I saw Ahana in the balcony. She was almost drenched in the rain.

Oh no! What was this woman up to? I don’t think I should leave her alone. I ran like crazy upstairs and thankfully I reached in time.

As soon as I reached, I saw her leg turn and slip. I had my heart in my mouth. I quickly held her waist.


“Oh my goodness! Please don’t let anything happen to my babies. Please…”

“I won’t let anything happen to you or to our babies. Trust me, Ahana.”

Then I brought her into the room and covered her in a fresh white towel. Man!

Her smell… It’s captivating.
“Ahana! When were you planning to tell me that we are having twins?” I said calmly, looking into her eyes as she turned around. I could see the shock in her eyes.
“Ansh! Achoo…” She sneezed.

Bless you…
Let’s do one thing. Go and change. Then we need to talk, and it’s going to be a long night’s chat. I don’t want any of my three babies getting cold,” I said winking at her.

“Three…” she exclaimed.
“Hmmm… I can see one in front of me now… Sneezing…”

“Go… Quick…”
She made a cute face and went into the bathroom. I went to the kitchen after quickly changing and made Ahana a vegetable soup.

I carefully placed it on a tray along with the dinner plate and took it upstairs. Ahana was still in the bathroom.

Then I remembered what the doctor said. I was really worried now for her.

“Here… Do you see these beeps?”

I gasped at what I saw. I was really shocked and mostly surprised.
“Ansh… Don’t tell me Ahana didn’t tell you about this.”

“Yeah! Are you serious? Are we going to have twins?”

“Yup! As you can see. I am not surprised, although Ahana didn’t tell you.”
“Hmmm… No… And I don’t know why.”

“Well, Ansh… But I need to tell you this. Your wife needs a lot of care. She needs a stress-free environment. Ahana surely takes a lot of stress at times, and as you are aware, she has fainted initially.”

“Hmmm… I know. Please do tell me what I have to do. I will ensure to take the best care.”

“Surely you do. But the matter doesn’t end here. Along with physical rest, Ahana also needs emotional peace. Studying her family background, I have found something, and hence I thought to inform you first since you are her husband.

Even I haven’t spoken to Ahana about it,” she said calmly and took out a bunch of files.

“On the 3rd of February, she, along with her friend Jaai, had come for the weekly check-up, and I had asked them to make some tests.”

“Ahem! Jaai always accompanied her?” I asked curiously. This time I wasn’t thinking anything wrong about them because now I was aware of Jaai’s story.

“Yes! Jaai is always there, and once Mrs. Sehgal also came. I asked Ahana about you, but she always says that you are a busy man. I hope I didn’t bother you today. But it was important.”

“Hmmm… I know. I am at fault. I am sure Jaai must be aware of the babies. He is Ahana’s best friend,” I said, trying to smile. I wanted to be the first one, but my behavior doesn’t permit me.

“You are mistaken. Ahana was aware of the twins for the past month and a half, but she told me that she hasn’t shared it with anyone.

Actually, she mentioned that the father has the first right. Sometimes I understand that things are not okay between some couples, and Ahana must be waiting for the right time.

I hope you are not hurt. And anyway, Jaai is a gentleman. He used to always wait for her outside the clinic.”

That he is, no doubt about it.
“I am not hurt at all. Ahana has every right to make the decisions, and it’s me who always ends up hurting her. Anyway, you were saying something.”

“Yeah! I always do a family background check on the patients to understand them better. I came to know that Ahana’s mother died giving birth to her.”

“And she was suffering from eclampsia, which is high blood pressure leading to seizures. She couldn’t make it, but Ahana was a very strong and healthy baby.”

“And it was a similar case with you. I will also have to do your check-up just to confirm that the babies don’t have any hereditary problems.”
“That would be fine. I hope there’s nothing more.”

“There is. I am a bit afraid that Ahana has started to show some signs. Her blood pressure was higher than average, and so were her stress levels and pulse rate.”

Oh my God!
“I know it’s a lot to take in at the first meeting. I have already spoken to the experts, and they said that there is a slight chance that Ahana could face that problem. We will still have to wait for the exact percentage.”

“No… This can’t be happening. Doctor, please… You need to do something. Isn’t there any way to be fully sure that she won’t face the same problem? Any medications or something.”

“That will have to wait for now. But I had informed Ahana about it during the first few weeks. But she was adamant that she wants the babies, no matter what risks are there. Surely, you have a strong wife.”

“Yay!! I am lucky….” I smiled weakly. I don’t know what I am going to do now.

“Ansh, trust me. Don’t feel low. I informed you because it was necessary. Have faith in God and yourself. All you need to do is to keep her happy. That’s pretty easy…”
No, it’s not. You don’t know my wife. She is difficult to handle….

“Should I tell her about this?”
“Definitely, you should. But when she is ready to take it in. I think she is a bit prepared already, but still, give her some time and tell her when she is very happy, and it will be easier for her to digest. It’s not a complicated matter yet, but it may turn out to be. Be careful from the beginning. Don’t stress her out.”

“Yes, Doctor. I assure you.”
“And I believe you. Here, look at your babies. And then we will take your blood samples.”

She showed me the clip. Oh God! They were small. But in a few months’ time, I will have them in my hands.
My Angels….
Anshana’s Angels….
“Ansh!! You changed already?” I heard Ahana, bringing me back from my train of thoughts.

“Yay!! So… Here, have some soup. You must be hungry.”
She quickly took the tray and kept it aside.

“What?” I said angrily.
“Did you visit Dr. Bhatt?” She asked folding her hands.
“Yes, I did….”

“And Why?” She asked, her hands still folded.

“Why wouldn’t I? Good I went, isn’t it? Or else I wouldn’t know that we were having twins. You didn’t plan to inform me. Huh!” I said, joining my brows together.

“We are not having. Only I am having… Get that straight in your mind,” she said, pointing at me. “And why… Is that so? Are you angry about something? I swear I didn’t make you angry. Did I?” I said a bit softly this time. I know she was upset with me. I was trying to be smart and cool.

“Arrgghh… Why would I be?” She was frustrated, and I was liking it. “See… It’s fine. I know pregnancy causes a lot of mood swings, and one of the main reasons is hunger. So eat, and then we can speak,” I said calmly.

“Don’t try to act cool, Ansh… Also, now you are aware of what is happening to me.” I nodded my head. “I know everything.”

“Of course, you would know. All thanks to them…” She said, pointing towards the desk. There I saw the books which I was reading. She found out. God! Why?

“Ahem… Ahem… What?” She said. “Good thing! Right? I already read them. Or else I wouldn’t have been aware as my smart wife likes to keep secrets from me.”

“Ansh! Why?”


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