NICKLAUS THE MASTER: Chapter 11 to 20


Chapter 11

Written by: Racheal Dennis

Anastasia’s pov 👠

My heart pounding as I stare at him, frighteningly anticipating his conditions.

I hope it’s gonna be more than I can handle and also.. I’m not gonna do anything illegal for him.

NICKLAUS THE MASTER: Chapter 11 to 20.

“Number one condition is…..” He trails off.

He turns to face, his arms folded across his chest. I gulp nervously and pricks my ears up.

“… I want to continue having you on my b.ed!”

“What?!” My eyes bulges out.

He wants to continue having me on his b.ed?! Does that mean he’ll be having sx with me now?!

I’ll be a sx worker?!

“Stop that thought running through your head!” He commands.

“What thought?” I asked.

Did I say my thoughts out loud? He glares at me.

“I don’t need a sx toy… I need you on my b.ed because of your scent! Your scent helps me relax!”


I don’t know why am having this thought, but from his expression, I can tell he’s mad at me for thinking about myself being a sx worker!

Or maybe it’s my mind playing tricks on me… Mr Statham can never be mad because of my useless thoughts.

“Also, I’ll sleep beside you.. you’re not allowed to leave the be.d until I’ve fallen deep into slumber!”

Really?! I’ll have to sleep on the b.ed with him laying next to me?!

Well, I’ll just let him since my scent is his stress reliever….

“Number two condition, the tabloids said I’m g.ay… because I haven’t being associating with ladies….”

He clenched his jaw tightly as if he’s recalling something.

Why haven’t he be associating with ladies? He’s a rich man and I believe he knows some high class ladies…

“… so, I need you to be my girlfriend!”

His words interrupts my thoughts, my big eyes grows wide.

“G-girl what?!” I exclaimed.

“My girlfriend!”

I quickly get up, staring at him.

Yeah, I know I said I can do anything provided Denzel’s treated.. but being someone’s girlfriend is something I wasn’t anticipating.

“Your girlfriend?”


This is absurd! He’s studying my expression, I know my expression disappoints him.

Many girls will jump up and gladly accept this condition, but here I am…he must be disappointed.


“Contract girlfriend!” He cuts me off.

A relief breath subconsciously escape my mouth.. and I feel my mind calming down slowly.

“I just need you to appear whenever I need you… ”

I secretly roll my eyeballs, he’s making it sound as if I’m his call girl.

“… you’ll have to go to galas with me, even though we’re a fake couple.. we’re gonna do what normal couples do, everything they do…”


He nods.

“Yes, everything!”

“Including sx?! I thought you said you’re not looking for a sx toy?!”

He closes his eyes and smacks his forehead gently.

“Everything excluding sx!”

I smile and feel my tensed muscles relax…my vrgnity will still be intact.

“You’ll have the privilege of demanding anything of me….”

I shake my head, cutting him off.

“No, I don’t need anything, I just want my brother to be treated!”

He didn’t say anything about that, he simply continues.

“To make people believe we’re really in a relationship, you’ll be spending the weekends in my home…. ”

He trails off and thinks, I guess he’s looking for what to say.

“… As my housekeeper!”

Hmm, I really don’t think his conditions make sense but who am I to complain?

“You’ll address me as Master when you’re here.. but call me Nicklaus in public!”


“Yes, that’s my first name!”

I nod but chuckles, his name makes me remember Nicklaus from THE ORIGINALS!

“Nicklaus is a mouthful, can I call you Klaus?!” I asked.

He stares at me intensely, like he’s in a daze or he’s recalling something.

I wave my hands in front of his eyes and he blinks back to reality.. I withdraw my hand.

“Er..why should I call you master here in your mansion?”

“That’s what my workers call me here!” He replies.

“But I’m gonna be your girlfriend..well, fake girlfriend, do I need to call you that?”

“Yes! To the people outside, you’re my girlfriend…but within these walls, you are my worker…I paid your brother’s hospital bills in exchange for your services!”

I didn’t ask any further questions… he’s right, im his debtor now.

I’m working as his girlfriend to pay off my debts…I’m working as his stress reliever to pay off my debts.

This is all for Denzel.

“And the third condition…. ”

Silence falls on us as he thinks about it, I’m praying it’s not gonna be difficult.

“… I’ll leave the third condition open for now!”

“Yes, Mr Stat… ”

He clears his throat as if to correct me.

“… Master!” I quickly correct myself.


He turns to Graham who I have forgotten is still in the room.

“You can retreat, Graham!”

“Yes, sir!” Graham rushes out without wasting time.

Now it’s just me and Mr Statham, he head towards his bathroom.. taking off his jacket.

“Master, it’s late, I think I should head back now!”

He looks at the wall clock and shakes his head in disagreement.

“You are not going back today.. you’ll sleep with me today and I’ll send you home tomorrow!” He said.

I rolled my eyes, he sure knows how to use his words.. for crying out loud, I’m not sleeping with you!

“Get on the b.ed, I’ll join you soon!” He commands and enters his bathroom.

Slamming the door behind him, I sigh and climbs onto his b.ed.

It’s official now, I’m gonna be sleeping ON MY MASTER’S B.ED!

Thankfully, we’re not gonna interfer with each other’s life.


Next morning….

“Thank you, master!” I thanked Mr Statham.

We’re currently in Mr Statham’s car outside our shop, Graham sits in the driver’s seat…

Mr Statham (I guess I should start calling him Klaus in my head) and I are at the backseats.

“You’re coming over to cook dinner for me tonight!”


“You’re my girlfriend, girlfriends cook for their boyfriends!” He states.

“But I…..”

He made me swallow my words with his questioning gaze..I wanted to tell him I don’t know how to cook.

“Also, don’t forget to ask me anything… anything you need, anything at all”

I nod..he reaches out his hand and caresses my cheek softly…I frown in confusion.

Is this guy ok? I think both him and his conditions are abnormal…hmm!

“Go on!” He said.

Without wasting time, I quickly get off his car and walk run into the shop.

I watch his car zoom off before turning back… I gasp.

The shop is packed, like there are literally no empty tables and people are still coming in.

“What the heck happened?” I asked myself.

“Well, I’m about to ask you that!” I hear Matilda say as she walk towards me.

I frown cause I don’t know what is going on here.

“What happened after you left Statham enterprise? Where did you go?” She asked.

I link our arms together and lead us to a corner… Jack is busy attending to customers.

“It’s a long story but I’ve managed to get Denzel’s operation money!”

Matilda paused and stares at me with a questioning frown.. I sit her down on a chair and sits next to her.

“How did you get the money?!”

Before I could speak, she gasp.

“Don’t tell me you agreed to be a billionaire’s baby mama!”

I rolled my eyes, Matilda really need to stop watching those K-dramas!

“I’m not anybody’s baby mama, will you shut up and listen to me, Tilda?”

She nods and keeps quiet.

“So, after I left Statham enterprise, I went to the hospital…..”


Authoress’ pov 👠

Nicklaus stares at the picture in his hands and smiles…he laughs at Nina’s silly face.

He never knew he’s long met Nina…he never knew he’d reunite with Nina so soon.

But why did she lose her memories? Was the accident a plan? He wonders.

He reaches for his phone and dials Marcus’s number.

“Marc, I’ll send you some information…look into it for me!”

“Well, good morning to you too, Mr Statham!” Marcus said.

“I didn’t say good morning!” Nicklaus said.

“Yeah, I know… that’s why I’m reminding you!”

Nicklaus rolls his eyes.

“What I asked you to prepare yesterday…is it done?”

“Yes, they have been waiting outside the shop even before you guys got there!”

“Good! I’ll send you the info!” Nicklaus said and hangs up.

He quickly sends Marcus the information.


LA city hospital….

Denzel sits alone in the field, clutching his ball to his chest while he waits for his aunt to come join him.

He watches other kids running around, laughing and interacting happily.

A little boy of his age comes to him and knees next to him.

“Hey! Why are you sitting here.. come let’s play your ball”

Denzel looks at him doubtfully, he doesn’t know if this kid has come to mock him.

“I’m Bill, come on.. let’s join them!”

Denzel turns to the other kids and shakes his head.

“No!” He replies.

“Why? It’s fun to play together!” Bill said.

Denzel looks down at his ball.

“They won’t let me join them!”

Bill frowns at the other kids, then scoffs.

“Fine then, we’ll form our own team!”

He grabs Denzel’s hand before Denzel could say no… He pulls him along into the main field.

Bill creates a moderate space between them.

“Let’s play!” Bill said.

Denzel smiles, he drops his ball and kicks it towards Bill.. the ball didn’t get to Bill because someone else stops it midway.

“Hey, biggie! Let go of the ball” Bill said.

Biggie scoffs and picks the ball, he looks between Bill and Denzel.

“Why are you playing with this weakling?” Biggie asked Bill.

Denzel clenched his tiny fists and move closer to Biggie.

“Who are you calling a weakling?” Denzel challenges him.


Denzel snatches his ball from Biggie and give Biggie a push, which sends Biggie staggering back a little.

“I’m not a weakling!”

“Yes! He’s not a weakling!” Bill agrees with Denzel.

Biggie laughs and shakes his head.

“Everyone knows he’s a weakling, he’s going to die soon!”

“I’m not going to die!”

“Yes, you are… ”

Denzel look around and see other kids gathering around, he turns back to Biggie and glares at him.

“I’m not going to die! Doctor Hemsworth told me I’m healed!”

“He’s lying, my mom said you are still sick and you will die soon!”

He turns to Bill.

“Don’t play with him or he’s gonna die on you!”

Denzel is angry but he tries hard to keep his cool, he has promised his sister he will not fight with anyone and cause trouble.

He smiles at Bill.

“I don’t wanna play!” He said.

He turns and head back, but Biggie said something that made him angry.

“It’s his sister’s fault… My mom said his sister is too poor to pay the money!” Biggie said and the other kids starts laughing.

Though Bill didn’t join in their laughter, rather he’s staring at Denzel pitifully.

Denzel turns back.

“My sister is not poor, she brings money and other stuff for my aunt and I” he defends his sister.

“If she’s not poor, why haven’t she paid the money… Why are you still staying here?”

Denzel look around, the other kids are laughing at him and he becomes more angry.

“I said my sister is not poor! My sister is not poor! My sister is not poor!”

“She’s poor!” Biggie mocks him further.

“I am angry now!” Denzel tells Biggie.

“Then show us your anger! What can you do?”

Denzel continue glaring at Biggie.

“Your whole family is poor! Your sister is….”

Denzel didn’t let Biggie finish his words, he throws his ball away and pushes Biggie very hard.

Biggie falls to the ground and Denzel quickly sits on him.. without giving Biggie any time to fight back.. he begins to punch Biggie’s face.

Denzel’s tiny fist continue doing justice to Biggie’s face while Biggie cries for him to stop… But Denzel ignores his cries.

Bill retreat to get help.


Anastasia’s pov 👠

“OMG! This is practically a K-drama’s plot!” Matilda exclaims.

A big smile on her face, I’m scared that her face might hurt from all the smiling she’s been doing.

“Tasia, you just hit a jack pot!” She said.

I huffed.

“I wish it’s a jack pot. Don’t you find it a little bit abnormal?”

She frowns and feels my temperature.

“Girl, you’re the abnormal one… I mean, I’d gladly accept this deal, after all there’s no sx… He just needs you on his b.ed!”

I sigh.

“Tilda, he needs…. ”

My phone’s ringtone cuts me off, I reach for it and sees doctor Hemsworth name on the screen.

My heart starts pounding in fear as many thoughts rushes through my mind.

Why is he calling me? Did something happen to Denzel?

My hands starts shaking.

“D-doctor, Hems.. Hemsworth?” I asked in a shaky voice.

I can even feel my body shaking, I’m already scared of what he’s gonna say.

“Anna, come over… something happened!”

“W-what happened?”

“It’s about Denzel” he said.

I hang up and without wasting time, I snatch my bag from the table.

“Tasia are you ok?” Matilda asked.

I shake my head.

“I.. I.. something happened at the hospital.. Denzel, he…”

“Denzel? What happened to Denzel?”

“I.. I don’t know.. I should go!” I said and rush off.

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