Mission To The Unknown


By: Kelvin Ajayi??

In a large village in Nepal named ‘Fell Hills’.

The Girl child was detestable in the eyes of everyone.

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It is a big taboo for a girl to be a first child in the family and they’ve been sticking to that rule till now.

King Ethan Jones has been a very brave king in the history of Mankind…he has fought different kind of wars and he came out victorious.

He has made many people as slaves in his Kingdom. He’s 57 years of age and he’s a no-nonsence-man.

He kills if offended and never forgives.

The people of Fell Hills fears him very much and they do all they can to aviod him.

He’s rich, and has have everything in life except a child.

His first wife, Queen Claire Jones have tried all she could to provide an heir for the throne but it didn’t work out.

A very long time passed and she finally gave birth, but to a girl child.

This taboo caused a lot of chaos in the land.

The whole plants in the land died down, rain refuse to fall in the land anymore.

Children started dying life fowl. The King fell sick in the land and that makes everyone to Hate the girl child.

Everyone in ‘Fell Hills’ hates the girl child except Queen Claire.

The chaos happened for more than seventeen years. They started getting water and food from the next Village.

Who is the girl child?

Meet Alexa Jones, a 17 years old Blonde who looks like a mermaid. She was extremely beautiful even though she lacks maintainance..

She’s a very quiet girl who is kind to everyone but if she gets angry, something bad might happen.

She kept enduring the bully in her Kingdom until the priest showed up one day and told the chiefs that he has found out about the solution to the Chaos in the Kingdom.

He told them that the only way for the King to be healed and for things to be restored back to their land, Alexa will have to travel to ‘Atlancia’, another entire word to get a calf called ‘Perliana’..

Atlancia is a cool place but dangerous to people living at earth.

It is their tradition for them to kill any Man from earth or rape any Woman from earth.

The people living at Earth are very much afriad of the People in Atlancia because they’re far way powerfull than them.

Do you think Alexa will suceed? Do you think she’ll be able to go there when she dosen’t have any power?

Well, find out in the story?

Love, Action, Betrayal, magic and lots more

Grab ya popcorn because it’s gonna be fun?

Brought to you by Kelvin Ajayi??

Mission To The Unknown

Episode 1

By: Kelvin Ajayi??

Princess Alexa Yawned loudly as she stood up from the bed.

The sun rays reflected brightly into the room through the window.

She stretched her body immediately and checked the time.

She discovered it was few minutes past six.

“Geez! I’m dead. Miss Fiona is gonna kill me” she thought inwardly as she tried entering the bathroom when she heard a knock on the door.

“Who is there?” she asked almost immmediately.

“It’s me Axel…Miss Fiona asked me to send for you. She wants you in the Palace kitchen immediately” Axel half yelled without any remorse.

“Okay. Just give me few minutes, I’ll be there” she said and rushed into the bathroom, bring out her brush.

Well, that’s her normal routine since she was young. Wake up everyday and go to the kitchen.

She tried her best to please Miss Fiona but she’ll always find fault in whatever she does.

The word ‘Princess’ is just a mere word to the people because she isin’t treated like one.

Everyone bullied her, they disrespect her and yell at her.

The first day she retaliate and slapped a girl for insulting her, she was locked in the palace cell with no food and water for two days and from that day, she started enduring whatever they did to her.

According to the people, she’s a cur$e to the land.

She returned to the bedroom and wore her slippers.

Just when she faced the door and was about to leave, Miss Fiona barged into the room, with anger solely written on her face.

Alexa gasped as soon as she spotted her because she knew she’s in deep trouble.

Miss Fiona landed an hot resounding slap on Alexa’s face and pushed her to the floor making Alexa hit her head on the hard floor.

“Arggh!!” Alexa screamed in pain as she felt hurt in her head.

“How dare you!” Miss Fiona yelled, ignoring her cries.

“I Didn’t….do anything” Alexa said in tears while Miss Fiona punched her nose as she let out another cry.

“Who gave you the guts to tell Axel to get the fk off your room when i sent him to you?!” Miss Fiona yelled and continue slapping her mercilessly.

At that moment, Alexa knew that Axel was the one who lied to Miss Fiona.

“Ma…i didn’t do it. I didn’t yell at him” Alex cried, trying to block the slaps and punch coming from Miss Fiona but it didn’t work out.

“Shut the fk off!” Miss Fiona yelled and dragged her hair.

“I…I Didn’t do it…Please believe me” Alexa whimpered with tears, pouring down her eyes.

“For doing that, you won’t eat anything unlit you’re done filling the five big drums at the Backyard… I don’t care where you’re gonna get the water. You’re the one who caused rain not to fall in our land. Next time you try that, i’ll skin you alive” Miss Fiona instructed making Alexa flinched.

“Geez! Five what!!!! Five drums???” her eyes dimmed in shock as she fell on the floor and held Miss Fiona’s legs.

“Please…that’s too much. You know the next Kingdom is very far away from me, how do you expect me to do that before eating?” Alexa said with pleading eyes.

“Are you questioning me or not?!” “You want me to increase it to ten drums” Miss Fiona yelled as Alexa let go off her and ran out of the room.

She knew begging Miss Fiona was a waist of time because she’s gonna increase the punishment.

Alex remembered when she woke up late. It was five minutes past 8am. Miss Fiona dealt with her and told her that she’s not gonna eat either morning nor afternoon and when she pleaded with her, Miss Fiona increased it to a day.

She cleaned her tears as she walked slowly, sniffing in pain.

Alexa Spotted Axel on the way and shot him a glare.

“How was the beating, Alexa?” Alex smirked as she saw her swollen body and bruises on some part of her body.

“Sweet!” she replied, perfuntorily. “You’ve finally gotten what you want, right? You’ve been waiting for this and you finally got it. It is well” Alexa sniffed.

“Are you talking to me that way?” Axel asked, looking for an opportunity to deal with her.

“No. I’m talking to your skeleton” Alexa insulted and ran away.

“You’ll never run forever!” Axel yelled as he watched her run away.
Alexa ran out of the building, trying to smile before her Mom, Queen Claire spot her.

She saw the royal kids, her father’s brother children playing around.

Alexa was the type who loves Children, so she dicided to talk to them.

“Hi” Alexa smiled at the kids.

“Hmm. What’s that akward smell?” The first kid said, pretenciously.

“I Think it’s Princess Alexa?” the second kid muttered.

Alexa flared up and wanted to teach her a lesson but restricted herself.

“Gross!! You need to dress well…You smell like a dead animal” the kid yelled and ran away making the people around to laugh at her.

Not that she was actually smelling, the kid just wanted to make jest of her.

She covered her face in embarrasment and ran to the backyard. She sat on the balcony and started crying.

“God! Why? Why Don’t you just take me away from this word? I’ve tried and endured everything. When will this going to stop?” she sobbed quietly.

She got up and wanted to go to her mom’s room when she remembered that she’s with the KING and the King dosen’t want to set his eyes on him.

She shook her head sadly, picked up a bucket and walked away heading to the stream in the next village.

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