By Authoress Succy

Chapter 71

“You know you should think twice before accusing my fiancé of cheating,” Martin yeIIed and Ianded a h.eavy pvnch on Alexander’s face, creating a cvt on his Iips.

Alexander’s eyes widened in surprise.

He thought he believed him.


He glared harshly at him before looking at Evelyn, who was still kneeling down and immediately bent her head when her eyes met Martin’s.

“Stand up,” he said softly, and Evelyn gently stood up, still bending her head.

She could tell Martin was angry with her, but he was trying to keep it cool.

He grabbed her hand and turned back to Alexander.

“Evelyn is my fiancée, and if you are trying to ruin our relationship, a piece of advice: stay away from her, or else I will harm you, and I will still come out freely from prison,” he said, and Alexander huffed.

Martin took Evelyn’s hand and walked out of the place, leaving Alexander, who would not stop fuming angrily.

He had fallen in love with her during college, thinking he was getting close to her when they were friends, until the day he saw Evelyn with Martin.

People had warned him to stay away from Evelyn, but he had hoped for a chance until the day he got beaten by Martin, and then he decided to stay away from Evelyn.

He is scared of Martin, and he admits he is still scared of him now.

Martin has money, power, connections, and trained guards, making it difficult to get rid of him, but getting rid of someone would be easy for him.

A man like Martin is someone to be feared because he can kll within minutes, so people consider him dangerous.

“But I am not going to give in,” he muttered to himself.


“Martin, please talk to me,” Evelyn pleaded, trying to touch Martin, but he pushed her hand away.

He was angry, not just because Alexander kssed her, but because she allowed him to.

He really believed her, no doubt, but he was so angry that Evelyn couldn’t push him away.

“Martin,” she called softly, but Martin just ignored her, focusing on his phone silently.

“Martin, I really don’t know why you are angry. I thought you believed me,” she said, and Martin scoffed.

“Believed? This is the second time he kssed you, and you can’t even shout or push him away,” Martin yelled angrily, making her flinch back.

“You know, you are making me think you liked him. You enjoyed the kss, no doubt,” Martin said, and Evelyn frowned.

She raised her hand and landed a heavy slap on his face, making his eyes widen in surprise as he held his cheek, staring at the young woman in tears.

He clenched his fist angrily, staring at her. He was damn angry right now.

No one had ever laid their hands on him, but he wouldn’t dare hit her back.

“This was the same reason we had a fight yesterday. You don’t trust me, and I hate it so much when you accuse me of liking Alexander or enjoying the kss,” Evelyn said, crying, and Martin scoffed, turning back to his phone.

He was deeply affected by her tears, which was the reason he looked away from her face because he didn’t want to see her crying.

“It was a forced kss, so how was I supposed to scream? I even tried to pvsh him, but I couldn’t,” Evelyn said, but Martin didn’t reply.

He was really dmn angry, and his plan right now was to deal with Alexander.

“Martin, I’m sorry,” she said softly, trying to touch him again, but Martin pvshed her hand away gently.

She felt really guilty this time.

She sI.apped him.

“Martin, please forgive me,” she pleaded, pouting her lips softly, but Martin didn’t seem moved.

His heart was filled with anger right now, and the only thing to keep him cool was if he had dealt with the person who kssed his fiance for the second time.

“Boss, we are here,” the driver said as he parked in front of Evelyn’s compound.

Martin didn’t say anything to her, and Evelyn sighed before gently coming down from the car.

“Bye sweetie,” she waved, but Martin didn’t reply, and the car zoomed off immediately.

Evelyn sighed before walking into the house gently. She walked into the sitting room only to see Haris standing at the window. Probably he was looking at them.

“Seems like your date didn’t go well,” Haris said, and Evelyn nodded before sitting down on the couch.


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