(Be Careful With My Heart)

Genre: Love

Tags: Billionaire, Highschool, Comedy, Hatred, CEO, Regrets, Secrets, Deceit, Betrayal, Rivalry.


At the mentioned of her name, everyone around her trembled with fear. Yes, her employees avoided her like plague

Who is she?


She is a master perfumer who owns numerous perfume companies around the world but she is allergic to the scent of perfumes and flowers

A master perfumer who’s allergic to perfumes??! Absurd right?

She was feared by her employees and she was very confident of herself. Sacking employees meant nothing to her. Even at home, any slight mistake in her house will surely cost the victim his/her job.


Her parents had visited so many shaman so they could make talisman for her yet everything proved abortive. Instead, anytime a talisman is placed in her room without her consent, she becomes even more wicked.

Every month, she fires close to fifty maids and ten security men. She also changes driver as she wants

She’s the type of girl who’d prefered a gvn as a gift rather than a necklace and a human heart rather than teddies.

She was a total psychó

Yet, people still came looking for work at her mansion and companies.. Wondering why?

Cause Godiva is one beautiful mo.nster as her employees would called her.

Apart from this, she pays her employees well. She never smiles and no one has the right to smile around her even in her absence if you really want to keep working in her home..

The only times she smiles or laughs is when watching ho..rror movies.

She was so addicted to watching h..orror movies that it was now like comedy to her

Waking up in the middle of the night and laughing like a mañiac, scaring everyone in her mansion but no one dare complain

She was weird, no one could understand her– absolutely no one!

She’s scary yet, she had luck when it comes to business– beauty with brains

She had never for once lost a contract. She had everything but she didn’t have luck with men.

Those that came ended up running away because of her bossy and scary attitude..

What do you think turn the beautiful lass into a heartless psycho?

(Be Careful With My Heart)



” No!!! Please ” Godiva screamed as she watch her once flawless body bvrn and itch badly.. her eyes were red and her face swollen

” Mom, dad ” she cried as her pretty face was turning into another thing entirely

” I don’t wanna die mom… I don’t wanna die ” she screamed back to reality.

Opening her eyes and realizing it was just a nightmare, she exhaled deeply

The Terrible nightmare of how her allergy started. She still couldn’t figure out who made her that way, all she knew was what the doctor had told her; A dangerous substance was added to her body spray which made her that way.

Even normal local spray didn’t do her any good, so she was avoiding the scent of body spray, air fresheners or anything that has to do with spray

She sat upright looking around like the wtch she was… Her hair scattered everywhere around her face.

One would mistake her for a real witch or ghost at first glance

She glance at her wall clock and realized it was morning already.

She stepped down from bed and entered the bathroom, she sighted a gecko on the bathroom walls and she screamed drawing all the attention of the maids.

The maids rushed in, in lines as they stood in front of her

” Who is supposed to clean my room?” She demanded calmly

Her voice was so calm that her employees were left shivering. It was the calm before storm

” M.. me ” A girl in her 20s raised her shaky hands in fright

” And why is there a gecko in my bathroom?” She asked, laughing even though nothing was funny

yes, “the dvil’s laugh” like her employees would call it

” I’m sorry ma’am, I didn’t want to disturb your sleep” The girl cried

Oh, only if the naive girl knew she was doing what the beautiful dvil hated most

Godiva has always hated when people cry in front of her. She considers them as hypocrites

She suddenly stopped laughing and stared at the girl. Her expression was now cold

“Enter there, pick that thing up and eat it. It mustn’t escape and it mustn’t be thrown away..” she said and walked to her bed while the maids gasped. No one could murmur or utter any words while in her presence

The girl sobbed gently as she advanced towards the bathroom but stopped Midway

” I’m sorry ma’am ” she said falling heavily on her knees, bruising it in the process

” Please ma’am, I was only employed yesterday.. I don’t wanna lose my job” she cried again while Godiva smirked.. “the dvil’s smirk” like her employees called it too

” What’s your name?” Godiva asked looking concerned

The other maids who has been in the house for a month or two knew they were fake sympathy cause Diva was known to be “the devil’s bride”, very wicked and didn’t care about anyone apart from her brother though

” Marisa ” the girl said

” Oh! Marisa? ” She acted surprised but suddenly burst into laughter and the maids glanced at each other

Marisa just stood perplexed, wondering what was wrong. she didn’t know anything about Godiva since she was just employed the previous day

Diva laughed hard like those wtches in fairytales, scaring those in the room

She stopped laughing abruptly and turn to the girl

“Eat the dmn gecko then you’re free to stay.. she said meanly and resumed laughing like a mentally deranged person.

Marisa’s eyes widened yet she couldn’t do what her boss just asked of her.

” Please ma’am.. she laid on the floor and cried.

” You’re FIRED ” Godiva finally said and when she does, there’s no point pleading cause she was never gonna change her mind.

She believes even the deities couldn’t make her change her mind

” Lydia ” she called on the head maid

” Ask someone to clean this up ” she added and walked out of her room to the sitting room. She looked at the whole sitting room and laughed shortly

” You’re clean.. she muttered before sitting on the couch. Her hands reach for the remote and she picked it up.

A frown creased her forehead at once when she beheld dust on it

” Lydiiiaa… She called stressing the last syllable of the name

Lydia sigh, she knew Diva only add stress to her name when something is wrong and she needed to see everyone of them

” Why is there dust on the remote control? ” She asked the first employee but she didn’t utter a word.

She did same to the second, third, till the tenth person but they were afraid to talk. She was already getting frustrated

She asked the eleventh maid and she nodded, admitting to her mistake before going down on her knees at once.

” I’m sorry ma’am, I cleaned everywhere but forgot the remote” the girl said in a shaky voice..

she knew Godiva wasn’t someone who forgives wrong doings.. she was ready to accept her sack notice

Godiva stared at her then at the first ten employees she asked the question.

” You, you… Ten of you are FIRED.. she said sternly before walking out on them.

The girl who made the mistake fainted on the spot. She couldn’t believe the beautiful mo..nster had just spared her.

Though she’s been in the mansion for two weeks now trying her best not to get on Diva’s nerves.

She didn’t imagine a day like that will come. The joy in her heart actually made her fainted

Lydia shook her head slowly with a small smile displaying on her face. She knew Godiva so well

She has been taking care of Diva since she was 12 and she has always taken her as a daughter

Diva showed her some respect too though

” Carry her to her room” Lydia said and the other maids did exactly what she ordered


Godiva walked to the sitting room all dressed for work. She glanced at the dining table which was well presented with different types of dishes but she didn’t have an appetite for food that moment

” Lydia..” she called and she ran over to where Diva was

” I need some new employees now” she said and Lydia nodded.

She sat on the sofa and checked the time, she was supposed to be at her company but she needed to interview the new employees before she goes

Her phone rang and she picked up

? Good morning ma’am. Mr Ajay and some other investors needs you at the office

? If they can’t wait, tell them to leave.. she replied and ended the call

” I’m sorry gentle men but you will need to be patient..” Gianna, Godiva’s secretary said to the investors

” Why in h’ll will she ask us to wait?” One of the investors banged his hands loudly on the table

” You can leave if you want to, no one is holding you back ” Gianna shrugged nonchalantly, chewing the gum in her mouth

” It seems everyone in this company is mentally deranged” another investor muttered lowly

They really wanted to partner with Godiva so they had no choice, but to wait quietly


“That wtch is getting more scary as each day passes…. After firing fifteen people just last week. Gosh, she is really scary” Jack said clicking on the final button on his computer

He was Godiva’s computer expert. Lydia had called him, asking him to placed the notice online and only twenty people were to come for the job and they had just twenty minutes to be at the mansion if they really needed the job

” Who cares, as far as she pays me well, I’ll just keep doing my job.. Jack laughed

” Done ” he smiled and within seconds, thirty people already contacted him

” That’s just it, she’s so lucky.. ” he said as he mailed the address to them.

Anytime he paste a job vacancy online, including Diva’s name or her home address, thousands of people will apply for the job

People always rush to it as if they were under some kind of spell


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