” No… I thought you knew….” I replied.

That man was still coming closer and Ahana clasped her hands more tightly around me. Her eyes were already closed I suppose.

But before we realised he went towards the fireplace and opened it with the knife and lit it on.

” Ahana… Chill…” I said tapping her.
She opened her eyes and looked around, realising what happened.


” Hello!! I think you guys aren’t Finnish. Well, you don’t look like though. I am Derek. I speak English too.” He said handing us a bottle of water. His accent had a Finnish base.

Ahana sighed. She sat down at the nearby couch, drinking the water.
” You speak English?” I asked.

” Yeah!! We have tourists who speak only English. Initially, I assumed that I may not expect foreigners at this hour hence spoke in Finnish. Anyways, I was asking if you need any help or rooms?”

” Yeah! Only for few hours. We have a flight to Ivalo. So we will leave at around 9. Hope you have vacant rooms. ” I asked drinking water.

” Yeah! We have plenty. Come this way, I will show you. Don’t worry about your luggage. ” He said.
I took Ahana’s hand and together we followed Derek. He opened one of the rooms.

” Here… Have a look. If you want I can show you the other ones. ”
Ahana got in first. And before I could comment anything she spoke.

” We will take this one. It’s nice, cozy and warm. Anyways we are only going to stay here for a few hours. Isn’t it?” She was asking me while she already had passed the judgement.

All I did was to nod. Derek left.
Ahana laid on the bed and I covered her up taking her in my hands.
” Ansh!! What are you doing? ” She asked.

” Hey!! I am sorry… Because of me… ” But before I could complete she put her finger on my lips.
” It’s fun… And I like this Inn. We must have such adventures…” She said. I smiled and moved towards her lips.

But someone knocked.
” God!! It’s four in the early morning and still I am not able to kiss my wife.” I cursed.
” Sshh!! It must be Derek. And he’s a really good man… ” Ahana said.
” I know… ” Saying so I went to open the door.

” Hi!! Sorry to Disturb you at Four. But I brought you your luggage and some warm blankets along with hot water bags.

Your wife might need it. I will switch on the heater too. ” He said all in a go.
So he heard it. He came in and placed the things at a corner handing me the water bags.

” Derek… Thanks a lot for this. Sorry for troubling you and Yeah! You didn’t disturb. ”

” No Problem… It’s my job. ”
I placed the water bag underneath Ahana’s back.
” Ansh! That’s a blessing for sure. I needed it. See, I told you this is better than any 5 – 7 star hotel. ”

” Yup, Woman’s Intuition is always better than a male’s. ”
I switched the lights off and got inside the blanket. It was really cold. I held Ahana’s hand and she wrapped herself in my hands.

” Ansh! I am sorry for saying your surprise stupid.” She whispered in my ears.
” Never mind. I know you were scared.”

” No… I weren’t. And anyways what’s the use of your 8 pack abs when you can’t protect me.

It would be better if you had a family pack instead of these.” She punched me in my stomach.
” Hey! What do you mean? I just don’t know Karate. ” I replied.

” So what? Even you ever scared. What if something had happened… ” I didn’t let her complete herself and crashed my lips on her making her silent.

She gave in easily and I felt like I had kissed her after years. It was a strong and a much needed one. Making us warm in terrible cold atmosphere.

” Ahana!! Trust me… I won’t let anything happen to you or to our angels. Never… At the cost of my life I will protect you. I was just worried…Okay!!” I said looking straight in her eyes.

” I know. And I trust you. So.. How are we going to that Resort? I forgot the name. ” She said making me chuckle.

” It’s Kakslauttanen Arctic Resorts. We can go by car or flight. You decide. ”
” By Flight… I can’t sit in the car for 11 hours.” She said.

” Aye Aye Captain. ” I said grabbing her closer and kissing her cheeks.

” Good Night. And don’t trouble me. I am damn sleepy… ” She whispered closing her eyes and engulfing in my chest.
Well, so was I.



Day 5

” Hey!! Sleepy Head… Wake up or else we will miss our flight.” I heard Ansh’s voice.
I stretched a bit without even opening my eyes. I didn’t want to get up.

” Hmmm… I am still sleepy!! And stop calling me that. ”
” Fine!! We can stay here for a day if you want. But don’t tell me if you aren’t able to catch the Northern Lights. ”

” Hey!! I wanna see them. I will get ready in 10…” I said jumping up straight.

” That’s my girl!! ” Ansh grinned. I think he knows all the tactics how to wake me up.

” Gosh!! It’s cold…. ” I said quickly wrapping the blanket around me and sitting on the bed.

” I know. It’s only 4°C outside. I will make you warm…” He said coming closer to me and wrapping his hands around me.

He smells of soap and after shower.
” I can’t believe that you had a shower in such a cold atmosphere. That too before me. ” I said.

He snuggled near my neck and kissed me. I am sure he left a hickey there.

” The surprise isn’t yet over. Also, the water is damn hot. I swear you are gonna enjoy it.” He replied.
” Okay!! I am excited.

Now let me go so that I can freshen up. It feels like ages since I had a good shower. Because of you we have been running from one place to another. ” I said trying to get up but I was pulled back.

” What to do when your workaholic wife gives you only a week’s vacation. Are you ready to extend it then… ”

” No… We aren’t doing that Ansh. ” I quickly interrupted him.
” See… So, I wanna have my morning kiss.”

” We already had one in the early morning. ” I replied, chuckling.
” Cheater… ” He said and before I would reply his lips had already captured mine.

Although it was 4°C outside I still felt hot with Ansh’s touch. I had to give in his demanding kisses.
” Ansh!! We are getting late… ” I said panting already.

” I don’t mind. ” He pecked me again. There was a change of position now. Ansh was on top of me and there was a layer of blanket between us.

” You are messing your clothes.” I said. He had trapped me in between his hands.
” I don’t mind…” He said again and kissed me once more.

” Fine!! But I don’t want to miss the flight. Get off….” I said pushing him.

” Ohhkk… But after Shower do have a quick chat with Ma and others, Coz the place doesn’t have WiFi and network, expect for the reception.


For two days it will be only us and no interruption. I will get all my pending kisses later. Get ready quick and I will order the breakfast. ” Ansh informed me.

I nodded and made my way to the bath. I was really curious about the resort now. No WiFi or Internet connection sounded a bit weird. I wonder where is that place.

As Ansh mentioned the water was hot and nice. I washed my hair and had a long shower.

” Ahana!! Quickly… How much more time? The breakfast is getting cold.” Ansh called me.

” 5 minutes more…” I shouted back. Just then I realised that amongst the moment Ansh and I were sharing I forgot my clothes outside and Ansh is waiting for me. The room wasn’t a suite since it was a Inn.
God!! Help me.

” Ansh! ” I called him.
” Yeah!! What happened? It looks like you are in need of something…” He said in his typical tone.


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