MR CEO: Episode 1-10

? MR
(Too cold and possessive)


Written ??by Simrah Saeed

Meet Alexa Sidney, quiet, polite, humble and respectful.
She’s that kind of a lady even a lady will fall in love with.

Beautiful, smart and intelligent. She’s loved by many because of her character and cheerfulness.

Her parents died when she was very young leaving her to fend for herself.

She grew up with no one to show her love except her boyfriend Jason and her best friend Andrew .
That was what she thought.

That faithful evening, it was a dark and chilly night. First week of December and she’d plan on surprising her boyfriend.

They’ve been in the relationship for the past two years and he’s been patient enough not to have asked for her b0dy.

That night, she was ready to give him her body to show him how much she loves and appreciate his present in her life.

After Andrew, Jason means the world to her.

She dressed s*xily and se.ductively just to impress her boyfriend but when she got there, she met the biggest shock of her life.

Jason was in b.ed with another woman, the woman who claimed to be his wife and was four months pregn@nt for him.

No doubt she was really pregn@nt because her baby pump was clearly visible.

Alexa was heartbroken and deeply hurt, the person she trusted the most betrayed her.

He was having a wife all along and she didn’t even notice?

How could Jason have done that to her?
She cried her eyes out but the pain in her heart wasn’t reducing. It didn’t heal.

Luckily for her, a party was hosted in a nearby hotel.

She got to the party in tears, drank so many glasses of alcohol till she got drunk.

Her best friend was out of town, calling him at that time will be useless.

A tall handsome guy appeared in front of her, even if her vision was blurry,she could see he was handsome.

At that moment, she made a decision, a decision to loose her vrgnity to the stranger since she couldn’t give the one she wanted to.

Little did she know he was also drunk.
The both taken a hotel room and had a one n!ght st@nd and that was it.

When Alexa woke up the next morning, the guy already left the hotel room.

He was gone! How foolish of her, she didn’t know who she gave her vrgnity to. It’s all Jason’s fault.

She looked around the room and found a huge sum of money with a note stating that it belongs to her.

The guy must be d@mn rich and that very money will help her a long way. She’d be able to pay her rent and won’t be thrown out of her apartment….

Few months after the incident, she discovered that she was pregn@nt.

Will she keep the baby? What happens when she finds out it’s not just a baby but babies? She was pregn@nt with twins for an unknown man.

Will she struggle with the he pregn@ncy till she delivers? Will she ever meet the guy that impregn@ted her?

How will she raise the kids when she finally puts to bed?

Four years later, the little job she was managing was gone. She got fired from her job.

Her children’s school fees was due for payment, her house rent was expiring the next week, there was little or no food in the house.

What is she going to do?
Just like a miracle, Andrew saw a job interview, the CEO was in need of a personal assistant and the pay was okay.

The only problem was that Mr CEO is cold, arrogant, proud and possessive!

Will she be able to work under such a person with her fragile self?


You wouldn’t wanna miss this interesting story ?
Let’s find out what happened ??.


? MR
( Too cold and possessive)

(The interview)

Episode 1

Written ??by Simrah Saeed

Alexa’s POV

I sighed tiredly running after those stubborn kids of mine.

” Can you two stop making mummy run around the room?” I asked panting while they both giggled and stopped running too

” We are sorry mummy ” both Emma and Evan replied simultaneously.

” Now come here and get dressed for school, you don’t want to get late right?”I asked

” No mummy, I don’t want to get late but maybe this dummy here will want to” Emma replied pointing at her twin brother who glared at her.

I chuckled at their behaviour shaking my head.

” Did you hear what she just called me mummy?” Evan asked glaring daggers at Emma.

” Aren’t you a dummy?” She asked folding her arms .

” If I am a dummy then you are a dullard” Evan replied sharply.

I sighed waving my hands in the air, this two won’t be the death of me.

They are always fighting here and there and I am beginning to get tired of their bickering all the time .

” That’s enough kids, now to your room. I will meet you in two ” I said to them.

” Yes mummy ” they chorused running into their room .

Sighing again, I turned to the kitchen and discovered there was no food.

My kids will have to go to school with an empty stomach? .

I face palmed myself trying hard not to cry but I couldn’t help it.

This past few weeks I lost my job as a delivery girl hasn’t been easy for my kids and I.

We find it hard to eat, even if I see a little. I’d keep it for Emma and Evan leaving me to starve .

I don’t know how I would have survived it without Andrew by me. He’s really been my back bone and I owe him a lot.

I have no money with me to buy at least snacks for them.
What am I going to do?

” We’ve dressed up ourselves mummy but we can’t put on the sandals ” Evan yelled.

I quickly wiped my tears leaving the kitchen. I don’t want them to know I cried. It won’t go down well.

” I am coming champ”
I entered into their room to see both struggling to put on their sandals.

” Here come, I will help you ” I said to Emma who nodded.

Evan stared at me with a frown on his face.

” Mummy?” He called with the same frown not leaving his face.

” Yes champ? I am almost done with your sister, just give me a minute ” I replied.

” Did you cry? Did you hurt yourself? Did anyone insult you? ”

Ah! I thought as much! What will I do with this boy? He’s so sensitive !

” No champ, I didn’t cry, I didn’t hurt myself and no one insulted me ” I replied ruffling his hair .

He fold his arms staring at me without saying anything, I am sure he doesn’t believe me.

” You went to the kitchen and there’s no food right? You don’t have to worry about us mummy, we will be fine and my friend Annabelle will bring us some food and snacks today in school ”

Emma said.
I blinked away my tears engulfing them in a hug.

They are so understanding and mature than their age.

My bundles of joy, the kids I am struggling to live for.

” Thank you babies, mummy promise to get a job very soon and we will live comfortably ” I said to them while they giggled.

Will I ever get a job again? I have struggled to train myself in school, I read business and I have been searching for a job since I lost one.

All the vacancies were filled up! My chances of getting a job is 0.00%.

” We believe in you mummy and I love you ” Emma said excitedly. They don’t seems to be bothered about our current financial situation.

But I promise as their father and mother, I will struggle to give them the best I can .

” I love you too momma, more than this sister of mine ” Evan snorted and Emma smacked his head running out of the room with her school bag.

” I am so going to kill her mummy ” Evan groaned and I burst out laughing.


” Hello everyone ” our heads snapped to the door to see who it was.

” Uncle Andrew ” the kids shrieked running to meet him.

God! Who was I expecting? Andrew is the only one that badge into my house without knocking at the door.

I haven’t introduced myself, I will do that as time goes on and I am sure you know brief informations about me.

” How are my little munchkins doing?” He asked squatting to their height.

” We are fine uncle ” they chorused.

” Guess what uncle brought for you” Andrew said.

I fold my arms watching as the kids faces brightened up.

Ouch! I am hurt, they’re taking away my best friend’s attention.

” Oh my God! A sausage egg and bacon top with some snacks ” they squealed happily.

My face curved into a smile, a satisfactory smile.

Isn’t Andrew a life saver? At least, they will have something to eat and not depend on a friend .

” Thank you Uncle ”

” You are welcome, we will be going to the park after school. I will come pick you both up but for now, you are running late for school and mummy won’t be following you to school, we are going somewhere together so the school bus is waiting at the gate, run to catch up ”

Andrew winked at me while I rolled my eyes. We didn’t plan on going anywhere or did we ?

” Okay uncle, we love you mummy ” they said, both pecked me and rushed out

” I love you too kids ” I yelled after them smiling widely.

It not being easy taking care of them since the last four years.

My mind went back to that night and I shook my head.

Will I ever find their father? Will he accept his kids? Even if I see him, I don’t know how he looks like so how do I recognize him? Is he even alive?

” Earth to best friend ” Andrew said waving his hand in my front.

” Good morning to you too Andrew ” I glared at him walking away.

He held me by the wrist scratching his head.

” I am sorry buttercup, maybe I should still leaving the greeting to later. Here take this, rush to your room, put on the dress and meet me down here ”

He commanded shoving a bag in my hand.

I narrowed my eyes at him giving him a questioning look.

” We’re are we going to Andrew?” I asked.

” Do you have to ask buttercup?” He groaned.

” Well if you must know, I saw a job interview and its starting by 8am. Just 25minutes left so go dress up ”

My face lit up at I heard that! A job interview?

” Oh my God! What is the job about? Is it a company? What position? ” I asked curiously.

” Calm down will you? It’s J group of company, the CEO is in need of a personal assistant and I am sure you will fit perfectly for it, are we cleared now? Hurry up we don’t have all day ”

” Thank you so much for this Andrew, I owe you a lot” I replied jugging into my room excitedly.

” I love you too buttercup ” he said. Whatever!


” Stop being paranoid will you?” Andrew said as we stopped in front of the company.

I am hella nervous and the thoughts running in my mind added to it.

” I am scared, what if I don’t get the job?” I asked.

” I have told you about this your pessimistic attitude but you wouldn’t listen, I believe you will get the job trust me ” he assured.

” Thank you Andrew ”

” Thank me later, I applied for the job for you earlier with the copy of your credentials with me, you might be among the first to be interviewed ”

My heart jumped out of my chest. First to be interviewed?

” Don’t panic, I got you. Call me when you are done, good luck buttercup ”
He said as I came down from his car. I waved him good bye and entered into the big building.

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