Episode 11

Alexander pov

I smirked ev’lly as I looked at them. Am going to go on with the plan, Anita be ready for me because you are going to see the bad side of me. I smirked

Am going to marry Anita but I won’t be the one to divorce her. I said still smirking ev!lly

What? Why won’t you divorce her? Hong baek-hyun asked and the rest nodded looking at me.

Am going to make her life miserable and she won’t have any other choice than to divorce me when she can’t take it anymore. I said smiling ev!lly.

Wow, seems the good guy is becoming bad. Hong baek-hyun commented and they laughs.


Guys I need to go now, I will see you guys soon. I said standing up

Okay and please send my regard to Sandra. Kim min-kyu said and I turned to look at him giving him a deadly glare.

Don’t look at me that way Alex, I just wanted you to send my regard to her is anything wrong with that. He said and I I rolled my eyes

Whatever, but just know that any day I find out that you guys are dating just know that you are no longer my friend. I said in a serious tone

Come on man you are being over protective, I see no reason why kim min-kyu can’t date Sandra. Um ki-joon said and I hissed

Bye guys. I waved and walked out, I could see some girls taking pictures of me secretly but I just ignored them.

I was about to enter into my car when I heard my name being called, I turned around and saw a girl wearing a mask running towards me.

Hi. She greeted breathing heavily like she was being chased.

Who the fk are you and why the h’ll are you calling me? I said rudely and she huffed

Stop being rude, well I have an information for you that might make you realize something and just so you know it might hurt you, meet me at this house alone and and you will get the information. She squeezed a paper into my hand before running away.

Who the fk is she and what information is she going to tell me. I taught as I looked at her running figure

I huffed and looked at the paper and discover it was a phone number which probably might be hers and the address of the house I guess.

Am sure she is like other girls who are trying to have a one night stand with me and I don’t want that sht.

I threw the paper away and entered into my car and started it before zooming off.

What information is she really talking about? Who told her I needed information when I don’t even need one. I taught as I handled the steering wheel

Well I don’t care much about it not when I have a situation at hand to handle.


I got home and the security man open the gate for me and I drove in

I opened the car door and stepped out of the car while the security men kept bowing down.

I look around and discover Mr Cole was no longer in the compound which clearly means one thing they were no longer here.

I got to the sitting room and met my parents and Sandra watching TV.

Oppa. Sandra screamed and came to hug me and I reciprocated immediately.

Son welcome back. Mum said and I nodded while my dad just pretended like he didn’t notice my presence and I scoffed.

I can’t believe this, he really meant it when he said he no longer consider me as his son until I get married to Anita.

This is really crazy

Dad you don’t need to ignore me, there is no need for that because I have decided to marry ANITA COLE. I said trying hard not to cry

It really pained me alot, it is ki lling me badly, I felt so ashamed of myself right now.

The one name I have wanted to mention and make those marriage vows with is Elizabeth but because of a little mistake it has turned out to be my worst night mare.

Anita is going to regret ever marrying me or getting pregnant for me because I will make sure of that.

Oh really son, that is a good decision. Dad said smiling and I hissed and walked out of them heading to my room.

I was about to close my room door when Sandra pushed the door and walked in.

You are getting married and you didn’t even bother to let me know. Sandra said a bit angry and I rolled my eyes

I know she is not happy because she taught I am getting married to Elizabeth making me wonder why they hate her so much.

If you heard the name I mentioned you would be happy, I am not getting married to Elizabeth but her sister. I said and she bursted into laughter making me look stupid

Do you realize that Anita is my friend and her sister is Elizabeth? She asked and I nodded looking at her

You guys only met once so how come you are getting married to her? She asked clearly confused

And I wished I never met her that once. I wish I never get to see her. I shouted and she gasped in shock starring at me.

Oppa what is wrong? Talk to me please. She said clearly confused and I decided to explain to her.

You remember that night when you saw me carrying Anita on your birthday party? I asked and she nodded.

That night I had sx with her. I said and she covered her mouth in shock.

That night I had sx with her because I was drunk and that has lead to her getting pregnant and now dad wants me to get married to her or he will disown me because he wants to save his reputation. I said crying already and Sandra closed her eyes and came to hug me.

Oh my God oppa this is so bad, I know how much you love Elizabeth and how much you planned so much for your wedding with her and now this has ruined it. She said in a cracked voice and I sniffed.
But I quite agree with dad, you should marry the girl carrying your child, is not like I am supporting dad but you got to do what is right. She said and I looked at her in surprise

Really? I taught you were supporting me, just tell me one reason why you think I should marry Anita or do you think I am happy making this decision. I shouted standing up from the bed

Oppa marry Anita because of the baby. She said calmly and I scoffed

I am really angry right now and I needed her out of my room because I might say something that may hurt her.

Sandra I need you to get out of my room. I said calmly and she stood up and came to stand close to me.

Oppa am sorry if I got you angry oppa. She apologized and I rolled my eyes.

Come on please forgive me. She said pouting her lips cutely like a baby and I bursted into laughter before hugging her.

No matter how angry I am I will never get angry at my beloved sister.


Anita pov

The ringing tone on my phone woke me up and I sleepily took the phone from the table close to me and I looked at the screen and discovered it was Sandra and I stood up immediately.

What if she has found out about what happened and she got angry and decided to end our friendship. I taught as I looked at the phone as it continued ringing.

I shakily picked the call and place it on my ear.

Hello in-law. She screamed and I quickly moved the phone away from my ear.

What the h’ll did you just call me?

In-law, is anything wrong with that since my brother has agreed to marry you. She said and I gasped in shock

So get ready Anita because we are coming soon to fixed a date for the wedding and maybe some preparation. She said and I ended the call immediately

Geez this is really bad, Elizabeth has come back home few hours ago and she has not come out since neither has she eaten anything then what will happen if she get to know about this.

Why will Alex accept to marry me, did he even think of how Elizabeth will feel when he was making such decision.

Why Has God decided to make this part of my life, I never wanted this and I still don’t want it.

Tears fell down from my eyes as I thought about the pain Elizabeth will feel when she finds out about this.


I stood up and rushed to the window when I heard the sound of cars driving into our compound.

Four cars parked and the first car opened and men in black suit came out and rushed to open the second car.

Mr Huston and his wife, Aalexander and Sandra steped out of the car looking rich and classic walking majestically into the house.

Alexander stopped and looked at the window I was standing. We kept starring at each other and I myself could not take my eyes off him. He smirked at me before walking into the house.

God this is really happening. I whispered pacing up and down

The door open and my mum walked in looking happy.
Come on Anita your dad request your presence in the sitting room. She said and walked out while I followed her behind.

I got to the steps and stopped when I saw Alexander sitting down looking handsome. I really felt so scared right now for myself.

I walked fully into the sitting room and all eyes fell on me especially Alex who was looking at me in a strange way but quickly look away when I caught him starring.

Come on sit down. Dad said and I slowly sat down and Sandra sIapped me lightly on my shoulder making me turn to look at her and she smiled at me.

Well I don’t have much to say Mr cole, I just wanted you to know that the wedding is taking place this weekend. Mr huston said and I gasped in shock.

Mr Huston that is really early. I said for the first time and Alexander hissed.

So you guys are really getting married? I heard that voice I have been scared of hearing.

We all turned to look at Elizabeth and she was crying so badly making me feel bad.

Alex stood up immediately looking at Elizabeth as she cried.

How could you guys do this to me, I thought you were my sister how could you betrayed me? She said looking at me and I looked down in shame.

I hate you guys so much. She screamed and ran out of the house.

Alexander sat down on the chair and I could see it through his eyes he was hurt, he wanted to run after her but he controlled himself and sat down back on the chair.

There is not much to say so I suggest you guys get to know each other better. My dad said and they all nodded before walking out of the sitting room, Sandra winkes at me before walking out of the house.

Everywhere became silent maybe because we didn’t like what is going on or maybe we have nothing to say.

Am sure you are happy now considering the fact that I have decided to marry you. He said and I eyed him

I am not happy Alex and I would never be happy getting married to my sister’s fiance. I said and he huffed.

Stop pretending Anita for we both know you wanted this so stop trying to pretend because it doesn’t suit you. He said

I am not pretending Alexander or do you think I am happy getting married to you, I am going through this road because of my unborn baby. I said and he smirked and moved closer to me before whispering into my ear.

If you know what I have in store for you, you wouldn’t want to go through with this marriage. He said raising his head still maintaining his smirked and I became scared for myself.

I see you guys are getting really close. Mr Huston said smiling just like the rest

Yes dad we are getting to know each other right Anita? Alex asked still smirking and I nodded faking a smile.

Let have dinner together please. My mum said and we all walked to the table.

I look at Alex as he sat down in one of the chairs facing me and I became scared by just looking at him…..


Unknown pov

I smirked evily as I look at the sx videos.

Elizabeth is just a bch and I am going to ruin her life, she is going to come crawling on my feet just like I wanted and I am going to make sure of that. I said and suddenly bursted into laughter

Keep this safe Anthony because this is what we will be using to strike. I said giving one of my boys the phone and he bows down before taking it from me.

I hope Alex can make it but if he doesn’t I will send the videos to him and make him fall for me.

I have always liked Alexander right from the first time I saw him at the mall shopping with his sister. I tried to make him fall for me but he already fell for that same sIut who took my boyfriend away from me and I am going to ruin her life.

Any girl who tries to come close to Alex will see the stuff I am made of, I am going to hunt her and I will make sure I ki ll her because Alex is mine and mine alone. I taught laughing loudly…


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