MEANT TO BE: Chapter 21-30

(Being Elva)

Chapter 21

Zeemah writes ?

?Elva’s POV?

Three weeks has passed in a blur..
It has been four weeks since I’ve started staying with Fleur and Mig and it has been three weeks since I started working.

I have gotten to know almost all the staff in the hospital,i have also gotten closer to Ben.. he’s a funny guy and i like being in his company.

We have made it a habit to go out together for lunch,Fleur do come with us at times.
I don’t eat when we go out for lunch, it’s either i take ice cream or a can drink just to keep my promise to Mig.

Talking of Mig…
We’ve gotten closer and what i kept feeling for him didn’t stop,it instead grew stronger.
And we both go to the lake to swim most night.

And yeah, we kssed a few times.
The feel of his l1ps on mine usually make me tremble. I respond easily to his touch and always wish he can just kss me forever.

I’ve actually forgotten that i still have amnesia,i still have to regain my memory.
But i suddenly don’t want to regain my memory anymore because it felt like they are my real family,they gave me the comfort i didn’t ask for..they gave me everything in their will and took care of me till date..who wouldn’t wish to have such wonderful people?

I always wonder if i was this happy with my real family..If I’m not then i don’t want to regain my memory anymore… Yeah I’m okay with that…But sometimes,i can’t help but long for my family..

That aside; A week won’t pass without me singing for them at the hospital,they all love to hear me sing including the patients…I was jokingly told my voice healed a patient.

Back to the children.
They’ve gotten more familiar with me now and i’ve gotten to love them more. We’ve also gotten closer during the week,we now act like a family.
Mitch hasn’t stopped being naughty…

I kept hearing that amazing voice anytime i get home from work but it stops immediately we enter the house.

Fleur kept telling me it’s from the next street but I’m beginning to think otherwise…I mean why would it just stop immediately we step our feet into the house.

Well….Asides that, everything else is going fine.
I will get my pay in a week time and i plan to get something for Mig and Fleur, they really did a lot for me.
Enough of the thoughts.
I’m sitting on my chair in the ward with a novel in hand,the children were taking a nap. I will wake them as soon as their lunch arrives.

Yeah… it’s already noon.

Talk of the dev1l, the cook walked in with their lunch.

“Good afternoon ma’am” I greeted.
“Afternoon Elva” She said,dropped the basket of food on my desk and leave.

I began dishing it out for them..I finished doing that and placed a plate of food on their bed each before waking them up.

They began eating and i sat down waiting for Ben..he always come to call me for lunch.
He came in with Nurse Claire who normally stay with the kids while we go for lunch.

“Hey” I stood up and smiled,he smiled back.
We both walked out of the hospital heading to our normal cafeteria.
We got there and took our seat.

We chatted while awaiting our order, i ordered ice cream and chips while Ben ordered a bowl of steaming pizza rolls.

“I used to think of you as a model,do you know how beautiful you are?” He asked and i blushed slightly.
“You gat an amazing figure,a beautiful face,a smile that can melt an ice plus a character too good to be true” He said.

“Thank Ben” I said, this isn’t the first time he’ll tell me this,but it actually feels good hearing it over again.
Ben is a cute guy who easily get the attention of ladies,most of the nurses at the hospital has stopped talking to me and i know it’s because of him..They all want him.
They glare at him whenever they get the chance.

Although he’s yet to tell me what he feels for me but it’s dead obvious he has feelings for me, though i wish that isn’t true and i have a feeling he’ll want to tell me about it soon . I don’t have an iota of feeling for him, i only like him as a very good friend.

The same goes to some of the male staffs at the hospital who has kept asking me out for a while now but i don’t just feel anything for any of them.
My heart only beats for one person.

The waitress brought our order,and winked at Ben before walking away swaying her flat butt vigorously.

I laughed and Ben smiled…This isn’t the first time they would flirt with him but I kept wondering how they are gonna behave when the see Mig.
Because Mig is way cuter than Ben..

His small pink lips will make them drool before they even take a look at his whole face,then down to his body…

I’m sure they are gonna faint’ I though and chuckled digging into my ice cream.
But the thing is,Mig rarely steps out of the house.

I scooped some ice cream into my mouth and breathed out the cold feeling in my mouth.

Ben made me laugh throughout the lunch as usual…
We finished eating and rested a bit before walking back to the hospital.

Ben walked me to my ward and left.
I thanked Nurse Claire before she left.

The children has finished eating,i packed their empty dishes back into the basket and set it aside for the cook .

I sat down about to resume my novel when the children persuaded me to tell them a story.

I hesitated at first but i had no choice…They seem to love my stories and songs a lot.


I finished telling them a fairytale and they started popping questions as always.

I answered their questions and couldn’t help but admire their smartness.

I always wonder why their parents would abandon such cute and smart children in the hospital even after they are healthy.

I checked the wall clock ; 3:45.
Few minutes left for me to pack up and leave for home..

I’ve been missing Mig anyway.
I finished packing and chatted with the children while waiting for Fleur.

“Hey kids” Fleur said walking in.

“Hey Doc. Fleur” The children responded with smiles.
Who wouldn’t like Fleur?
“Bye” I waved.

“Bye Elva” They replied with a frown and i know they don’t want me to leave.
I smiled.

We walked out of the hospital after signing out and bidding the nurses goodbye.

“Elva we need to go to the grocery store, i need to get some things” She said and i nodded.

We chatted till we got there,we entered and Fleur took out the list and started dropping the things on it in the shopping basket i offered to carry.

We finished shopping and walked out of the grocery store with shopping bags in our hands.
We headed home.


We got home and i wished we could trek farther. Fleur was actually telling me about what happened in the staff meeting.
We stepped onto the front porch and opened the door,we walked in and i expected to hear the amazing voice as usual but what i saw is much more than that.

A pretty lady is seated comfortably on the couch clad in a crop turtle-necked blouse with a green mini skirt. Her eyes were light blue and her blonde hair is in a French plait. Her nose is sharply pointed and her lips are pressed in a little smile which seems to be fake. A pink iPod on her exposed thigh.
She look pretty or rather hot.

“Daisy” Fleur screamed in anger and i flinched.
Fleur is never someone to get this angry.
Who could this be?

“Get out” Fleur yelled.

what’s wrong?

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