****EPISODE 5****

There were days when Femi felt like the world
was out to get her. Today was one of those days.
First, her aunt had been angry with her for not
helping her pack in the clothes she dried outside the night before but Femi had been in a hurry to get to school and decided to pack it in when she got back. Unfortunately, the rain had fallen heavily and her aunt’s beautiful Asooke had gotten wet.
She had barely gotten off the phone from her
Aunty’s tirade when the mother of one of her
students, Eri had come to shout at her for feeding her son something that made him purge all day the previous day. All attempts to make the woman understand that she wasn’t the one who made the school lunches fell on deaf ears and by the time Mrs Ingalam intervened, Femi was in tears.
After school ended, she had made her way to Dr Arowolo’s house, only for the rain to start falling and she had to stand in a stall with some other people. On getting to his house, she had received serious tongue lashing from him for coming late and ended up unable to teach Amanda properly, sniffling through the poor girl’s lessons.
When she finished there at 6, she decided to stop at David’s house and be cheered up so she could be better prepared to face her aunt but David has insisted she cook even though she told him she was really tired. He ended up giving her a rundown on all her failings as a woman and eventually she had left in a worse mood than when she arrived.

She had barely left his house when the rain
started again and by the time she got home, she was wet, tired and hungry. Her aunt was waiting for her when she got home but one look at Femi, her tears, wet clothes and wet hair had the older woman rushing to hug her.

Aunt: “Oko mi what happened, why didn’t you
stay out of the rain?”

Femi: “I….I…..went…….I…….to…..” she stammered
as her teeth started chattering.

Aunt: “Ha! Eyaa. Oya, go to the bathroom, take
off your clothes, let me boil hot water for your
bath. Pele, oko mi.” She said as she pushed Femi towards her bedroom and quickly went to boil water for her to have her bath.
Adelaide was upset at the rain, why wouldn’t it
stop, now it had ruined her good aso oke and wet her poor child. Of course, she knew it probably wasn’t the rain that brought Femi home in tears, she was worried something else had happened but she wanted the poor child to stop crying, if not she wouldn’t get anything out of her.
Femi was very soft and very emotional, the
smallest thing could have a bawling her eyes out and she had tried as much as possible to shield Femi from too much pain.


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