L. O. V. E More Than Four Letters: Chapter 21-30

?? L. O. V. E ??

???(More than four letters_ Silverado high school)???

? Chapter twenty one ?


A very long chapter

? Tessa ?

“This is what I meant when I pointed at him as the most romantic, whoa! ” Sam shouted from where he’s standing as I broke the kiss with Olly and hugged him

Right now, I’m not thinking about the dangers or anything else except him, I love him very much, my heart confirms it cos it’s beating for him

“Thanks for accepting me Tess” he said and cupped my face

“now besides love, I also need your protection” I said seriously

“and I’ll do that, I’ll make sure no one messes with you and your dad, it’s a promise, you won’t go anywhere Alone, always go in any of my fleet of cars with my guards, I’ll assign three guards to your dad too, is that ok? ” He asked and I hugged him

” I love you”.

” I love you”

We came down from the stage and the party continued

” Bess I’m so happy for you!” Tamara exclaimed and hugged me

” Thanks Bess”

” Oh Tessa, you’re really the right one for him, teach him some good lessons” Loretta said

” Sure, I’ll make sure” I replied and winked at Olly, he pouted childishly.

“You both look good together” Berry said

“I know right?, They’ll make a good couple in the future” Garett replied

“if you mess with her, I’m sure she’ll gobble you up in one gulp” Dino said and we all laughed

“Now it’s the turn of I the love doctor to speak, I said it but you guys kept pretending, now that it has been revealed, do try to be good to each other, though I know you both can’t do without Fighting” Sam said as Becca passed by our table

“isn’t that Becca?” He asked

“Sure” I replied

“oh” he said and smiled

. ? Becca ?

I walked furiously out of the hall and threw my purse away, Sona ran after me and took it

“Becca are you crazy?, You know I’m getting fed up of you, aren’t you tired of trying to make them suffer?, You always fail at each attempt so just stop already, now that they’ve confessed their love in public, what are you gonna do? ” Sona complained

” I can’t let my step brother be with that slut, I’ll surely move fast!” I spat angrily

Almost immediately, Sam came out

He came straight to me

“So who’s the step brother and who’s the slut?” He asked and my heart skipped a beat

” You heard all that? ”

” Of course, so far my ear still works, probably you’re referring to Olly as your step brother, that can be true but calling Tessa a slut is what I won’t take lightly cos she’s not” he said seriously

” And why is everyone protecting her?” I asked

“Don’t you get it,?, First, it’s because she’s Olly’s girlfriend now, and second, she’s a good person, why don’t you get it! ” He said

“I’m… I’m…. I was..

“No need to talk, I’ve said my piece, have a good night” he said before leaving

” Damn!!! ”

? Teddy ?

“Loretta wait!” I shouted after her as she’s going out of the hall hurriedly

“Don’t follow me!* She shot back

” I need to make things clear! ” I shouted

” There’s nothing to make clear!, Just forget about the kiss like it never happened, I promise you I will bury all my feelings for you” she said before hopping into her car… She left

I ran my hands through my hair frustratedly

I was too carried away to remember I’m in a parking lot

A car that’s about to make a turn hit me and I fell, hitting my head on the ground….. Blackout

? Dino ?

“Teddy has been hit by a car!” Someone suddenly shouted and we all ran out

He’s lying helplessly on the ground with a small cut on his forehead

“I think he lost consciousness as a result of shock” Olly said

We jointly carried him to the car and took him to the hospital

? Loretta ?

I sighed as I got home and threw my bag on the couch

I followed, I think it’s really high time I forget about him, he’s not into me at all, he doesn’t seem interested and that hurts

But can I really forget about him?

I decided to take a bath, I put on my shower cap and entered the bathroom but then, I’ve run out of bathing soap, I can back to my room to get one from the pack I got last week

I’m heading back to the bathroom when my phone suddenly rang and I checked the ID, it’s Tessa

?? Tessa why…

?? Quick?!, Come to seungkyung hospital right now, Teddy had an accident

?? What!

I lost my sense Immediately, forgetting that I have a shower cap on and a soap

I ran out of the house, I even forgot I have many cars

I ran all the way to the hospital, a fifteen minutes run

I was breathing heavily when I got there

“Ma’am , Please where is the ward of Teddy Zhao? I asked a nurse

“Oh, that way” she replied, giving me a weird look but I don’t care right now

I ran to the ward and met him lying on the bed, his eyes is opened and he has a bandage on his head

The GOLDS, Tamara, Tessa and Berry are there, giving me weird looks

“Are you ok?” I asked Teddy and he looked at me weirdly too

“What’s that in your hand?” He asked and when I looked, I’m holding a bathing soap, I didn’t even know, I’m so …

“And I like your cap” Sam said

“What are you talking about I’m not wearing a cap” I said and touched my head

My shower cap

Oh I get it!, That’s why everyone has been looking strangely at me, I mean who wears a shower cap to the hospital, that too at night?

I gave a crooked laugh

“Teddy I’m envious of you, a girl is loosing her mind cos of you” Sam said and I hit him playfully

“I’m sorry Loretta” Teddy said

” Oh, apologizing time, shouldn’t we go out and give them space? ” Dino said

” Take care of him” Olly said and I nodded as they all left

“You did nothing wrong” I replied

“I … Kssed you , it’s like I took advantage of you” he said

“Don’t worry, just get well soon, I’ve promised you right?, I won’t force myself on you again” I replied

” No Loretta, it’s not like you’re forcing yourself but….

“Save your strength, just relax” she interrupted

? Jung Nora ?

“Ma’am here’s the latest gist in Silverado website” my PA said as he handed my iPad to me

So Olly asked Tessa out yesterday and she has the nerves to say yes, well I’ll leave them to enjoy their short lived relationship cos once Jerome arrives, everything will be over

? Olly ?

“You should go for the meeting if he calls for it” mum persuaded

Dad actually called for a family meeting with him, Mrs Julian and Becca

“No mum, I don’t want to go” I replied

“Will you listen to mummy and just go meet the old man?” Nora said and I smiled

“Nicky I hate that old man”

” I hate him too and mummy hates him more, but you gotta go, just hear what he has to say” Nicky interrupted

” He has nothing to talk about that the relationship between I and Tessa” I replied

” Even at that, just go” mum said

” Ok ok ok, I’ll go…by the way, I hope you’ve told Tessa’s dad about my plan?” I asked

” Yes son” she replied and I pecked her I pecked Nicky too before leaving for the darn meeting


They’re waiting already as I got there

I took my seat and shot Becca and madam Julian a deadly glare

“I called you here cos of …

” Cos of Tessa right?, But I’m sorry to disappoint you, I’m not gonna listen to anything you have to say” I replied curtly

” It’s not about Tessa though I’m still gonna talk about that,I called you to get together with Julian and Becca” he said and I smiled sarcastically

I stood up

” I’m not ready to get together!” I shot and started heading out

“And about Tessa, I think that girl and her dad has a death wish, you know what I’m capable of doing, you have the nerves to proclaim love for each other in public?, The news is trending that my heir is….

“Oh stop, if you dare touch Tessa or her dad, then I’ll strangle you myself, and you Becca, you better not try anything funny, else you know what I’m capable of” I threatened and left

I shouldn’t have gone in the first place

? Tessa ?

“Tessa do you want to see me die?, How can the two of you be so fearless?, Confessing your love in public?, God this is bad, chairman Alec is no joke and Nora is a devil” dad complained

” I know dad but we can’t act like cowards, he said he’ll send you a car and three guards, also we’re moving from this house to another house today, maids are available already” I replied

” What!”

” Yes dad, so don’t panic, we’ll be ok, he promised his protection and Mrs Yvonne did too” I replied..

He sighed and held my hand

” I know you love him but….

“No buts dad, we’re gonna be ok” I interrupted


A week later

We’re in our new house already and he did all what he promised

We have two maids at our service, he gave dad a car, he should have given him like three but dad declined, saying just one is enough

The three guards follow dad to work and everywhere

As for me, he has started picking and dropping me after school, I’ve started the drive with him again, Don’t be surprised but I’ve never visited his house since we started dating… crazy!

“Aaron play one of my single songs” he ordered as we drove to school this morning and I remembered the last time he said that

Aaron played it and I covered my ears

“Wae?, You still hate the singer?” He asked knowingly

“Yes” I replied

“You can’t be joking right?” He asked..

“I wasn’t laughing when I said it, your song might be melodious to others but not to me, you never smile in your videos and I can imagine your frank face while listening to your part in the audios” I said seriously

” Chincha? ” He asked with a mischievous smile

“kre (yes)” I replied as Aaron parked at the school parking lot

“you know you broke the tape that day?” He asked

“Do you want me to break this one too?” I asked and made to take it

“Don’t!” He said

” What if?, You’ll always buy a new one anyways, always franking and pulling a sour face, never smiling, it doesn’t fit you!” I snapped as I got out from his car and slammed the door,

We always fight like this, don’t be surprised

“Hey Tessa, will you come to my birthday Tomorrow?”

“I’m inviting you to a sleepover tonight”

” Tessa can we be friends?

These are the different questions thrown at me as girls surrounded me

. that’s the daily routine of the girls since I became his girlfriend

Suddenly, someone pulled me from their midst … Teddy

He took me to the field

“Being his girlfriend is so much work right?” He asked

” Oh… yeah” I replied awkwardly

“You don’t need to feel nervous, I won’t be a jerk anymore, let’s just be friends” he said and stretched his hand for an handshake

I took it

” And I’m hoping you’ll look at Loretta” I said before leaving

? Olly ?

I smiled as she left the car

She’s crazy!

Getting angry because I always frown?, Really??

Then I saw her English textbook, she forgot it here?

I took it and got out of the car

I’m about to enter our hallway when I saw her talking with Teddy on the field

What are they talking about?

Immediately I feel jealous

I left for class

“The new lover boy!” Sam Hailed and I smiled wryly

” Wait, you and Tessa fought again?” Dino asked

“Yes” I replied

” G©sh!, I’m gonna watch another melodrama today” Loretta said and Garrett giggled as Tessa entered

“Good morning sunbaes” she greeted everyone and came to me

“My English textbook” she said but I looked away

“My English textbook!!!* She yelled and snatched my bag

She took it and wanted to go out

“So I’m not your sunbae?” I asked

“You’re just my boyfriend, nothing more , and you look like a goblin with that Frank face…. g©sh!” She said and rolled eyes at me before leaving

The others Started laughing

” You two are really meant to be” Sam said as they started laughing again

? Tessa ?

I decided to walk home today, I don’t want to drive with that Franky again

Especially when we just had another fight, he’s so annoying!

I thought he’s r©mantic

Two cars I recognize as his cars suddenly stopped beside me

Guards came out of the second one and I ran

I’ve not ran more than two seconds when they caught me

“I don’t want to drive with him!” I shot

“Young master ordered us to bring you back” they said as I was thrown in the car, I came face to face with him

“What were you thinking?, It’s dangerous for you to walk alone” he said with his usual Frank face

” That’s because I don’t want to be with Mr Frank” I replied and he giggled

I hit him playfully

” You’re a psych©path, having a psychopath as a girlfriend is not as bad as I thought” he said and I giggled too

The car pulled up in front of a magnificent mansion

“Where’s this?” I asked

“G©sh Tessa, it’s unethical for you not to know your boyfriend’s house so I decided to take you here today, this is my house” he said and I smirked

” I’m not going to enter” I replied

” That’s a lie” he said and swept me up on his shoulders

” Oliver!!!!!” I yelled as he took me in

“My door password is crazy Tess” he said as we got to the door

” Do I look like I care!!” I yelled

He got in and put me down

” Why are you so poor in r©mance?, You’re not a bit r©mantic, such a bore!” I said and sat

” But that night I asked you out, you said I was r©mantic”

“that’s the only time you were r©mantic”

” So should I show you how r©mantic I am?” He asked

I smiled mockingly

He swept me up in his arms again and took me to the back of the house where a swimming pool is

He threw me into the pool, my clothes sticked to my body and my shapes and curves became visible

“Oliver you call this r©mance?”

He yanked off his shirt, revealing his abs, they’re tempting!, I swallowed hard and when I thought I’ve seen it all, he took off his trousers too, leaving him with his shorts

“What..what are you doing?” I said shakily, suddenly becoming nervous as I turned my back

He jumped in with me and hugged me from behind, he turned me to himself and I faced him, he held my shoulders as he brought his face closer, I thought it was a kiss so I closed my eyes but I felt his lips on my b©©bs and opened my eyes quickly.

I’m about to talk when he kssed me on the n.eck and my whole body vibrated, it sent a tingling feeling down my stomach

“So what were you talking about with Teddy the other time in school?” He suddenly asked, rubbing my ear with his lips, I m©aned softly

” Nothing” I replied, still closing my eyes

He kssed my cheeks

“That made me jealous” he said and I smiled

“Jealousy doesn’t suit you” I replied and he kssed my lips

“I love you Tess, I love you so much, please don’t leave me” he said softly, I opened my eyes and found him staring at me with passion and love evident in his eyes

“I love you too, to the square of eternity” I replied and he removed the strands of hair on my face before crashing his lips on mine.

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