By Tofunmi Nikky

The Beauty Land****

On seat are elders and councils, in their midst are both old and young.

Their faces spelt seriousness and impatience, and on the small throne beside the big one is a young lady


“I have been on this throne for years now and there hasn’t be a sign our King, my husband, will come back to our world to take his position as a king.

How long more do I have to wait, elders….”The young lady was the first to state out.

“We shouldn’t have allowed him to go to the world back then, cause now, he does not seem ready to come back…..”said an old woman who should be in her late sixties

“My daughter has been ruling this land for many years now without her husband by her side,,, is it until she grows old and not able to have a successor the king will come back??”another woman laid down her worry, her eyes on her daughter

“We can’t force him to come back, my people. He must come willingly cause we don’t have it in us the right to force him back here,,,it mustn’t be done.”this was said to them by an old man, his early seventies he should be

“Mother, there’s a lady on earth he’s getting closer and more closer to and I don’t like that.

On earth, they are trying to steal away the possessor of my heart,,,”the young lady on the throne lamented

Her mother nodded her to be calm,”Don’t you worry my dear Roselia,,,cause even at the end, he will be all yours and never the girl’s.”

Assuring her this,,,her mother faced the elders

“More and more people have been visiting our land for Beauty,,is that how much ugly they are on earth?…..Our puppets are even thrice beautiful than them all visiting.”One of the woman exclaimed

And they all burst into laughter

Queen Roselia included,,,

“Can’t you see how they are all running to us to come to their aid,,,the whooping sacrifice they give us in exchange for the beauty is quite a lot.”A young man spoke this time

“No one wants to die ugly. If my cat sees one of them and how ugly they looks, bet, it will take to its heel to a faraway mole underground.

There was a day I puked on seeing the ugliest person to visit here,”Queen Roselia said

“Yours is manageable Queen,,,mine came haunting me in my dream like am the one who made her the ugly monster she is.”A young man named Blake,,, recognized as the queen’s childhood friend shared with them his own experience

And there is it again,,, laughter filled the hall


The Royal Palace****

A maid walked into Luciano’s room to clean it up,almost closed the door behind her when she saw the prince laying on the cold floor

“W-whatt!??”A loud gasp of shock came out of her mouth

Immediately, she flew the door opened and ran out to call for help

Queen Kimberly, Luciano’s mother was just coming from the king’s chamber and was on her way to her room

She saw one of the maid running to take the stairs,,she found her behaviour strange

“Lily!”she called her name

The maid stopped on her track and faced the direction where the voice had came from

Seeing it’s the queen,,she ran speedily to her

“Where are you running to Lily?,”she was now before the queen, gasping for air

“It’s…. It’s—, the-“she raised her head and wanted to speak but shuttered instead

“Speak up Lily, why the stammering??”the queen was now agitated, curiousness devouring her.

“P-rince Luciano,,, he’s unconscious in his room….”

“What?,,are you serious?!”the queen panicked

“Yes ma’am,,”with that reply, they both ran to his room as quick as possible

They got to his room and the queen ran in with her,, squatted and tried to pull her son up

“Call the doctor!,”she instructed Lily, looking back at her with urgency

“Yes Queen,”Lily ran out of the room

The Queen then faced her son

“Please Luce,,, wake up son. How were you able lose consciousness?….Is it that you haven’t eaten.

Okay, get up now son and I will take you to the dinning,,,”traces of tears was evident in her eyes

As she tried to carry him up from the floor

“Gosh, he’s so cold”she touched his cheeks and gasped


Next day……

Sabrina entered the classroom and took her usual seat, she brought out her things from her backpack and dropped it on her desk.

It was at that time someone occupied the seat beside her

“Hey little Rina,”

And here comes her long time bully

“Ronald, what are you doing here?”she was taken aback that she shifted back a little from him

“This is also my class girl, and last time I did a check, I can seat wherever pleases me”he replied rudely causing her to roll her eyes

She knew he can’t change, not in this life

“You don’t you will so much effect on me like you’ve been doing before,,,it’s all over now”she replied nonchalantly

The teacher, Mr Rogers entered the class causing Ronald not to give her a reply instantly

“Let’s see after this damn class,,”he leans closer to her and tells her in a whisper

She looked at him but he had already looked away, his eyes on the board like he is even concentrating

She shook her head and just faced front.

After the class is over, she wasn’t surprised at not finding Ronald beside her

She packed the necessary materials for the next class that’s due in the next ten minutes and walked out of the class

Not even a step more was she allowed to take when Ronald dragged her away to a corner.


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