i left for my room,So very angry,He went to his study.

This is unlike him, I thought,He certainly doesn’t behave this way,So why is he being a jerk right now,I thought as I waited for him to come after me to tell me the truth.

But nothing happened,I got changed and went to bed,Willing sleep to come but it never did

It was getting quite late and Brian. Wasn’t back,I began to get worried.

Is there really nothing to be afraid of, Am I just barking off the wrong tree,I thought as I got out of bed and went out to look for him

I should have just believed him when he said that nothing is wrong,He knew what’s he is doing and I know for a fact that he will give his life just to protect me .

I got to the study only to stop when I saw Alicia with him,They were whispering words to each other and so it was hard to hear them

I was about to move towards them,When I saw Alicia kss him and the funniest part of it was that he didnt push her away.

I didn’t wait to see more because I was sad,I ran back to the room unnoticed and I stood by the window letting out some steam

Was it because of her that he was acting weird,Was the truth William talking about Alicia,If he knew that he wanted Alicia he should have told me about it.

I should have known that some thing was wrong when I saw them together today but like a fool I gave him a smile

Seems like he is getting tired of me,I thought as I went back to the bed wanting to sleep

The door opened and he walked in “Oh you haven’t slept yet?”He asked

“I just woke up to use the bath room”I lied

“Okay then”he replied taking off his shirt

“Tell me,Are you just coming in?”I asked wanting to know what he would say

“Yes,I just finished what I was doing”He answered

“Hope no one bothered you “I asked

“No one did,I finished my work in the study and came up to sleep, Why are you asking that?”He replied with his lies

Giving him a smile,I Shaked my head and turned out the lamp light before going to sleep.

(the next day)
It was a Sunday morning and I had woken up to get some job done

Emma had been asleep when I left the room, The poor thing looked so exhausted.

I don’t know why I can’t bring myself from telling her the truth,She keeps on asking me if I wanted to tell her some thing or not.

I should just tell her the truth and be off with it but am always scared of losing her of not ever seeing her again.

I don’t want that,Not yet and so am taking the coward’s way out,I won’t tell her a thing and if William comes,I will just have to find a way to get him away from her.

I was deeply immersed in work when Alicia walked in

“Good morning”She greeted as she came to seat on the empty chair

“Why are you here?”I asked

“I just came to check up on you,After all we both shared a kiss last night “She replied giving me a smile

Just as soon as she made remember that kss,I got so very angry

I had been so very tried after getting busy with a lot of work.

I was heading back to the room when she cornered me

“What’s this?” I had asked her

“I saw you coming in and I decided to come see you,have missed you ,your child misses you too”She said

“I doubt if the child misses me after all he is still a tiny thing growing inside of you,What you are suppose to do is to try to get some rest,So go back to your room as I will go to mine”I said wanting to leave but she pulled me back

“I didn’t only come for that”She said and before I could stop her,She kssed me

At first I was in shock and she used that opportunity to have her way with my lips,She kept on kssing me.

But as soon as I knew what I was doing,I pushed her away

“What do you think you are doing ?”I asked angrily

” I just wanted to feel your lips on mine again”She replied

“You must be crazy,Just go back to your room before I lose my patience “I said and left.

I was expecting not to see her this morning but she just had to show up

“Hey,I didn’t come to see you too,I just came because William has sent me to you “She replied

“What does William want ?” I asked

“He said that I should ask if you have done what he asked you to do” She said

“Care to tell me what that is?” She asked

“It’s none of your business”i said

“Fine I will certainly mind my business but William had asked for your wife and I had to tell him that she was with you and that nothing drastic has happened yet”

“He got so very angry and switch off the phone, I think that what ever he told you to do,You failed In doing it “She said

“You have given me the message then please leave”I said

“Fine then am leaving”She retorted angrily

She was already leaving the room when she suddenly stopped

She turned to look at me and then she said “I saw your wife leaving in her car this morning,She looked in a hurry and from the expression on your face,I can tell that she didn’t tell you that she was going to some where,Well then have told you,You can thank me later”She said and left the room

When did Emma leave and why didn’t she tell me,I thought as I quickly called for Peter

A while later Peter ran into the study bowing to me in respect

“You called for me your majesty”He said

“My wife in a car this morning,Do you know where it’s headed”I asked

“I can just call the driver and asked”He said and I nodded

Quickly he did some talking on the phone and when he was through,He came back to me

“Well from what I learnt she is going to see some one”He said


“William ray”He answered.

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