“Xavier…isn’t my father?” Nicholas stuttered shockingly.

“Yes.. I overheard him speaking with Aidan one day. That just means Aidan and him knows but they haven’t told you” Brittany said.

Nicholas his gaze from her, looking at the table with a shocked look on his face.

Now everything makes so much sense to him right now..

When he was young, Xavier has never shown him any sort of kindness.


All he ever did was maItreat him and b.eàt him up when he does a tiny mistake.

All his love and care always went to Aidan and that really hurt him so bad.

The only place he always found refuge is in his mother but..

Every night, Xavier will béat her up, sometimes he’ll ràpe her and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Each time he’ll intervene to save his mother, Xavier will include him too in beàting.

Nevertheless, he kept hoping. He kept hoping that one day Xavier will learn to love him till that fateful day.

Nicholas came back home from a football match and as usual Xavier was hitting his mother.

For the first time, she fought back by slapping him but that angered Xavier more and he hit her really hard on the head.

Nicholas’s mother crumpled on the floor, never to wake up again.. In front of Nicholas.

Nicholas closed his eyes as tears dropped from his eyes on the table. He clenched his fists really tight.

Brittany sighed and brought her chair close to his then hugged him, rubbing his back.

Nicholas just kept his eyes closed as tears came out of it.

Now, that he thinks of all these it makes him wonder. Does that means Nicholas’s mother isn’t Aidan’s mother?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to tell you coz I didn’t want to see you cry” Brittany cupped his cheek and cleaned his tear while Nicholas looked down.

“Does that mean my real father is alive somewhere?” Nicholas suddenly asked.

“I.. I.. I never thought of that” Brittany said.

Nicholas just nodded and finally looked at her.

“It now makes sense to me.. Xavier never loved me and never will,, the reason why he kept me all these while is because he thinks I’ll one day be useful to him.

I’ve always wondered why I was different from them,, now I get it” Nicholas said and nodded again.

“If your real father is still alive, I promise I’ll help you find him. I feel like this isn’t the whole truth” Brittany said.

“Also I have another thing to tell you.” Brittany said.

“I’m all ears.”

Brittany told him the real truth, how she ended up in prison and how Hailey tried klling her in prison.

She told him everything without leaving out details..

“I’m really sorry love, I wish I’d knew you earlier.. You wouldn’t have gone through all that alone.

Also I believe you, others might think you were guilty of what you were being accused of but not me… You’re not like that” Nicholas said.

Brittany smiled and held his hand.

“Thanks a lot babe.” She said.

“The reason why I’m all telling you all these is because, I came back for revenge..

I promise I’m gonna take back everything that belongs to me without leaving out any crumbs.

I’ll really appreciate if you don’t judge me for the actions I’ll take” Brittany said.

Nicholas smiled and cupped her cheek.

“Why should I judge you when you never judged me for once.

I promise I’ll stand by you through all these and not won’t I judge you but I’m gonna help you” Nicholas said.


“Yeah. You are me and I am you, forever” Nicholas said.

Brittany pecked his lips and rubbed his cheek.

“Thanks love” She muttered.

“You just called me love again does that mean you..”

Brittany quickly released him and looked away, clearing her throat. Nicholas smiled and took her hand.

“Can I come over to meet your family? I’ll wish to ask something to you grandmother” Nicholas said.

“Sure” Brittany smiled.


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