?The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)


By: Faith Lucky

The 12th Disciple.
What’s it all about?

Who’s the 12th Disciple?

Well, follow me.

There came a time when the most powerful Kingdom in Korea needed a set of loyal servants (instruments) for the progress of the Kingdom.

These special servants had to come in form of 12 children – 12 newly born babies who were given up by their parents to serve the Kingdom.

The babies were called the 12 disciples and were marked according to their numbers.

But something happened and one of the babies went missing – the 12th baby; the 12th disciple.

She was taken away by someone and the King believed her grandmother was responsible for it.

They tried all they could to find her, but it all turned abortive and they never did.

18 years later,

The King fell ill – critically.

A rare sickness that made him unable to sit on the throne.

And there was only one solution to it – the bl©©d of the 12th Disciple.

They had to find the 12th Disciple and use her blood as a means of cleansing for him. And only then would he be healed.

In order to achieve this, the King called his four sons – the four princes of the Kingdom, born of his four different wives.

They were all looking forward to the throne, but he was yet to chose an heir.

So, he gave them a task.

They were to go in search of the 12th Disciple. And the 1st prince to find her and bring her home, automatically claims the throne.

Its gonna be tasky, huh?

Who finds the 12th Disciple?

Could it be Nathan? The second prince?
He’s a rude, handsome jerk and all – ladies man. Popular and dreamy. Although, the rest of his step brothers were handsome, ladies still preferred him a million times. His beauty was out of the world.

Could it be Duri – the first prince?
He’s a dark hearted introvert who can kill anything in his way without a second thought. He cares for no one – no one at all. And to him, he feels the throne was his already.

Or…could it be Eric?
The flirtatious prince?

You can call him a little dark hearted cause he’s never merciful on people. He’s a playboy and sees love as a game. “Ladies are only to be used and dumped”, that’s his logo.

He gets every girl he wants. And whenever a lady says no to him, he forces himself on her and makes sure she regrets it. Ladies love him, but not as much as they love his brother. And that brought up the envy in him.

Or…..could it be the smallest among them?
Prince Jimin?

You can say he’s the coolest among them all cause he isn’t rude, dark hearted or flirtatious. He’s got very little interest in the throne – so he seemed.
Or…could there be something up his sleeves?

Which of the four princes succeeds in finding the 12th disciple?

Where could she be?
And why was she taken away in the first place?

And what if I told you there was a Royal High School where all the royal Families attended – together with some very rich kids from different parts of the world????
A school for the best?

There’s gonna be r©mance, suspense, betrayal, comedy…name it.

Who’s ready for this journey, guys?

Brought to you by Faith Lucky ??
Love you all???

?The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)

Episode 1

By: Faith Lucky

Danica’s Pov:
“Danica! Come on. We might be late. Remember they have limited time for visits!” Grandma shouted from the sitting room as I brushed my pretty long hair in front of the mirror in my snug little room.

Oh !

“Almost done, granny!” I shouted back, so she could hear me.

I quickly packed the hair into two folds and ran out of the room, taking the old dusty stairs.

I got down to the sitting room and met granny waiting with her both hands at akimbo.

“Did it really have to take you so long?” She asked and picked her bag.

“I’m so sorry. Oh! One minute!” I exclaimed and ran off to the kitchen.

I found the little box of cookies and smiled as I took it up..

“What’s that?” Grandma asked as I returned to the room with it.

“Oh! Its just cookies. I made them for mum” I smiled and she nodded and started walking out of the room while I followed.

“By the way, granny” I said as we walked along to the road where we could get a cab.

“I heard the royal family would be distributing some food items later in the evening, down the street. Don’t you think we should….”

“No, Danica. Don’t even go there” she snapped in.

“But granny,,we’re already out of foodstuffs at home. Going there might be…”

“You know I hate it when you argue with me, Danica. Enough of that topic. Time to change it” she snapped again and we didn’t say any other word again till we got to the road and boarded a cab – to the station.

Want a little introduction?

Well, I’m Danica.
18 years old,
High school – drop out. Yeah, granny couldn’t keep up with the fees anymore.

I’m fatherless, and….partially motherless.

The thing is… mum has been in jail since the very day I was born – so did granny say.

I grew up to know she lived in a cell and from time to time, granny and I always go visiting.

Father is dead. Didn’t get to meet him for once.

And as for mother, granny wouldn’t tell me the reason she’s in jail. She only told me “she did something bad”.

But good thing is, her sentence is almost over and she’d be out in a few weeks.

I grew up to know granny as my second mother. Well, of course. She was the only close relative I had. The only family I grew up with.

She was above 50, yet looked like 30.

Trust me, she was way too young for her age.

Same with mum. I think its a genetic stuff.

And granny….I seriously don’t get why she hates the royal family. She never wants to hear a thing about them.

Like…her hatred for them is undescribable. She’d rather starve to death than collect free stuff from them when they’re giving it out to the less privileged.

I really don’t get it.

But one thing’s for sure. She has a reason.

In three days time, the King would be holding a banquet in celebration of his fifty years of leadership.

I knew it was pointless asking granny for permission to attend, cause I knew she’d never approve of it.
?The Royal Family?
Mabel’s Pov:
I walked out of my room, wearing just a bum shot and T – shirt.

Well, I felt really hot.

My eyes were glued to my phone, smiling sheepishly as I viewed interesting things from the internet.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m princess Mabel – only daughter of the second Queen, and only sister to Prince Nathan – the most handsome among the four princes.

Well, not to brag, but I think my brother’s too cute and can’t even be compared with those je.rks.

I get what I want and live the life I deserve – at least for now.

On my way to the stairs, I got caught up by a sound that gripped my attention.

Huh? It was the voice of a lady crying.

I stopped and placed my ear on the door for easy access and….oh!

“Please Duri. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. Please” she cried and what followed was a loud sound – like that of a person who was slapped.


“Haven’t I warned you enough about it? Did you really have to disobey me??” He yelled – uglily.

I shook my head and walked away, finding it as old news.

Well, it wasn’t the first time prince Duri would be hitting his fiancee like a piece of trash. I seriously don’t get why she’s stuck here and wouldn’t leave him. What does she see in him, huh?

I clicked my tongue and continued with my phone as I walked down the long royal stairs.

G©sh! It was sooo long, I hate making use of them. But unfortunately, there was no other way and just so you know, these long stairs actually led to the third sitting room. There was another stairs leading to another sitting room – which was the second sitting room. Then, another leading to the final and third sitting room.

Well, you shouldn’t expect less from that Almighty palace of Gaza.

I finally got to the third sitting room and met Nathan there – his eyes glued to his phone.

“Hey, brother!” I squealed as I ran to sit next to him and hug him.

“Hey” he replied casually, so engrossed in his phone.

G©sh! What do I expect huh?

“Um….what’re you doing?” I asked and tried peeping into his phone, but he didn’t let me as he moved away.

“J.erk” I mumbled and rolled my eyes.

He was putting on a complete outfit, like he was about going out or something.

He wore a white trouser and garment which was obviously soaked in perfume cause it smelt so nice.

His dark hair was curled and sparkling as usual – something people couldn’t understand. The secret behind his hair being so lovely.

His lips were pink as usual and as he operated his phone, he bit them at interval.

G©sh!! He was too cute and if not for the fact he was my brother, I’d have done anything to make him mine.

Well, I guess I’m still lucky – having him for a brother.

All the ladies in school crave to make friends with him so they could be close to him. I receive lots of expensive gifts everyday from them, just to aid them in talking to him.

But so far, I haven’t seen the right lady for him. Yeah…none of them are up to my taste.

And as a matter of fact, Nathan is a no -woman man. He has zero taste for ladies and I wonder why.

He’s got so many connections, travels round with celebrities, but he doesn’t fl1rt. And I guess that’s one of the reasons I love him so much.

Shortly, a maid walked up to me.

“Good day, princess. Do you need anything, please?” She asked, keeping her head bowed the whole time.

“Nope” I replied and she nodded and left.

I guess she must’ve asked Nathan before I arrived.

I looked at him and he was still engrossed in his phone.

And with one swift movement, I grabbed the phone from his hand.

“Hey! Look at me, will you?” I snapped, keeping the phone behind me.

“Mabel. What’s wrong with you? Hand the phone back” he demanded, stretching out his hand to me.

“No way, Nathan. You’ve been treating me like a ghost” I pouted and he sighed.

“Okay fine. What do you want from me?” He asked in that tone that meant he’d surrendered.

I smiled to myself.

“Well….actually, I’m feeling very hot and need something cold. Why don’t we take some ice cream?” I beamed.

“Seriously, Mabel? You can easily order for one, then. You don’t have to pester me” he grunted and tried taking the phone from me, but I didn’t let him.

“Come on, Nathan. I want us to go out together – pleeease. It won’t take long. There’s actually a new amazing eatery where they sell a lot of things – Micky’s Delight. I really want to try it out” I clasped my palms together and begged.

“What? The one close to the station? Are you kidding me, Mab? I’m having a commercial in 2 hours”. He argued.

“Come on, Nathan. When was the last time you took me out? You barely have time for me anymore” I sniffed and acted like I was really hurt.

“Oh..gosh”, he mumbled and rolled his eyes.

“Okay; fine. Fine. But we’re not exceeding 30 minutes” he said as he stood up and I clapped in excitement and also stood up with him.

“You’re the best, Nathan” I squealed and he shot me a blank stare.

Yeah. He could be a proud peacock sometimes.

Brought to you by Faith Lucky ??
Love you all???

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