PAST MISTAKES : Episode 21 – The End

Past Mistakes

Chapter Twenty One

“The couples that are meant to be, are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart, and come out even stronger.” – Pinterest

Four days later

Northwood Hills, Dallas, Texas

I was making my Curriculum Vitae on my laptop for a job hunting next week. I have to get another job since I lost it when I broke up with Drew.

I rubbed my neck then rolling my shoulders to relieve from its stiffness. I was so stressed out due to what happened in the past days. I had fear of getting anxiety attack but thanks God, being alone here in this isolated cottage, lent from my best friend in University, Maridel, helped me a in some way to save my sanity.

Yeah, I was confused. Really confused. Ares made me. And what my mom said was so hard to fathom. It made me more confused. I needed time to process everything. To be alone and assessed what happened in my life.

As the days went by, I realized something. I loved Ares so much that I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I missed him more and more each day.

Another thing I realized? I was acting stupid again. Running away from him. I judged him already and jumped to conclusions. I never asked and gave him a chance to explain.

What is wrong with me? Why am I so impulsive.

I was such a fool. My insecurities and doubts overpowered me. Much worst, I believed Tiffany. I forgot that she was an envious snake! She loved Ares and would do anything to ruin my marriage with him.

I need to talk to Ares to clear up everything.

Should I call him?

What if he’s mad at me?

What if he won’t forgive me and push through with the divorce?

No. I have to face this. I’ll never know if I wont’ try.

I took my phone and pressed Ares number. But it was out of coverage. A minute passed, I tried it again, then again and again. But still, he couldn’t be reached.

Where is he?

I sat in lonely silence. A pain squeezed my heart as I thought of him. I never answered his 20+ calls and 10+ text messages when I left Greece. When I got here, he stopped calling and texting me. It made me feel so uneasy. Did he gave up on me already?

I went to the kitchen to drink water when I heard a loud sound outside.

chakk-chackk-chak-chak! chakk-chackk-chak-chak!

What is that?

I ran outside to check where the sound coming from. I was surprised to see a helicopter landed in front of the cottage. With shock, I stood frozen at the front door.

I merely stared as the helicopter door opened and a familiar man came out, carrying a box and a duffel bag.

It was Ares.

My heart pounded so loud deafening my ears and my body so stiffed. I couldn’t believe seeing him here. How did he find me? No one knew except Maridel.

He was walking towards me, looking so male and sexy in faded Levis, gray shirt and brown jacket. I couldn’t figure out his expression since he was wearing shades. Oh God, I miss him terribly.

I noticed the helicopter behind him took off – leaving him. Oh no…

“Rachel.” Ares said as he strode closer to me.

My eyes were focused at the helicopter which was now on the air. “The helicopter left! Why did you allow it to leave? How will you go home?”

He stopped and turned to look at the helicopter. The tenderness of his expression amazed me. “Forget about the helicopter. It will come back.”

Yeah. So silly of me. I forgot how rich he is. Of course it will come back in just a call. He owns it.

I took a quick sharp breath to clear my mind then lifted my chin up. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here so we can talk.” A disappointed expression was suddenly visible on his face. “I want to know why you ran away again. I need an explanation, Rachel.”

I stared at him wordlessly and he stared back at me. His eyes roamed on my face then settled on my lips.

“How did you find me?” I asked him to break the silence.

“Your mom called all your closest friends.”

Mom and Maridel were closed. I knew Maridel couldn’t bear hiding a secret about my whereabouts from mom.

I walked back towards the house and Ares followed me. He put the box he was holding on top of the center table and his duffel bag on the floor. His eyes were scanning the small cottage.

“Nice and comfy.” He said and took off his jacket. “You’re alone here?”

“Stop pretending. I know your investigator fed you with that information already.”

He looked at me intently then moved closer. “I miss you.” He said smiling sadly. He looked down and I felt his fingertips touching mine, so lightly. “Come home with me.”

“No.” I moved one step backward. His nearness overwhelmed me – made me shiver.

“Stop running away. If you have worries, talk to me. Please. You have to trust me. I’m your husband.”

“Can I really trust you, Ares?” I raised my chin with a cool stare in his direction.

“Of course. There’s no doubt about that.”

“I heard your lawyer talking about the divorce paper. He said it’s safe to sign it now. Was he referring to the divorce paper I gave you?”

Ares nodded gloomily.

My heart sank. Oh God.

My knees became so weak. I sat down on the couch before I would fall on the floor. Ares did the same and settled in the armchair across me.

“You said you don’t believe in divorce… I… I thought… ”

“We have to do it, Rachel. For our peace of mind.”

“You really want a divorce?” My voice trembled that I was finding hard to breath. I felt like he just pulled my heart out of my chest, squeezed and stomped on the ground.

“Yes. We should. I already signed the divorce papers. I brought it with me.”


I swallowed a lump in my throat. Oh God. This hurts as hell.

I could not pretend anymore. He was so heartless. Greedy and a b@stard. I faced him again and glared angrily. “So, your plan works.”

His face went sour. “What plan?”

“No divorce until your grandfather died so you’d get all the money in the Swiss bank account.”

“What?” His expression clouded with anger.

“You’re so greedy, Ares. You even stayed celibate and loyal to our marriage because you knew that it was part of the conditions of the will!”

His eyes were like glassy stones, aiming at me like bullets. “Where the hell did you get that idea?” He demanded. His voice was lashing. “Tell me. Who poisoned your mind with that lies?”

“Ask yourself. You’re the one who told Tiffany about your plan.”

He suddenly stood up, looking so thunderous. “That bitch!”

“She said that your nearest kin would get the money if we divorced before your grandfather dies.”

“She’s lying, Rachel.”

“Really? How come she knew about the Swiss bank account and the conditions?”

“I don’t know. Maybe her uncle told her.”

“Her uncle?”

“The estate attorney.”

“I swear from my grandfather’s grave. I don’t know anything about the conditions until last week.”


“I’m celibate because I’m married. I honor my vows to stay faithful and loyal to you. About divorcing you, you knew about my stand on that matter. I’ve said it too many times before. I don’t believe in divorce.”

“Then why are you divorcing me now?”

“I realized it’s for the better. We got married for the wrong reasons. We’ve got to dissolve that marriage and put it behind us.” Ares got an envelope from his duffel bag and handed it to me. I knew what it was inside.

My heart burst in thousand pieces. Tears welled in my eyes and falling unstoppably on my cheeks. I covered my face and sobbing like a child.

“Rachel?” He sat beside me and pulled me in his arms. “Why are you crying?”

“I hate you! I really hate you.” I made punches on his chest but still he was holding me tightly in the circle of his arms.

“What did I do? Are you upset about the divorce? Please baby. Tell me. Why are you hating me now?” He said, caressing the smallness of my back up and down and k!ssed my forehead.

I pulled myself away from him. Moving farther away from his touch, his k!sses and his smell. Oh God, I hate how much I love him… and he doesn’t love me back.

“I brought your favorite cupcakes.” He opened the box on top of the center table. “It’s still warm.”

I shook my head. Why is he torturing me this way? Why can’t he just love me back?

He took one plain chocolate cupcake from the box and gave it to me. “Here have a taste.”

I shook my head again, still sobbing.

Ares took a hanky from his pants pocket and gave it to me. I took it from him and wiped my face.

“Please stop crying, Rachel. I don’t want to see you cry. It hurts me seeing you this way.”

“Please. Just leave me alone.”

“You know I won’t” He said and put the cupcake on my hand.

I couldn’t resist the cupcake. It looked so moist and perfect… the smell was so heavenly. I took a small bite. It was really delicious.

“Did you bake this?”

“Yeah.” Ares said, looking at me intently. “Do you like it?”

I nodded then cried again. Oh God. He can bake delicious cupcakes. He’s everything that I ever wanted in a man. And that made me feel so sad.

I took another bite. Bigger this time. I froze when my teeth caught a hard object. What is this?

I pulled it out of my mouth. It was a diamond ring!

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