MY LIFE AT THIRTY : Episode 11 – 20

? EPISODE 11 ?

By Princess ?

Barely two minutes, I stepped outside I saw Brother Ismaeel opening the gate of our
house, the expression on his face said it all after sighting me because it was so obvious
he was not expecting me at home very early like that…
Ismaeel: salam Aleikum Alfa Abdulrahman
Me: Wa aleikum salam (With strong face)
Ismaeel: You returned so early, what happened?
Me: Nothing..i just decided to come early..
Ismaeel: Lets take this load inside now…..
Me: Wait, please who is that on our bed
Ismaeel: She’s my girlfriend
Me: Girlfriend? You have a girlfriend? You have
started having Make love?
Ismaeel: Make love ke? Does having girlfriend
means you have started having Make love?
Please I will explain everything to you later when she’s gone
Me: Ohk…but i cant stay in the same room with her with the way she is right now
Ismaeel: Dont worry, just give her like 5mins, she will dress up and we can enter…she
wanted to take her bath that was when I realized we don’t have bathing soap at home.
Me: okay
“Ismaeel went inside and came back just like 2 minutes later”
Ismaeel: so, how is everybody at home?
Me: They are fine…everybody send their greetings…
Ismaeel:so, they packed all these food stuff for you?
Me: You should trust now, they even wanted to pack more than this but i had to reject them
Ismaeel: What about money?
Me: Dont you know how they send money to you before……..
Ismaeel: Am only asking, things might have changed
Me: Well they didn’t give me money but gave me something surprising to you
Ismaeel: What is that Alfa Abdulrahman
Me: Its inside, i will show you when we enter inside the room
Ismaeel: tell me now…..
Me: Dont worry brother Ismaeel, til we get inside
Ismaeel: let me even check if she is true…
“he peeped inside and brought his head back outside”
Ismaeel: Oya, lets go inside..lets pack all
these things inside
“we stated packing everything inside one after the other”
Ismaeel: baby, abdulrahman said he brought something from home for me but he has been hiding it from me
Ebun: what did you bring from home brother Abdulrahman
“i opened my bag and gave him a black nylon bag”
Ismaeel: What is this? Phone……wow
Ebun: wow…this is good, finally, there will be constant communication between me and my
Ismaeel: Yes oooo…….Did u also get any Alfa Abdulrahman
Me: It was as if they had a meeting..this is
mine too (i showed him my phillip phone)
Ismaeel: wow……this is nice, at least we are now among the league of phone owner on the
campus. The funniest thing was that we were
still discussing on getting a phone for me yesterday
Ebun: Abi oooo
Me: That is how mind works…..
Ebun: so, what are you going to eat this
morning? Lemme prepare food for you before going
Me: No need oooo
Ismaeel: Dont worry now brother Ismaeel, let her prepare the food for us.

After so much persuasion from both of them, I had to give in to their request and allow Ebun
to prepare our food. She prepared rice for us,
i don’t even know who prepare the soup at home, all i see was that the pot was filled up
with meat and other assorted animals. I thought Ebun movement will be so early not
until we started engaging in so many discussion and she didn’t leave until around 3pm.

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