No Choice But to Live With Him

Episode 21



Time; 4:00pm

“Sarah, you shouldn’t have come.

I planned on coming for the weekend”

“No, that ain’t necessary.

You’re someone’s wife now”

“I know, I don’t think this marriage might work…

My supposed husband is treating me like his slave.

He doesn’t even want me on the same bed with him.

You know we’re sharing a room”

“Yeah, as couples do”

“Anyways let’s forget about that, how are the twins?”

“Those two, Nicky when ever you get a call and you’re told that I slept and didn’t wake up, just know that those boys killed me” she said and I laughed.

“Why is that?”

“They went from bad to worst, I’m not even having time for myself.

When I leave for work, before I’m back… The whole place would be messed up and dirty.

And they don’t even clean up”

“Really? I’ve really missed them”

“Oh! You can come visit them.

Its obvious they’re at home”

“I’d love to, but I have to go home now. The driver is waiting for me”

“Okay, so we’re expecting you this weekend”

“Yeah,for sure”

“Okay, I’ll inform them”

“Kk,so when you get home greet mum and dad… And my lovely twins”



Location: On the road🛣️🚙

Wow! I really had a nice time with Mr hottie.

He’s so sweet, and dmn good in that. I just hope this sx leads to pregnancy, I really want to be his wife.

I’ve always dreamt of being married to the Dickson family and not only being married into their family but being Alfredo’s wife.

And if I get pregnant I hope it’s a boy…

Jeez! My plans are working perfectly.

“Hey Tyson, where did Sarah go to?”

“I don’t know”

“Maybe she ran away”

“Why would she?” Said my twin.

“I don’t know,maybe cos you’re giving her headaches”

“Me or you? I’m not a trouble maker neither am I naughty”

“Anyways, Chloe is coming here and I want you to stay in your room and don’t come out.

And change that blue shirt you’re wearing, its just like mine” I said and gave him a bad stare.

“Why should I stay in my room?”

“We look identical and there is no way she’ll differentiate between the both of us”

“Of course it’s possible I’m an inch taller”

“But I’m way cuter” I said with a smile.

“We look alike!”

“Yeah I know, but one twin must be cuter than the other”

“Not in our case, we look the same in all aspect”

“Fine I agree, but please go to your room… I don’t want what happened last time to repeat itself again”

“Yeah, her lips are so sugary and they taste like berries”

“Just stop, its annoying”

“That’s for you”

And we had a knock🚪

“Who’s it?” Tyson said.

“Chloe” we heard from outside.

“She’s here, to ur room now” I said and opened the door.


“Come on Chloe” I said.
“Hey Chloe, I’ve been Waiting for you,Tyson let her come in” Tyson said and smiled naughtily.

“Hey Thor” she said to Tyson and walked towards him.

“Hey, I’m right here” I yelled and shut the door.

“Tyson you can go to ur room now” he said.

“But I’m Thor” I replied.

“You both are getting me confused, which of you is my boyfriend?” She said

“I am” we both said at once.
“Maybe I should just leave and see the real Thor in school tomorrow” she said and wanted to leave…

But I held her wrist.

“Baby,its me. I’m Thor” I said and she looked at Tyson.

“Really? When last did you call me?”

“This evening” Tyson replied.

“Two days ago” I added.

“Yeah! You’re my Thor” and she hugged me while I made faces at Tyson from behind.

So its really not easy keeping up with my brother especially when it comes to girls.

They always mistake us to be the other while we play along😅😁

👗Mrs Dickson👗

Time; 7pm

“So the wedding would be this weekend” I said to Jade.

“Okay mum, preparations will start tomorrow right?”

“Yeah, we have a long way to go.

The cards are ready so I’ll start giving them out as soon as possible”

“Okay. Nicky should be aware of it right?”

“Yeah! They both of them. Isn’t it their wedding?”

“Its is mum” and we laughed.
“I only pray things don’t go as wrong as the welcoming party was”

“Me too… Alfredo shouldn’t really be the Dick… son he is”


“Nicky maybe we should avoid each other for now.

I don’t want what happened at your school to repeat again” I said to her. She was in my room.

“I know and I’m sorry” she apologized.

“My family might start suspecting us and I really don’t want to betray my brother”

“I know but I love you”

“You what?”

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