MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 51 – The End

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 51 – The End

By Authoress Rhema


Amora watched Ariana’s body turned to shining dust and slowly faded away, she stretched her hands to the key and grabbed it

Daniel still had Lilith on his arm, she’s coughing profusely

“Just hang on, just a little” he pleaded

“I’m trying.. I can’t,, I don’t want to leave you yet, I love you so much I don’t wanna die” she cried and coughed more bIood

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 51 – The End.

“Lilith Lilith” Daniel isn’t sure of what to do

A shadow came to his view and he looked up to see the goddess looking at them, she stretched her hands to Lilith and a shining smoke began entering her body

After a while she stopped and look at Daniel

“Take her inside to rest” she said

“Thank you goddess” Daniel smiled and lifted unconscious Lilith up immediately, then went in

Mirabel is scared already, she just witnessed how the goddess killed Ariana so easily and she’s not ready to die yet

“They are distracted, now is my chance to run” Mirabel thought and bit her lips, sneaking out already

“Where do you think you’re going?” The goddess voice jolted her

Mirabel got scared and started running, running as fast as she could but suddenly tripped and fell

“Please I don’t wanna die spare me” she began crying and shaking her head

Amora moved closer to her and stopped few inches away from her. Mirabel then stood up, she made a huge ball to throw it at the goddess but it bounced back to her

“Leave me alone” Mirabel yelled and began running again

Just a wave of Amora finger made Mirabel fell down again and started feeling the ground

“Why?, What did you do. Why can’t I see anything why is everywhere dark” Mirabel yelled

“Cause I took your eyes, an evil girl like you don’t deserve such pretty eyes and not only that. I’ll banish you from this world, I’ll take all your powers and you’ll leave with humans” Amora said

Mirabel manged to stand up and tried running but she fell down back, she couldn’t see a thing

Next thing something began drawing out of her body and her body began feeling somehow

“What’s happening to me, what are you doing to me let me go..

Her voice faded off as her body disappeared

Amora turned to the de.mons and waved her hands, the de.mons are disappeared in black smokes

“Selene is still with the de.mons I think we should go there and..”

Blake is talking but a strong wind blew and pushed all of them back, looking at the strong wind direction it’s a girl in a long rope wearing a huge domino mask, up in the air

“Hand over the key of initial” she spoke fiercely

“Selene” Blake called and flew up to her but a wave of her hands sent him flying back

“I’ll say it one more time, hand over the key” she repeated

“You’ll have to fight me for it” Amora said, bringing out her sword and flying towards her

A huge fight occurred between the two immediately. Daniel had just laid Lilith down properly, he came out to see this

Amora sword went to the girl’s mask and wiped it off immediately. Like slow mo it went off, her hair flew at her back slowly and her face came to reveal

“Selene” they called

“Hand over the key, you get three chance” Selene said

“It’s us your friends” Elena said, from the ground she has been watching


“This is not you Selene” Blake shouted

“Two” Selene yelled

“Selene it’s us, your friends what have happened to you” Ruby yelled

“Three” she yelled and charged at Amora who was distracted by staring at Selene’s face

“Daughter” Amora muttered in tears, she failed to notice the sword coming to her chest and it met with it

Everyone gasped out loud, Selene had just $tabbed the water goddess and took the key

“Amora” master Morris called, he flew up and cought her body that’s falling

“Listen to me” Amora spoke and spat out bIood

“She’s been controlled by the de.mons, go to the demons coven, kill all the priest you see there, we have no time” Amora yelled

“Let’s go” Ruby said and some students rushed out while some went to help goddess

Master Morris took the goddess inside while master Xian carried some injured and students

“A lot of people had died today” he muttered sadly


MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 51 – The End

Selene is already flying out of the school with the key, Blake flew after her and hugged her tight from behind

“Don’t do this Selene, this is not you, don’t let the de.mons control you” he pleaded

Selene tried breaking free from his grip but he’s too strong

“Let me go!, I’ll kill you” she yelled

“You can’t kill me because you love me, it’s me it’s Blake, Selene it’s Blake have you forgotten??” Blake said in tears hugging her even tighter

Some memories began entering her head and at the same time the de.mons chanting

“Don’t let them control you, you have friends and me, you’re my girlfriend, my future wife, the woman that’ll bear my kids, the woman that’ll spend entity with me, you’re my everything Selene please don’t do this” Blake pleaded even more

“Argh my head” Selene screamed when the pains she’s feeling began becoming to painful for her.

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 51 – The End

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