Episode 41


I was taken aback when Jia entered my cabin without me realizing it.

“Jia… What the h’ll are you doing here?” I asked, annoyed.

“Don’t you remember calling me?” she replied.

“Of course, I remember that I didn’t call you. Now get your a$s out of my office,” I said angrily.

Ahana had already hung up by now. She must be dmn upset with me for abandoning the luncheon, and now this $tupid girl was making my head spin.


I knew Ahana had worked hard on the project, but I just wanted her to rest and stay with Ma.

“Ansh… I can make you feel better… if you like,” she said, getting closer to me.

Oh, how I hated this woman. I swear I didn’t know why I got involved with her in the first place.

“Get out now, or else I’ll call my security. Don’t show your ugly face until I ask you to,” I said, glaring at her. I knew I was being rude, but she deserved it.

“I know it’s your wife who is getting in your head. But remember, Ansh, no one can make you happy except me. I’m leaving now, but I know I’ll get your call soon… Bye, honey…” she said.

I didn’t even bother to look at her. Maybe she was correct that Ahana was getting over me, which I couldn’t help. But the most important thing was that I needed to apologize. I had upset her, and I had to make amends. Even Ma and others must be judging me for my weird behavior.

I went home early that evening, hoping to see Ahana and make up with her. Her car was still at our home since in the morning we went in mine.

I entered the house, and everything seemed too quiet. I quickly rushed to our room. It was pitch dark, with no trace of her.

I went to the kitchen, followed by the study, garden, and terrace. She hadn’t even come to the office later. I knew Jaai wasn’t here, so that option was scrapped.

So, where the h’ll was she? I went to my dad’s room. He was watching football.

“Dad… Do you know where Ahana is?” I asked anxiously.

“Already missing her, son? Didn’t she tell you she is staying at her house for a few days?” he said. My face dropped. Why didn’t she tell me? And how could she do this?

“No…” was all I could manage. “Of course she didn’t. After all, you did make her upset by leaving her abruptly,” he added.

I nodded and went out of his room. I knew he was smiling seeing me in this condition.

I was upset, and I didn’t know the reason. It’s fine if she is not at home. Why should it affect me anyway? But at least she could have told me.

I called her, but there was no answer. Was she taking some sort of revenge? No answer even after repeatedly calling.

I went to my bedroom and got in for a shower. I made a last attempt to call her, but there was still no response. I jumped onto her side of the bed. She always slept on the right side.

Her fragrance was still on the pillow. Ohh! Why am I still thinking about this? I know she’ll come to the office tomorrow. She never misses her work. Always on time.

Thinking about her, I drifted off to sleep.

It had been two entire days now, and Ahana didn’t come to the office. I went to her cabin repeatedly, but it was locked.

Jen completely ignored my attempts to reach out to her. According to her, Ahana didn’t inform her about the reason for her absence at work, but assured Jen that all her work was completed.

I couldn’t understand why Ahana didn’t come to work. During lunchtime, I was exhausted from thinking about what could be wrong, so I decided to call her house.

Ahana’s mother told me that Ahana didn’t feel like talking to me and asked her to say that she wasn’t at home. But why? Ahana didn’t answer any of my calls, which was frustrating. I grabbed my car keys and decided to call it a day. It was early, but I felt like I had no other choice.

“Ansh…” It was a relief to hear her voice after two tiring days, although I shouldn’t feel that way.

I headed straight to the Sehgal’s house, even though I knew I looked like a mess. My shirt was untucked, sleeves rolled up, and I couldn’t even remember where I had left my coat.

But that didn’t matter at the moment. Ahana’s room was the first time I had seen it. It wasn’t the typical girly type; instead, it had a mature feel, just like her. It was bright and filled with light. I noticed a portrait on the study table, probably her mom’s.

“How could you not inform me that you wouldn’t be coming home? I was waiting for you. Answer me…” I asked, feeling surprised as she stood up from her bed. She was only wearing shorts and a loose peach tee.

I saw her bare legs as she got off the bed, and it struck me that I didn’t know the reason behind her absence. She seemed just as tired and sleep-deprived as I was, with her eyes filled with bags. She had been staring at the laptop screen for the past minute while I stood near the door.

“Are you insane, Ahana? You didn’t answer my calls at all. Did you purposely leave your cellphone on just to show that you were ignoring me for some unknown and senseless reason?” I said, anger in my voice.

She stood there, looking surprised. Obviously, she didn’t expect me to be there.

“Ha! You were waiting for me? And why do you care, Ansh? Weren’t you too busy with your own work? And how dare you enter my house and my room without my permission?” she retorted, folding her arms. Now she was standing right in front of me, and I had a clear view of her angry, red eyes.

“You know very well what we were working on. And I don’t need anyone’s permission to come to my in-laws’ house and enter my wife’s room. Do you get it?” I responded, feeling even more astonished by her reaction.

“And how could you not come to the office? Don’t you have any responsibilities?” I questioned.

“I am well aware of my responsibilities, especially without you having to remind me. I am working from home, and my work is up to date.

You don’t have to give a damn about it,” she said confidently. She was really smart, and I didn’t get a chance to confront her further.

“Let’s go home,” I finally said.


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