SINGLE MOM: Episode 21-30


{When love decides
To take over}


?Episode 21?

Penny’s POV:

My first day at work wasn’t that bad, though it was hectic but I love it.

It is my job, what i love doing.

I glanced at my wristwatch and heaved a sigh of relief.

It is time to close up my work just remaining one file to sought out.

Typing furiously on my computer and working on my calculator as well, I was very preoccupied.

A knock came on the door and it was pushed open even before I said a word.

“You are not closed yet?” His voice boomed inside the room.

“Just this last file and I’ll be done with it, are you going?” I asked him and he nods.

“But not leaving you here all alone, you’re new to this environment.” He said and I stopped what I was doing then look up.

“You can go Mr King, don’t let me hold you. I can find my way around.” I said to him but he wasn’t having it, instead he walked into the office and sat down on the chair.

“Be fast if you want to save my time.” He said and closed his eyes.

Oh God.

He told me to work, but how can I work with him watching me? With his powerful aura radiating throughout the room?

I can’t even think straight.

That is what he does to me. He makes me so nervous.

So not knowing what to do.

I sigh and watch his closed eyes. Since he couldn’t see me I took my time to appreciate his features.

He is really beautiful man. A man whom everyone can turn around just to get a glimpse of.

He made me so nervous, so h0t, so, so h0rny.

Something that I haven’t feel for years.

The feeling is coming back.
My horny hormones, but this is so wrong.

I’m not a teenager anymore and I ought to control my needs.

“You can stop staring at me and continue with your work, or you can watch me as long as you can while we pass the night here. I’m sure you dont want the last option.” He said and I gasped.

He knew.

He knew that i was watching him.

I blushed and tried to act like he’s not there and work.

After saving the last of my work, I turn off my computer and grabbed my suit jacket.

It was just then that I noticed.

I was wearing just my white camisole all along.

Why didn’t he tell me to dress professionally?

I blushed and quickly wore my jacket and stood up from the chair then grabbed my bag.

I gulped down the last drop of the coffee that a work fellow got for me earlier.

“Ready.” I said and he stood up.

He led the way while I followed suit after turning off the light and closed the door.

“Did you enjoy your first day?” He asked me as well enter the elevator.

“Yes, I really enjoyed it.” I said sincerely.

It was silent, there was tension inside the elevator. I glanced at him through the side of my eyes and held my breath.

I want him.

I’m ashamed for the fact that I want a married man.

Penelope, are you this hopeless?

Our eyes met and I sucked in a breath.

“Fk it.” He said hoarsely and pressed the stop button then slamned his l!ps on mine.

My eyes grow wide at his sudden action. At first I was shocked.

“Kss me back.” He gr0aned.

I opened my mouth and kssed him back. D@mn it. I just want to live in the moment.

He quickly move away from me and hissed loudly.

I closed my eyes, not wanting to see the regret in his eyes.

“This never happened.” He said and walk out of the elevator to towards his car.

He opened his car and slipped in but didn’t move.

I pressed my car key and found out which one is mine then enter before driving out.

Immediately I drove out, I saw his car following me closely.

Was he waiting for me to leave first?


“Mommy why are we packing?” Chris asked me.

“I got a job baby, we’re going to our new apartment.” I told him.he frowned and sat down on the b.ed.

“You are not happy?” I asked him.

I squart down before him and grab hold of his hand.

“I don’t want to go, I’ll miss Arley , Martha, Faith.” He said and tears brimmed his eyes. “And Mr King.”

I’ll miss them too honey.

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