The last abortion I did was the fourth time I’m doing abortion for you. You want to destroy all the children in my womb? When I finally get married, what will I give to my husband? I will not abort this pregnancy, I will keep it and face the shame. Stella lamented to her secret boyfriend after he asked her to go for abortion as usual. You know I am a pastor and my integrity is at stake if you keep this pregnancy. What will I tell my wife? What do you want me to tell my G.O? How will I stand my congregation? Those who wanted my downfall all this while will now have the opportunity to ground me. You can’t keep the pregnancy Stella. These and more were the words of Pastor Olumodeji, when Stella insisted she will keep the pregnancy this time.
How did it go? I asked my friend. Stella has been my childhood friend for over two decades now. Every time she was pregnant for pastor Olumodeji, I was the only one she confided in. We were both members of the central choir until pastor Olumodeji transferred me to our new branch in the mainland and made me the head of the choir. He made it look like he was promoting me but I knew he was no longer comfortable seeing me in the same church he pastors, knowing how much of his secrets I have known. Before my transfer, whenever he preaches about righteousness and our eyes jammed, you could notice the uneasiness on him. I didn’t know how my friend entered into this prison. All our attempts to stop their illicit relationship failed severally. They had used me most often to clean up their mess. Why I connived with them to continually help them cover up still remains a mystery to me.

Stella, you’re keeping this pregnancy this time. How long will you continue to protect an integrity that does not exist? A man of integrity does not sleep with his church members. It is high time you let the church know what pastor Olumodeji has been doing in the secret. If we continue to cover this evil for him, God will not spare us in his judgement. He should just accept responsibility for his action, I told Stella. I have made up my mind to keep the pregnancy and there’s no going back on that but I won’t implicate pastor Olumodeji. I can’t stand the shame and humiliation. I can’t watch and see the church I helped built from the scratch crumble right in my face because of my illicit affair with the pastor. I will not be the one who will be the tool of destruction for the church of God. Pastor Olumodeji may be stained but there are still righteous people in the church. Hearing this will puncture the faith of the young believers who trust him so much. I will run away with my pregnancy to an unknown destination. This is what I will do and I don’t want you to advice me against it. Stella said.

Very early in the morning before I woke up from the bed, my phone rang. when I checked my caller, it was our area pastor, my friend’s secret boyfriend, pastor Olumodeji. Without doubt, I knew why he was calling me. It must be in connection with Stella’s pregnancy. This time I wasn’t going to be the good girl I used to be, I will be blunt and straight to pastor. I was still thinking of dirty and derogatory words to use against pastor when I picked his call, then the call ended. I was expecting him to call me back because I knew he must have had a sleepless night over the issue. While I was waiting for his call, Stella’s call came in. I picked and couldn’t hear her as the call kept breaking due to network problem. I can’t hear you Stella, let me call you with my mtn line, I suggested. As I tried to dial her number, pastor’s call interrupted. I refused to pick his call so I can speak with my friend first. The more I tried to reach Stella, the more his calls kept interrupting. At this time, I realized he was really desperate and agitated. I was literally confused but not answering his calls may send a wrong signal. I decided to pick his call. “Hello sister Mercy” he said. ” Hello pastor” I replied.

I need to see you urgently sister Mercy. We have to talk now, I don’t mind meeting you in your house or somewhere else. He said in a worried voice. Can you imagine my area pastor humble himself to this extent because he had defecated in the wrong place? No wonder the Bible says “there is no peace for the wicked”. The thought of using this case to milk him started running through my mind while I was still on the phone with him. But on a second thought, is it notCNN our church resources he will use to service the ransoms? I reasoned within me.

The story just began.

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