? My prince charming ?

? She’s feisty he’s hot ?

?? Written by Lois ??

Episode 11

?Tiana ?

I continue brooding wheater to go or not but who could want to see me at the garden the gym

But That place is restricted

I kept tapping my feet on the floor waiting for the last teacher of the day to go out of the class

I dash out immediately she went out and started walking towards the garden

am I really going to do this

as I approached the garden I saw traits of roses and other beautiful flowers

a “wow” escaped my lips
then I saw a masculine figure backing me “huh”

“any one here” I shouted loud and he slowly turned around

Oh God its harry

But why is he here “he’s the person who dropped the note dummy” my subconscious yapped

“Tiana” he called calmy and softly giving me goosebumps

“ever since the first day I met you I felt connected I felt attracted but I got captured by your craziness” he said making my heart flatter and my face flushed

“will you be my girlfriend?” he popped the question

Oh my geee??

What do I do

I can’t denial the fact that I also fell for him at first sight

Or that my heartbeats rapidly for him

Or that his touch on my body is quite effective

“am waiting” he said snapping me to reality

“erm” I stuttered

“I’ll take your silence as a yes then” he said with a grin

“what! No” I said with my voice clearly betraying me

“it’s a yes then c’mon girlfriend” he said yanking me off

“I haven’t even said yes” I pouted

“I answered for you now lets get going” he said and I chuckled

“what a crazy boyfriend”

“really did you just admit am your boyfriend” he said and I gasp

“did say that out loud” i thought

“Yeah you did” he replied

“How did you……”
“You said it out loud again” he cuts in

Arghhhh!!! I face palmed my self fustratedly


It’s been a week since our relationship and I must say we are the most craziest couple in town

Our relationship has became known to the whole school including Maddie

And trust me she did not take it lightly

But guess what! Ion give adman as well

Even most of the students didn’t accept the relationship

Especially the girls
Some would gimme scornful looks and only few smile at me warmly

Hello! Who cares?

Kelly was crazily happy when she heard about it though I knew part of it was her hand work

She’s lucky I have not had her time she’d have been in deep sht


It was a sunny after noon on Friday and I was bored

Ken was in the bath tub washing his hair

I dyed it purple while he was sleeping ?

It looks Soo funny

I am bored ?

Oh karooke ??

It’s been long I last sang

I quickly went to pick up the remote and position it like a micro phone ?? and started singing and dancing

?Bounded to you
?Stuck together
? Can’t leave without you
?I am trapped in your love
?Lost in your arms
?Am giving you loving
?Where ever you want it
?I don’t care
?I will follow you till the end
? Thinking out loud
? People make love in mysterious ways
?But ours was one of a kind
? Crazy baby coozy honey
?I feel intoxicated by your love

I was still singing when I heard Harry’s melodious voice came through

?I feel safe in your heart
? Safe guarded by your love
? Swimming in the ocean of your love
? You’re my love
?I am yours
?Cos am Bounded to you
? Surrounded by your love
?I don’t really care
? What ever people say
?All I want to know is how much you love me
?All I want you to know is that my heart beats for you…….

“Awwn ? never knew you had a good voice” I said

“Never knew you weren’t bad either”

“How did you know that song” I asked with my hands carefully folded under my brea$ts

“I was in a secret band and Lois was my favorite artist” he replied with his gaze on my b00bs


“What can’t I stare again”

“Nah ah”

“Wanna go grab some lunch at the restaurant”

“Yay! Be right back”


At the restaurant

We were welcome warmly
And I must say this place is packed well

It’s an example of luxury

He lead us to the vvip table

And that place was a paradise of it’s own

Shortly after a waitress walked to us se.ductively

Hope she is not trying to se.duce Harry

Else she is going to get fired

“What would you like to eat she said facing me ”

“Some rice cakes and beef stew”


“How about you sir” she said smiling se.ductively to Harry slightly bitting her lower lip

Okay she’s getting on my nerves ??

“Same thing she ordered” Harry replied

“Okay handsome” she said and turn to leave


“Excuse me lady you have something on your face” I said and she frowned

Before she could talked

I grabbed Mac and cheese from the nearest table and emptied it in her

And Harry couldn’t help but bust into laughter ??

I don’t share what’s mine ?

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