It is native to Mexico and but now can be found in many parts of the world. In India, it is found commonly and can be easily found along road sides and wastelands. The seed, leaves and flowers are used for medicinal purposes. Cassia Alata belongs to the family Fabaceae and genus Senna. Cassia Alata| Senna Alata is the botanical name.

It is very effective for treating Ringworm and fungal infections of the Skin. Cassia Alata is commonly known as Senna Alata.

The leaves of the plant are laxative. Consumption of leaves treats Constipation and purifies the blood. A decoction of leaves treats Biliousness and Hypertension. The leaves are best for treating Skin diseases.

Boil one teaspoon of dried leaves of Ringworm Bush filter after 1pminutes and drink before going to bed

Boil one teaspoon of the flower of Ringworm Bush with honey drink first in the morning

Apply the leaves paste of Ringworm Bush externally on the affected area for 15minutes

Extract the juice of Ringworm Bush mix it with lemon juice apply the mixture on the affected area for 10minutes thrice a day

Apply the paste of pounded leaves with coconut oil externally on the surface of the skin

Crush the seeds of Ringworm Bush, flowers and leaves in a cup allow it to cool drink the mixture three times a day

Take a handful of fresh Ringworm Bush grind the leaves with little water apply the paste with piece of cotton wool on the infected part