By Tiana Isaac

Episode 51

“I literally loose everything now. Dad is gone and I wasn’t even given the chance to see his dead body, I don’t even know if they truly buried him, ” Audrey said so bitter to Sonia who came to visit her and Kamil in the prison.

“A lot is happening to us already. Kendall was already at the verge of dying… He died because of the slow Poison imputed in him, ” Kamil said.

” and who knows if you were the one that actually do that to him. Is it really true you never loved me? Audrey asked him.


“Whatever you heard in the court was nothing. Dave was just stupid to record all our conversation. I was drunk when I said all that, ” Kamil raved.

” And you Sonia, it’s time for pay back because my dad really helped you and your dmn son, you have to do everything you can to get me out of here,” Audrey sneered.

” Clam down girl! This isn’t the time to blame each other and you don’t have to order me around because am not your puppet.

Your dad is gone already and you know what that means- your backbone is no more and you have no one to stand by you, all his loyal people around left so you have no one aside from Kamil your husband and me, ” Sonia smirked.

” You have to do as I said if you really want to get out of here but if you refuse then you might be the next in line to died, ” Sonia laughed sarcastically.

” What about Mr Josie? Have he said anything? Kamil asked.

“What else do you want that fool to say. Someone that could not even defend his own son. Josie thinks it’s over but the war is just starting. He only loves his children so much and I think I will start with Miguel first, his only favorite son, ” she said.

” Whatever your plan is mom you have to do it fast, I want to get out of here by all means” he seethed


Cassie was done arranging her things and was planning to go back to San Francisco to start afresh with her family.

“You just came on time,” she smile when she saw Miguel walked in.

“I dropped by to see you,” he said.

“Am Leaving! She broke the news to him.

” To where?

” To San Francisco. Everything is over now Miguel. I can’t keep staying here. Anyway thanks a lot for everything,”

” But what about your dream? Of living here in Manila and working in the Montes Medical Center? He asked.

“Definitely I will get to reach there someday. I don’t know if I will be accepted there again .. You’ve done more than enough for me already and that would be so selfish if I ask to work in your hospital.

The province is peaceful now and staying there with my family will make it more better for me” she said while Miguel nodded, he wondered why she wanted to leave this early not when he’s starting to get use to seeing her everyday.

“It’s your decision to make, I won’t force you thou . I got something to give you,” he said then hand an envelope to her.

” I wanted to give you this when everything is over and I guess this the right time” he said. Cassie open the envelope as she read the letter.

” A job in MMC.. am gonna work there? She asked surprised. She never saw this coming.

“You wanted it so badly and I know you have passion for it,” he smile.

Cassie just stood in shocked staring at the paper then back to Miguel. This a dream come true.

“This also an opportunity to start a new life here.. this my dream, ” she smile.

Cassie pulled him into a tight hug, taking him by surprise. They whole thing got her too emotional.

“Why are you doing all this,” she whimpered in his arms, blinking back the tears in her eyes.

“Thank you so much,” she smiled then disengaged from the hug.

” But I can’t accept this,” she said.

” Why?

“Helping me get justice was more than enough..

” But this your dream…

” I know but I can’t accept it. You’ve done enough already.” she wiped her tears and dropped the paper on the cushion as she turn to leave.

“Cassie! He called softly while she stopped on her track.

” Maybe you can give it a second thought. Like I say, the choice is yours and am not forcing you. Whatever decision you take, I will respect it” he said while she nodded.

” And one more thing. I just got a call from the police. Mr Kendall is, ” he said, Cassie was surprised to hear that..

@Montes Mansion

” Things are gradually falling into place despite the rumours and all that.. ” Miguel said to Nadine. He was glad to see her after all these days.

” Am only here for mom you know,” she said.

“Dad has regretted whatever he did..

” I know that Miguel but am just so angry whenever I remember about the past. Dad have to learn it the hard way, ”

“Atleast he finally learn his lessons,” he shrugged

“Kendall is dead already. I knew the old man was just a walking corpse, ” he said.

” I know wherever Lorenzo is right now he’s happy because justice have prevail and his parents kller are serving their punishment, ”

” Cassie will be leaving tomorrow, ” he said.

” What! To where?

” To her hometown, back to her family. I offered her a job in MMC but she declined it, ” he said with a sad face.

Indeed Cassie is totally different from the other ladies he has ever meet with.

“Is that what she wants? Nadine asked.

” I don’t think so, but that’s what she said..

” I will miss her already. If only she can stay back here with us, ” Nadine said.

” You like her don’t you? She asked unexpected.

” What?

“You can tell me anything Miguel. I’d saw the way you look at her ,” she chuckle

” Cassie is different .. and have this special aura around her. I like her already but I don’t think she’s ready for anything serious?

“Maybe you should give her time to heal from her horrible experience with Kamil..

“Just continue to give it a try am sure you’ll win her over. You have all it takes to do that Miguel but you just have to be careful with that Stacy in the picture now. I think she’s back on purpose, why is she bent on forcing herself on you,”

” I know how exactly to handle people like Stacy,”


The next day in the evening…

Cassie look at the large building in front of her. She will really miss this mansion and manila too. She wished she can stay here longer and work in the MMC but she declined it without any good reasons.

“Maybe it’s for the best Cassie! You have to stand on your feet and make things work for yourself without depending on anyone. Miguel has done enough and I can’t take anything from him again,” she said to herself.

The driver packed few of her things to the car.
“Sir Miguel ask me to drive you to your destination, ” he said while Cassie nodded and entered into the car.
Early that morning she called him and told him about her final decision.



?I have made my final decision Miguel. I will be leaving in the evening,” she said into the phone while Miguel just nodded in disappointment.

?” It’s okay..

?” I don’t want you to think am abusing your kindness or rejecting your help. I really do appreciate everything you’ve ever did for me and believe me when I say this the hardest decision I have ever made in my life. I just have to go,” she said.

?” If you need anything you can confide in me Cassie. I won’t stop you from leaving. I will sent the driver to take you back home safe,” he said.

?” Thanks !

°°°°End of flashbacks•••
Cassie closed her eyes and seems to be in deep thoughts. The driver ignite the engine and zoomed off.


@ The prison…?

Audrey signal one of her friend there while she nodded. This the right time to execute their plan even thou the cops are keeping a close eye on her. She tried to bribe one of them to help her escape but they refused and ever since then everyone is keeping a close eye on her.

“I have already talk to Kamil, we will meet once everything is done, the fire should start from the kitchen, then to the dining area,” Audrey said to Jean, one of her roommates.

” This the perfect plan.. after so many years in here I will finally get out,” Jean smirked.

” Give me your phone, I want to make a call,” Audrey said while Jean gave her the small mobile phone.

? Hello Jack… You are the only allie I have left. The good news is that I will be out of this goddamn place tonight and I will complete your pay. Make sure you kll her and her dad,” Audrey ordered..


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