MISSION TO THE UNKNOWN: Episode 11 to 20

Mission To The Unknown

Episode 11

(The King of Fell Hills is Dead)

By: Kelvin Ajayi✍️

The people in Fell Hills kingdom was busy with their normal routine when the scream of the Queen jott them off.

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The day was still sunny and the Queen was with King Ethan.

Claire noticed the King’s strange behaviour are was scared to the bone.

Suddenly, King Ethan started coughing loudly like someone who is about to die.

“My King…are you alright?” one of the maid said, checking out King Ethan who was still coughing.

“What’s wrong?” Claire asked, hoping the King could speak up.

Ethan stop coughing and white saliva started coming out from his mouth.

Soon, he closed his eyes and DIED.

Claire stood up in shock, Thinking it was just an imangination.

The Maid quickly cleaned the saliva on his mouth while Queen Claire placed his hand on Ethan’s chest.

She gasped as she noticed he was no longer breathing.

“My King” she called in a bothered tone.

“My King!!!” she screamed out loud, alerting the gaurds and as well, the people in the nieghborhood.

“Pls don’t leave me…don’t leave me” Claire yelled and bursted into tears, shaking Ethan’s body rapidly.

Three of the gaurds ran into the hut.

They checked Ethan’s body and discovered he was dead.
Just three hours after the King died, the news spread like widefire to other Kingdoms.

The King’s hut was filled up with different kind of people.

Other Kings from different Kingdoms wailed loudly.

The royal daughters as well was crying as they consoled Queen Claire who was crying like a baby.

The whole Chiefs was there also and they’ve already send a gaurd to tell the priest that he’s needed in the palace.

Few people were outside and the gaurds didn’t allow them iniside.

The whole palace was filled with sorrows and sadness.

King Marcus shook his head in pain as he stared at the Corpse of Ethan.

“He was such a good friend to me. We shared everything together when we were young.”

“He was such a good warrior and a brave man”

“He has fought many battles and came out victorious” the people in the hut mouned the death of the king.

Mr. Williams’s pov:
I Smiled in satisfaction as i heard the news from the villagers that the king was dead.

My hearts gladdened immediately as i brought out my phone and dialed the priest number.

I Know he might have heard about the Death of the King but i wanted to plead with him and see if he would pass the route to the palace so i can meet him there and we can walk together to the palace.

I Called his line but he didn’t pick up.

I Continue trying the line but he didn’t pick up so i dicided to walk to the palace alone.

I Was so happy about King Ethan’s death because of two reasons.

“I’m gonna be the next king”

“And also serves as a revenge for killing my daughter”

A Tear dropped from my eye as i remembered what happened seventeen years ago.


“Pls my King, don’t kill her” i yelled and tried to grab my daughter but the gaurds were obstructing me.

“You didn’t adhere to the rules. You went against the rule and your daughter was pay for it” the King stated as he lowered my daughter to the river and her brown hair started touching the big river.

“My King. No. I didn’t do it. I never killed her daughter. I only went to visit her and the baby but found her daughter dead.

I Was shocked and still checking the baby when she came out from inside the house. She checked her baby and found out it was dead, immediately she began screaming to the villagers that i killed her baby. Pls try to understand” i narrated and he scoffed.

“You think i’ll believe those lies, huh?.

An eye for an eye, a baby for a baby!!” the king yelled and let go off the baby who fell on the water and flew away.

“Nooo!!” i cried out.

“My daughter!!!” i tried to ran after it but it was already too late.

The baby was just two days when she died.

And that was the same day that he began sick and rain stop falling.

It was that same day that the priest told the villagers that the King daughter and from that day, they began maltreating her.

I kinda felt relieved that day but i vowed to take his life and his daughter’s life too.

…End of flashack…

My plans truly worked because the priest told me that Alexa might have been dead by now and i just got a news from one of the chiefs that the king is dead.

Isin’t God Wonderful?

I Was deep into thought when i felt a hand tap me by my back..

I Turned and notice it was the priest.

Oh! Perfect timing.

“I Know what you’re thinking about but don’t worry, your revenge stuff is just starting” The Priest stated and i smiled.


“Okay Mum, bye” Erica pecked her mom in her cheek but before leaving the sitting room.

She got to the palace and met the driver already waiting for her inside the car.

She opened the car door and hopped in to the car.

“Good morning, my princess” the driver greeted Erica.

“I’ve told you countless times to stop greeting me. I’m the one who’s supposed to greet you… I’m just eleven years and i guess you should be more than 20 years” Erica complained while the driver smiled.

“You’re such an humble princess” he complimented and Erica smiled.

“I’ll agree to stop greeting you only when we’re alone. I’ll still greet you if we’re in public” the driver said leaving Erica confused.

“But why?” Erica asked.

“I Don’t want the rest gaurd and maid to think that i’m having an affair with you” the gaurd pointed out making Erica sighed.

“Okay, fine, fine. I agree to that” she replied and the driver smiled.

“C’mmon. Move the car please, i don’t wanna be late for school” she said as the driver turned on the engine and zoom off.

As they drove to school, Erica brought out a novel – The Magicians – By Author Kelvin and began to read it.

“Isin’t that a supernatural novel?” The driver asked as soon as he spotted the novel.

“Yeah” Erica responded as the car screeched to an halt.

“Pls and Pls, hand me the novel” the driver said.

“Huh, why?” Erica inquired.

“Your mom told me not to allow you read any mystry novel?” the driver said making Erica to stare at him confused.

“My Mom told you that? Why?”

“She said that you’ve been acting strange since the starting of today. You claim you always see a man dressed with black outfits but it’s a lie… She said that it’s because you like reading supernatural stories so she wants to give you a break” the driver said as Erica scoffed and threw the book at the driver in annoyance.

She hissed and faced outside the car and she immediately spotted the same man who she saw in her window few hours ago.

She gasped as she saw the man’s face.

Erica turned to the driver.

“It’s him. The man i saw few hours ago. He’s staring at me” Erica yelled pointing at the direction she saw the man but the man wasen’t there anymore.

“I Can’t see anyone there” the driver said and chuckled.

“He’s gone.” Erica muttered under her breath.

“Gosh! Erica, i think you’re going crazy.” the driver said as he ignited the engine and zoomed off.


Two young men was walking on the roadside and was discussing on their way.

“A Great king or should i say a warrior died today..”

“Earth, right?” the other man asked and the the first boy nodded affirmatively.

“Gosh! You better keep your mouth shut if you don’t wanna end up dead. Don’t ever mention anything that has do with earth, pls” the other boy scolded and they remain shut and continue walking.

The first boy spotted Alexa, walking fraily and quickly drew the other boy into a corner.

“You See that girl over there? She’s from earth” the first boy pointed at Alexa.

“Yes, her dressing is different from ours. We need to capture her” the other boy said in an alarmed tone.

“Rappe her and take her to the king” the first boy muttered as they ran out of their hiding place.

Alexa spotted them when they were already close to her and before she stood up to run away, they’ve already grab her.

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