By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 31


“Hold it!” Noel waves him off “I am not done talking to you. When I’m done,you can open your mouth but that would be if I permit you to so don’t talk when I haven’t permitted you. This isn’t your house”

Mr Cooper was speechless

“Who are you?” He managed to ask

“The lady your son almost raped. He wanted to use me for revenge claiming Gray’s father stole your girlfriend” Noel replied

“So is that a good enough reason for you to insult me?” He asked

MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 31 – 50. Thingscouplesdo

“You were the one insulting us. You called us fk toys without knowing who we are. You called me a bçh as well. Are you that unfair?”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing. So please leave” Noel said

“I’m not leaving till I see Gray”

“If you wanna see him,go to his office. This isn’t a business organization”

He was about talking but Noel shut the door

“Damn! That man is annoying” Noel said,walking back to the living room

Lia looked through the keyhole and saw that he was already leaving. She turned and ran after Noel

“Oh girl, you’ve got some guts” Lia sat down

“I just don’t know what is wrong with men like him. Has he gone to jail and ask of what his sons did?” Noel said

“Ignore him. At least you’ve given him what he came for”

“Yeah I guess”



Quinn was at the cafeteria having lunch. Snow wasn’t with her. She looked up only to see the rebels in front of her. She ignored them and continued eating.

“Did she just act like we don’t exist?” Maya asked

“Maybe she has gone blind” Hayley chimed in

Quinn still ignored them and Sapphire slammed the table hard making her sauce to pour in her body. Quinn looked at her white gown and glared at Sapphire.

“Glad I now have your attention” Sapphire smiled evilly

Quinn stood up angrily. By then,the students have gathered around to watch what was going to take place

“How dare you?” Quinn asked angrily

“Ooh I’m so scared. I only came to remind you incase you’ve forgotten so soon. Damien is mine” Sapphire said

“I don’t care about whoever or whatever is yours. Why would you ruin my gown?” Quinn said

“We aren’t done yet” Maya said and Hayley splashed her with smoothies drenching her from head to toes

Quinn was shocked and speechless

“This is just a tip of the iceberg Princess. Next time, we’re coming hard on you” Sapphire said and they made to walk away

“Stop right there” Damien’s angry voice sent chills down their spine and they froze on the spot

“I can explain” Sapphire said

“The situation is self explanatory so I don’t need your explanation” He said and they flinched

He looked at Quinn who stood disheveled on a spot. He removed his jacket and covered her with it. When she looked up,he noticed she was angry and that fueled his anger.

He turned back to look at Sapphire and her gang and they got scared. His look was intimidating.

“You brought bags to school right?” He asked calmly but his voice was scary

“Y…Y…Yes” They answered at once

“Go get your bags,you’re expelled” Damien said and Maya fainted

Quinn tried to stop him but he was adamant

Sapphire went on her knees

“Please I’m sorry. I made a mistake” She cried

“We are truly sorry. We promise not to bully Quinn again” Hayley begged

“I hate repeating myself. Get your bags and get out of here” He said and led Quinn out

The Principal was there to witness everything. He couldn’t say anything with the fear of loosing his job so he kept quiet as Sapphire and Hayley cried their eyes out.

Maya fainted because she had been expelled from countless schools and this was her last resort. She knew she won’t get admitted anymore because of her bad record and that was what shocked her that made her faint.

Damien took Quinn out and she entered the girl’s bathroom to wash the stuff away from her body. Thank goodness it was a sports day and they normally bring two clothes so he went to her bag and gave her the second pair of clothes. It was a jean trouser with white crop top and black jacket. She wore it and came out then they went to the school garden.

“I know you’re angry but about those girls,I think you should have mercy on them” Quinn said

“And why?” He asked

“Because,everyone deserves a second chance. Even the most evil person deserves a second chance” Quinn said

“But they are rebels. Pitying them won’t change their character”

“It might. You never can tell” She smiled

“So I should pity them? No” He said

Quinn bit her lower lip. She can’t believe she is going to do this. She intertwined their fingers and pecked his cheek then gave him a cute face

“Please” She said and he couldn’t help but smile

“You’re cute” He said

“Yeah I know now please forgive them” She pleaded

“Fine. I’ll forgive them” He said and she hugged him

“Thank you. Let’s go” She took his hand and dragged him back to where Sapphire and the rest were.

Maya was already awake and was crying with the rest. Damien rolled his eyes at the sight of them.

“I’ll forgive you but on one condition” He said and all eyes were on him

“We will do anything” Sapphire said.

She wasn’t ready to go to Washington and live with her strict Aunt. Her dad had told her that he would take her there if she gets into troûble in school.

“Stay away from Quinn. Don’t even come close to her” Damien said and they nodded

“We will stay away Damien. We won’t even talk to her” Hayley said

“Better. I’m only forgiving you because she asked me to. You all know I don’t go back on my words but I did it for Quinn sake cause she begged on your behalf. If this repeats itself,I will make your stay in this school a living hèll” Damien warned

“Thank you so much Quinn. Thank you” Maya said as they stood up and ran away

Snow came in with Miguel

“What did we miss?” Snow asked

“A lot” Quinn replied



“Calm down ma’am. Don’t cause a ruckus here” A police officer said trying to calm a woman who was forcing her way into the station down

“I said I want to see my sons. Don’t waste my time” Mrs Precia yelled

“You’ll see them but you have to wait so that we will bring them to you”

“Wait? Let me in”

“What’s going on here?” Inspector Sam asked

“Thank God you’re here inspector. This moron is denying me entrance to see my sons” Mrs Precia yelled

“No sir. We told her to wait and we would call them but she isn’t taking it” The officer explained

“You may go” He ordered and the officer left

“I want to see my sons” She said

“You’ll see them but you have to behave yourself” Inspector Sam said

She glared at him and nodded

“Follow me” He said and she obeyed

They got to the room where inmates come to see their relations

“Bring Ryan and Harry here. 30 minutes is all I give them”

“Yes sir” The officer saluted and the inspector left.

They went in and brought Ryan and Harry before her. She burst into tears immediately she saw them

“My sons,what have they done to you? You’re looking skinny” She wailed

“Calm down Mum. We are fine. We just need to get out of here” Ryan said

“Is it true you really did what they’re saying on the news?” She asked

“They’re just fabricating it to make us look bad” Harry said

“But there were evidence”

“It’s all a lie. Gray and his family just wants to bring us down” Ryan said and she burst into tears again

“Just look at how you’ve become. They aren’t feeding you guys well. I’m getting you out of here” She said and stormed out before they could stop her

She walked to the counter where an officer was busy on some files

“I want to bail my sons out” She said tersely

“Names?” The officer asked

“Harry and Ryan Cooper” She replied

“I’m sorry ma’am but they can’t be bailed. Damien’s orders”

“Damien’s orders? Are you mad? Release my sons to me now” She yelled

“Someone should take this cràzy woman out of here” The officer at the counter announced and two female officers dragged her out while she kept raining curses on them.



Scarlet was trying to round off the day’s activity before leaving with Gray. She turned and caught Austin staring at her. She just smiled.

She was having feelings for him too but she didn’t want it to be too obvious. She’s scared of getting hurt again. Though she knows he’s different after interacting with him for some weeks but that fear is still there.

“Stop staring at me” She said

“I can’t help it my lady. You’re very beautiful” He winked

“Stop flirting else I will report you to Noel” She warned

He laughed

“I’d love to see you try. Speaking of Noel,I really miss her. The office isn’t the same without her” Austin said

“Yeah. My cràzy bestie” Scarlet laughed and he joined her


She finished what she was doing and left the company with Gray.

They entered the boutique and purchased varieties of clothes,shoes and bags. Scarlet showed him many things she thought Noel would like. When they were done,she followed him to his house so they can give it to Noel.

They stopped and knocked. Scarlet was surprised at how beautiful the house was. It was even more beautiful than theirs.

The door opened and Lia welcomed them in. They went to the living room and Noel hugged Scarlet

“I miss you boo boo” Noel pecked her cheek

“Miss you more sugar” Scarlet said and Gray cleared his throat

“Welcome Mr Gray” Noel smiled

“So I don’t get to be called boo boo or sugar?” Gray frowned

“Don’t tell me you’re jealous” Noel laughed

“Of course I’m jealous” He pouted and sat down “For you” He gave her the package

“Are you sure? This is too big for a person” Noel said

“Yeah but it’s yours. I helped him shop for them” Scarlet sat down

Noel looked at Lia

“Go on. Open it” Lia said

Noel opened it and couldn’t hide her shock. They were all beautiful.

“They’re beautiful. Oh my gosh I love them” She shrieked

Gray smiled satisfyingly. He was happy she liked them

“Thank you so much. I don’t even know how to thank you enough” She faced him

“Well,you could go with me for dinner the day after tomorrow” Gray said

“Dinner?” She arched her brows and looked at Scarlet who winked

“Yeah. I just wanna spend some alone time with you. Is that too much to ask?” He pouted

“No it’s not. I’ll love it” She said and he smiled

“Wow these are beautiful Noel. I’ll help you pick an outfit for the dinner” Lia squealed

“No way lady. I’m her best friend and I’m gonna help her pick an outfit” Scarlet glared at Lia

“Not gonna happen Missy. I’m her new best friend” Lia glared back and Gray shook his head

“Women” He said and they all glared at him “I didn’t say anything” He raised both hands up in a surrendering manner

“No more bickering. Both of you will pick my outfit. How about that?” Noel said

“That’s okay by me” Lia smiled and Scarlet nodded

Gray just laughed at them




Mr and Mrs Evans were at home. Both decided to return from work early. They had sent the maid out to get some provisions.

They were watching a TV programme when they heard a knock on the door.

Mrs Suzie Evans stood up and opened the door. She was surprised at who she saw


“I’m back mum” Camille smiled brightly


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