NOT ANYMORE: Episode 11-20

? Death why? ?

Episode 11.

? Nathaniel ?
I got home.
I met rose and the kids together at the sitting room.
She stood up.
Our eyes met but she looked away.

“I shouldn’t have spoken to her in that manner” i thought.

I sighed.
” Dad Dad” the kids yelled running to me.
I smiled at them.
Rose walked away.

I squat to their level.
” How are you doing? I asked.
” Fine dad” Angel said.
Mabel nodded her head.
” Dad let me help you with this” Angel said pointing at my briefcase.

I gave it to her.
” Lets go your room” Mabel said.
I smiled and carried her.

We got into my room.
I dropped Mabel on the bed.

” How was school today? I asked unbottoning my shirt.

” It’s was fine dad” Angel said smiling.

” Okay” i said.

Angel picked up Sara little picture frame beside the bed staring at it.

” I missed you” she said.
” I missed her too” I said.

She dropped it and smiled at me.
” Dad when will you get a new mom for us? Mabel asked.

I looked at her surprised.
” New mum? I arched my brow.

” Yes dad” Angel said.

” Dad we are tired of living without a mum, we need a new mum” angel said while Mabel nodded her head.

” I need to take a shower now” i said heading to the bathroom.

I sighed.
” My kids wants a new mum.
They have never told me to get a new mum for them before

Could this be rose idea?

It’s better not be her idea of telling my kids that I should get them a new Mom.
Maybe I could marry her.

No one can ever take Sara’s place.

I freshened up and changed into my night wear.

My kids are not inside anymore.

I need some drinks.
I got down and met them all at the dinning.
Rose wasn’t eating. She was staring at the food with a sad expression.

What’s is wrong with her?
Is she hurt with what I told her?

But if she wasn’t stealing then why is she is my room in the name of arranging my room.

But what if she is just arranging it?

” Is something wrong? Angel asked.
She smiled” not really angel”
” But you are not eating” Angel said.

” I just don’t feel like eating but I will eat little of it” she said.

Angel nodded her head.

She looked up and our eyes met.
She looked away.

Angel sighted me standing.
” Das please come and have dinner with us” she said.

” No Angel, am here to get some drinks” i said.

” Please dad” Mabel pouted.

” No Mabel, I have some work to do in my room”

” You don’t love us dad” Angel said frowning.

” I love you” i said.

” If you love us then eat with us” Mabel said

I looked at them then rose.
She was looking at the kids.

I sighed.
” Okay I will” I said.

I sat down with them.
Rose stood up and dished out the food for me.

I started eating.
For real the food is delicious.
She is sure a good cook.

” How is the food dad? Angel asked.

I looked at her then rose, she wasn’t even looking my direction.
She just fixed her gaze on the food without eating.

Is she lost in thought?
What is she thinking?

Part of me felt bad for insulting her but she doesn’t have the right to go into my room without my permission.

” Talk dad” Mabel said jerking me out of my thoughts.

“Hmmmmm….it tastes good” I said.

Angel smiled widely.
She looked at rose then me.
She and Mabel looked at each other then hit their palms together.

I looked at them.

I ate the food and retired to my room.
” Sara, I missed you and the kids missed you too” i said staring at her picture.

” Your kids are asking for a new mum, Angel and Mabel wants a new mum, what do you want me to do? I asked looking at her picture.

” No one can ever take your place Sara, no one” I said kssing her picture.

?Rose ?
I couldn’t eat the food I prepared.
I just lost appetite for it.
All what Nathaniel said to me earlier in the morning left me thinking.

If only my parents didn’t die I won’t be here working and receiving insult but am glad am here to fill the mother love in the kids heart.

Nathaniel ate the food with us.
He likes it though..
“Hmmmmm…it’s tastes good” what he said made me smile .

I cleared the dished.
I put the kids to bed and retired to my room.

I fell on the bed and slept off.


I woke up and freshened up.
I prepared breakfast.
I got to the kids room.
They are awake already.
I smiled.
” Good morning mum” they greeted.

I smiled”.
” Good morning, i hope you slept well? I asked.

They nodded their head.
” Okay then let’s freshen up” i said.

I got them ready for school.
” Mum, we want to see dad” Angel said.

I nodded my head heading downstairs.

? Nathaniel ?
” Niel, for how long do you want to continue living like this? Sara asked.

” For as long as I can Sara” i said.

” No Niel, you need to let’s go and forget about me” Sara said.

” I love you Sara”

” I know you love me but we can’t be together anymore” she said.

” Sara”

” Please Niel you are hurting yourself you are hurting our kids as well” she said.

” Sara”

” Niel please you have to forget about me.. please let’s go of my death..please need to start living a normal life like when we met each other”

” But it is not easy as you think Sara”

” I know but you have to make it easy, please Niel, please forget about me”

” Why don’t you just take me with you” i said.

” No Niel, the kids needs you, everyone needs you”

” I love you Sara”

” I love you too Niel.. but we can’t be together anymore. Say hi to our kids” she said moving away.

” Sara, Sara…” I shouted.

She waved at me smiling.

” Sara please don’t leave me” I yelled.

She vanished into a thin air.

” Sara”.


I felt someone tapping me shouting.

I opened my eyes.
” Dad” Angel called.

I looked around the room.

Sara’s appearance was all a dream.
It was all a dream?

Sara told me to let’s go of her.

I should forget about her?

” Dad what’s wrong? Angel asked looking at me strangely.

I looked at her then Mabel.

” Good morning Dad” Mabel asked.

I kssed their foreheads.
Tear dropped from my eyes.

” Dad? Angel called.

I looked at her.

” What happened? She asked.

” It’s nothing” i said.

” Okay then we wants to have our breakfast now, see you later dad” they said and walked out of the room.

I sighed.
I took Sara’s picture.

” Sara, I can’t let’s go of you” i Said kssing her picture.

Written by ???? owie oyindamola.

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