Episode 51


I woke up with a terrible headache. I was wrapped in my comforter in the king-size bed.
Oh! I’m in my room. I didn’t realize it.

How did I get here? I remember sleeping on the sofa last night.

I really should avoid drinking too much. I can’t remember a thing, and this feels like déjà vu.

I was still in my black dress from last night, and I saw my sandals near the bed. Then my eyes fell on the couch.

I saw that person whom I didn’t want to see first thing in the morning. Ansh…


I thought he wouldn’t come home.
He was sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

The AC was still on, and he wasn’t even covered. He had changed into sweatpants and a grey t-shirt. He still looked handsome even in that attire.

So he was the one responsible for me ending up here. He always does this to me. First, he makes me angry and then does this stuff.

Covering me completely and lying all open in this cold atmosphere. He is sure to catch a cold if he stays like this for too long.

Ahana… What? You should be angry with him. But what if he was really busy? He works a lot and rarely has time for leisure. But I saw him leaving the office early. What if he wanted to celebrate his birthday with Jia?

Oh!! Ahana… Stop… You can’t think all this… It’ll drive you insane already. So, for now, I am upset and don’t intend to change my mind. I can’t break down so easily.

As I stood up, I heard him coughing. Huh! I don’t care. I shouldn’t care at all.

“Cough Cough!” He seemed to have a running nose.

So, out of humanity, I wrapped him in a blanket. He unconsciously grabbed it and fell deeper into his sleep. He looked tired and weary. His perfect eyelashes making him look more charming.

But I didn’t understand one thing. Why was he sleeping on the couch when there was so much empty space beside me? Maybe he was feeling guilty. Good for him.

I had a long, warm shower. I put on a knee-length pencil black skirt and a light blue shirt with my blazer on.

I grabbed my cell phone and bag and went downstairs, having a last look at my sleeping husband. When I went to the dining area, there was no one present except Sara.

“Where is Dad and Grandad?”
I asked.
“They are still resting in their rooms. Shall I bring breakfast?”
“No, it’s fine. I’ll prepare the coffee and leave.”

I know that everyone likes it and would want it.
I left for the office early. I had so much work piled up. I had wasted my time doing meaningless things for someone who didn’t care at all.

By lunchtime, I was starving. Finally, after working, I felt like I hadn’t eaten in days.

After having a heavy lunch, I felt better. The headache was now better. Thankfully, I didn’t have to take any painkillers.

I didn’t see Ansh either. It’s better for us that way. I don’t want to deal with that awkwardness anyway. And I am supposed to be upset and angry.

But I know I have one problem—I can’t stay upset for a long time. It fades away after some time.

I took out my cell phone. I hadn’t checked it since yesterday. This morning, I just put it in my purse without turning it on.

Oh! Gosh… It’s switched off. I didn’t do it. Maybe the battery must be dead. I turned it on.

16 messages and 19 missed calls. All from Jaai. How on earth didn’t I hear them? The battery is at 89%. Who turned it off?

I called him back. Maybe something urgent came up. I went to my balcony. I needed to have a chat with him. I had a huge balcony facing the sea. The cool evening breeze was doing wonders for my mood.

“Hey! J… Why have you been calling me?”
“Haha… Thank God you replied. I was worried. You were just ignoring me. I thought maybe you were upset.”

Yeah! I was upset.
“I wasn’t ignoring you. I just saw your messages, J. My cell was turned off,” I said, sounding a bit confused.

I was a bit tipsy last night, so I can’t remember a thing.

Then things became clear in my mind. It must be Ansh. It has to be him. There can be no one else. He must have seen the messages. Oh! God. This man…

“But, Hana… Anyways, how was yesterday? I thought you were busy, that’s why you weren’t replying.”

What should I tell him? Yesterday was a disaster. But then finally I told him. It felt good. My heart felt lighter, but tears were streaming down.

“Hana… It’s fine… Stop crying now, or else I’ll have to come over right away. And Hana, Ansh must have been busy,” he said.

“What? Are you still defending him? I am crying, at least then you will come. And if you were present in front of me, I swear you would be in trouble by now. Are you my friend or his?” I said.

“Haha… Come on… I am busy. I will come soon,” he said. I didn’t want him to be burdened with my problems, so I dropped the topic of my messed up life.

And I didn’t know what was happening in his life either. I was a really bad friend.

“J… I know you aren’t in a business meeting. Now tell me the truth. Why have you been in London for the past month?”

He fell silent. We both knew we couldn’t hide things from each other. I gave up earlier than him. I had to put more effort into making him speak. But this time I think I figured it out.

“J…” I said after a few moments of silence.

“Are you still searching for her?”
“Hmmm…” he replied in a low voice.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“You were too occupied with yourself, Hana… It’s okay… And you know I am not giving up,” he said, determined.

“I know. I am really proud of you, J… Miss you… Come back victorious soon.”
“Hmmm… Hana… Take care. Miss you too. See you. I forgot to say you looked amazing last night. Seriously, your husband missed it all.”

Ha! He missed everything.
“Anyway, thanks… I forgot to tell you, do you know Piya and Mir? They are going to have a baby. Isn’t it amazing?”

“Yup! Give my heartfelt congratulations to them. Come on… Bye… Love you. Keep smiling.”
“Yeah… Love you too.”

I hung up. The cool breeze brushed against my cheeks. It was already 7 in the evening.

I wonder where Ansh would be now. My balcony had the best view of the city. It faced the sea, and the setting sun painted the sky in its orange hue.

The birds were returning home, and it looked just perfect the way I liked it. But still, it didn’t feel complete somehow.


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