By: Mister Allen

Episode 5

Part of her was scared to even look, she closed her eyes as she kicked the door open, usually
Lola slept without locking the doors but even if they were locked, she was prepared to break those locks. The door flung open so freely that it would definitely have sent anyone standing behind it flying across the room but luckily that
didn’t happen, Lola who was safely tucked in bed alone screamed and jumped out of bed
when her door flung open, after few seconds of endless screaming, she suddenly realised it
was her sister that busted into her room and calmed down.

Luckily, her screams hadn’t woken Jojo. “Lara what is this all about?” She asked
in annoyance, she always addressed her sister on a first name basis even though there was a
10 years age gap between them and their parents had insisted she add the prefix “Sister”
whenever she called her sister’s name,
“it’s nothing just go back to bed” Lara
replied turning to leave after scanning the room properly to be sure that Jeff wasn’t hiding in a corner. “Nothing? And you barged into my room at this unholy hour?” She asked, it was obvious she was very angry about the rude awakening. “It’s fine, go back to bed” Lara replied shutting the door behind her.

That was the only place left to check in the house and Jeff wasn’t there. “Where could he be?” She thought as she ran back to her room to get her
phone to call him but his phones were switched off. She decided to go outside to check that his car was parked outside and that was when she realised that he had left the
house. She couldn’t think of where he could have possibly gone and why he had to leave
without letting her know, she was getting increasingly worried as she sat in the living room forcing herself to watch tv in between
trying to dial his number over a hundred times to see if it would ring while she waited for him to return home.


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