Sandy laid weakly on the bed as she sobbed silently while Aidan was busy getting ready to go to the court. She can’t believe she did this to her.

He ràpped her.. He seriously did that!!

Sandy sat up weakly and glared at Aidan.

“I hàte you!! I hate you to the core!! How could you do this to me? It’s over..

Am breaking up with you” Sandy said and held the sheets close to her nked body before standing up.

Aidan chuckled and that made her stop. He finished buttoning up.


“What’s talking?” He asked and then looked at Sandy sideways.

“Oh it’s you” He chuckled again and came closer to her.

He slowly lifted up her chin with his fingers but she sI.apped it away.

He tried again but she slapped it again, glaring hatefully at him.

Aidan gra..bbed her harshly by the ne¢k, pulling her closer to him..

“For all these years, what I’ve ever done is satisfy every of your wish.. Be it money, fame, gifts, cars,, everything. Now it’s your turn” Aidan whispered.

“Aidan.. You’re hurting me” Sandy choked as he pressed her neck hard.

“Anytime I call you, wherever you are and I don’t Care if you’re in your grave,,, you must answer my calls.

You’ll grant any of my wishes without objections and if I call and you dare not obey or you try and escape…” Aidan said and chuckled..

“You can just imagine the worst happening to you” He whispered and released her, she fell on the floor coughing loudly.

Aidan looked at her and scoffed before leaving.

Sandy bent down her head and broke down into uncontrollable tears. What did she get herself into?




“Happy birthday Alex” Daisy smiled and handed him the gift she brought and hugged him tightly.

“Thanks Daisy” Alex smiled.

Daisy pecked her cheek and he just sighed as she left to join her other friends. Dylan came in next.

“Happy birthday Alex” He said and handed him his own gift.

What Alex has been receiving the whole day is gifts upon gifts and he’s grateful about it but the gift that he loves more is Nicholas gift.

He bought him the latest collection of Captain Marvel toys and also a tablet for kids which he’s been dying to have.

Brittany bought him some toys too and two brand new shoes..

“Come let me present to you my friends” Daisy came and pulled Alex away before he could reject.

“Hey girls!!” Daisy waved while smiling.

“Hey” Alex smiled

“Awwn..” The two other girls gushed at his dimples.

“Suzy, Andrea…meet my best friend! Alexander but you can call him Alex” She said.

“Hey I’m Suzy” The curly hair girl said.

“And I’m Andrea” The short hair girl said too.

“I love your dimples.”

“I love your cute big eyes.”

“Really wish you were my little brother”

“Can we be friends?”

The two girls fired question while patting his hair and touching his cheek.

“Do they realize I’m probably older?” Alex muttered, looking at them.

Daisy frowned..

“So we’ll be leaving girls. Bye!” She pulled Alex away..

“Now I get why you’re always so touchy like this” Alex said, fixing his hair with his hand.

“Can’t believe I’ll have to wait till next year before I’m 5 too” Daisy pouted.

“That means I’m older.. Stop treating me like your little brother” Alex said.

“But we’re of the same height so it doesn’t matter” Daisy stuck out her tongue.

“Just give me time and I’ll be way taller than you. Let’s see who’ll be the baby now” Alex smirked.

Daisy smirked too.

Brittany and Nicholas who were watching them from their seat smiled.

“They look cute together..” Brittany chuckled..

“Yeah” Nicholas said and kissed her neck.

“So about what you said yesterday to me..” He asked again and Brittany sighed.

He’s been asking her that since morning and she kept denying it..

“I didn’t say it” Brittany looked away.

“You literally hugged me while crying like a baby and you said ‘I love you.. Please don’t leave me, please”” Nicholas said, mimicking her voice.

“I didn’t!” Brittany said, blushing out of embarrassment.

Nicholas chuckled and turned her face to him. He kssed her forehead and smiled.

“I love you” He said, staring at her intently.

“I.. I love you too” Brittany replied.

She quickly covered her face with her palms.

“Gosh!! I’m not used to all these sweet talks and giddy feelings” She said.

Nicholas chuckled and pulled her closer. He hugged her and kssed her hair

Alex and Daisy who were staring at them smiled..

“I hope we’ll be like that when we grow up” Daisy gushed, staring at them.

“Huh? What did you say?” Alex turned to her with a frown.


“You know, we should be thinking of our education at this age” Alex said and looked back at his parents.

Daisy looked at him.

“I heard there’s a birthday party here!!” Zayne came in with Savannah, Kenneth, Ruby, Ashley, and Evan.

“Wow! You came!!” Alex said happily and rushed to them.

They all hugged him one by one.

“We brought gifts!!” Savannah said and everyone brought out their gifts.

“Wow!!” Alex gushed..

Reagan began staring at Zayne who was standing Beside Ruby. Zayne felt someone was staring so he looked her way and their gaze met.

Reagan quickly left.

Zayne sighed and smiled, facing the others..

“Jessica!!” Ashley called and walked to them.

“Wow!! Ashley!!!” Jessica screamed and they hugged tightly.

“After my boyfriend, you’re the one I seriously missed” Ashley said and they hugged again .

“Boyfriend? Wait.. What did I miss?” Jessica asked.

“Oh we started dating few hours ago. There he is” Ashley pointed at Evan who was discussing with Zayne.

“Wow, he’s good looking” Jessica smiled.

“I know right?”

“Um.. Excuse me!! Hello!! I’m still here” Rhett said.

“Oh hi Rhett” Ashley smiled.

“Glad to have you back.” Rhett said and they hugged lightly.

“About my mom’s bill..”

“Oh don’t mention!! What are friends for?” Ashley winked

“Thanks a lot.. I really appreciate” He smiled.

“Come let’s go grab some drinks” Jessica said and pulled her away.

“Hey? What about me!!” Rhett spoke but they were gone.

He sighed and sat down..



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