Benefits of SMS Affiliate Marketing

Benefits of SMS Affiliate Marketing

Let’s quickly look at the meaning of SMS before discussing the benefits of SMS affiliate marketing.

What Is SMS Affiliate Marketing?

SMS Affiliate Marketing is the process of driving traffic to the merchant website via SMS. Affiliates can promote affiliate offers by rolling out affiliate links to their SMS list, allowing them to not only tap into text message’s outstanding open rate but also put engage with people on the platform of their preference.

Benefits of SMS Affiliate Marketing. Thingscouplesdo

While email marketing, social media marketing, and blogging have been the most commonly used strategies used by affiliates to drive traffic to the merchant website, when it comes to SMS affiliate marketing, affiliates can build strategic SMS campaigns to promote the merchant’s product(s) or service(s).

SMS affiliate programs are a popular way of increasing sales for companies and helping affiliates earn commissions for conversions. Being an affiliate simply means you partner with companies to help them get their message and product out to the public.

While there are many options for you to use to help facilitate this, none offer the open, engagement, and conversion rates as those experienced through SMS marketing.

Affiliate’s SMS campaigns are the fastest growing vertical in SMS marketing today. While Facebook, Google, Email and other channels push affiliates away with higher costs, regulations and competition. SMS stays consistent in delivery and ROI. With the growing competition in every marketing channel, SMS is becoming a necessity for affiliates who want to make most out of their costly leads. SMS is also on the rise because of today’s fully mobile funnels. New SMS marketers can think of it as Email Marketing with lists, sending campaigns etc’ meets Media Buying with budget management and optimization (due to high cost per SMS and high CTRs).

Benefits of SMS affiliate Marketing

SMS affiliate marketing can be an instant win to improve customer retension in an oversaturated market.
How many of your competitors are using SMS as an affiliate marketing channel? If you’re not sure, you can always spy on the competition by becoming a customer.

We said it before, but we’ll say it again – SMS open rates are some of the highest of all marketing methods, more specifically 98%.

SMS marketing has the highest engagement rates. 32% of consumers said they respond to promotional text messages, an ecommerce study. shows.

Used in conjunction with emails, SMS reminders can increase open rates by 20-30%.

A third of Americans prefer to receive offers in a text, a study. shows.

SMS messages are read in the first 3 minutes, with 82% of people saying they open every text they receive

19% of links in SMS are clicked, compared to only 2% of clicks in emails.

Benefits of SMS Affiliate Marketing. Thingscouplesdo

Boost customer experience with an omnichannel strategy. Include SMS to your marketing channel mix for increased marketing exposure and lead nurturing

SMS doesn’t rely on an internet connection. Text messages are sent instantly without requiring internet access.

SMS helps you collect customer data which is crucial to developing ongoing engagement.

SMS analytics can help you optimize marketing loyalty programs by tracking engagement rates.


If SMS affiliate messages are not annoying or spammy, we recommend eCommerce businesses to use them to their advantage.
Make sure you always send SMS communications to users who opted-in to receive marketing communications. Also, don’t forget to offer the unsubscribe option for users.